AAA Mini Line - 07/14/07 (#633)
Recap: 08/04/07

Show Name: Rumbo a TripleMania.

Recap: Last week, Konnan introduced a trio of foreign women + Fabi Apache. It didn't go well, so Fabi Apache was taken out. 

Match 1: Ayako Hamada, Angel vs Cinthia Moreno, Estrellita
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 06/10/07

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: 12:53
Notes: Cinthia has her belt. Konnan (on a crutch) again enters before the rudas, but doesn't introduce them this time. Konnan doesn't get the reaction he did last week. He does talk after everyone's in the ring, getting over the plot - his women are better looking and better wrestlers. Konnan leaves for the back before the match gets started.

This didn't go forever, this went two or three forevers. They spent a few minutes doing chair shots and not getting DQed for them, and then on and on and on and on it went. Cinthia must've completely blown a La Mistica near the end, based on the ending. With Hamada close to winning, Fabi Apache ran down, broke up the pin, gave Ayako a powerbomb, and put Cinthia on top. Pepe Casas actually called the DQ, much to Fabi's anger. And the tecnicas anger - wait to lose it for them. Fabi decided to go after Ayako after the match (she could care less about Angel) and Angel did the worst job of trying to save her ever. She tried to get pull Ayako to to safety by yanking her leg, while Fabi was still sitting on top of her. This did not work. Fabi got bored and left, still not bothering to get revenge on Angel. 

Slow motion replay of a bad chair shot after the match. WHY? They did a lot of hitting people with the edge of the chair.

Vignette: Fabi's being interviewed, at a pool, about her current status - she's still a ruda, despite what went down with the Foreign Legion. Sexi Star, wearing a bikini and mask, interrupts. They argue, fight, and fall into the pool. This is all great.

Match 2: Fabi Apache, Gran Apache vs Laredo Kid, Sexy Star
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 06/10/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 13:49
Notes: Sexi Star, now with more dancing and cartwheeling. Copetes is the ref

Apaches dominated for the first 2:15. Laredo starts a brief comeback, which looks like it's going nowhere until Sexi ducks a Gran Apache punch and he hits his daughter. Sexi rallies to send Gran Apache out with a headscissors from there, then starts dancing only to get dropkicked out by Fabi. Laredo flips a bunch and sends Fabi out, but Gran Apache gets him with a double underhook backbreaker, and the beatdown starts again. Both tecnicos get cycled thru a bit, until Laredo side steps a corner charge, and Apache accidentally hits Fabi again. Fabi chases Gran Apache outside the ring while Laredo deals with Fabi inside, and then they both bring in Garn Apache to work him over with corner charges. Fabi in next, double whip, double clothesline. Fabi rolled to her feet, whip, Laredo boots Sexy into a kick on Fabi, and they both roll and pose. Apaches regroup on the outside.

Copetes tries to get it down to singles, which ends up Fabi vs Laredo. Laredo somehow gets a chair - did Gran Apache set it in the corner? - and teases hitting Fabi with it, but Gran Apache steals it way on the back swing. Gran Apache swings it, Laredo ducks, and Fabi gets cracked on the head. That's not cool. Gran Apache checks on his daughter before continuing, which includes chair shots for Laredo Kid and Sexi Star. Replay of the chair shot - Fabi got hit hard. Somehow, Gran Apache and Laredo Kid have ended up running around the stage area, over the rail , and thru the crowd. It doesn't seem like they're going anywhere in particular for a while. A ladder gets set up to climb to the first deck, and we lose them in a crowd for while, but Laredo and Gran Apache end up climbing and fighting thru those fans. Sexi Star joins the announcers during this, watching as Laredo and Gran Apache fight in the crowd. Clip here? Suddenly Fabi is up and smiling, and apparently having knocked Sexi Star down in the ring. Meanwhile, Gran Apache has Super Fly collared with a chair, and does a bit of a throat breaker with it. Super Fly runs out to help, but he's got a ways to go. Super Fly fights Gran Apache in the crowd, and we look back in the ring to see Sexi Star having Fabi pinned, but no count. It's not clear Copetes is not counting - we can't see him at all from that angle - but it's Copetes so I can take a guess, he's not counting. Sexi star gets a 'rana, but no count - ah, Copetes is looking at the fight in the crowd. Gran Apache seems to have made a 1 on 2 comeback. In the ring, Fabi plans Sexi with a Michinoku Driver and heads to the ropes - no way in the world can she make it from the corner she's going to. It is a corner closer to the entrance, which works out perfectly for Ayako Hamada to run out, run in the ring, punch Fabi, carefully set her up on the ropes, and then pull her off for an inverted crucifix powerbomb. Copetes is paying no attention to this, which is nice, because I was going to wonder how we wouldn't get a DQ in this match for the same exact thing as the first match. Gran Apache is paying attention, and he climbs back down to the ground floor in hopes of breaking this all up. Ayako is stomping a mudhole in Fabi Apache, and Fabi takes another chair shot. Now Copetes is paying attention - but calling for medical help instead of ending this match. Super Fly must've been right behind Gran Apache, because he's attacking him as they both get back over the railing. NO idea where Laredo Kid is, but Gran Apache appears to be bleeding. Oh, there he is, in the ring too. Laredo kid gives Gran Apache a backdrop, a fireman's carry forward slam, and Laredo adds the Stardust Press. Laredo covers, Super Fly covers, Sexi Star crawls back from whenever she disappeared to cover, and...nothing. A slow pan out shows there's no ref in the ring. That was hilarious for some reason. Copetes is surely helping Fabi to the back. Or, maybe, awarding a DQ. Ah, Copetes is back. Copetes sees Laredo and Super Fly - who'll you note is not in this match! - covering Gran Apache, and decides it's time for the slowest count ever. Sexi Star yells rapido at him, and then when he's even slower on three, slams Copetes' hand down for him. 

Super Calo is out now. Where the heck was he before now? Air Force end up laying him out, with Super Fly doing a Space Tiger Flip perfectly. Ah, so that's why he's here. 

Vignette: La Parka Jr. cuts a random promo. 

Vignette: We're back at the Apache Gym. This may actually be a different week than the last, though I'm not totally sure. He's having everyone roll, and do a bottom rope moonsault We skip ahead to Gran Apache and Super Calo laying everyone out again. Here's Alfa - they tell him to get in the ring this week. He's wearing a hoodie and cargo pants to wrestle, this'll be good. Also, who's wearing a hoodie in Mexico in June? Alfa. They have him wrestle Super Calo while the trainees and Gran Apache watch. Alfa is high flying and knocking Super Calo around, when Gran Apache stops it to have a word with Super Calo - time to go hard on the kid. Restart, and Calo boots him hard. Stomp. Chop - the hoodie is a perfect defense for chops. Alfa rallies back with clotheslines. Fireman's slam, and then same submission Apache was using earlier. Apache calls a stop to it, and then tells Alfa he can start training there in the morning. Super Calo and Apache discuss - Calo thinks this kid might have a little promise. Back to beating down the trainees. Apache kills a kid with the punch. 

Noti AAA
- Mascara Divina is at a party. So that's where he went. It's a the grand opening of a new AAA-affiliated gym, actually, and other AAA guys are there. If you ever wanted to see Guapito doing bicep curls
- Warped Tour, still happening.
- Lita will be a TripleMania. 
- Cibernetico and his mysterious women were spotted together again

Vignette: Joe Lider cutting a promo at the beach. PASS.

Match 3: Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider (c), Juventud Guerrera vs Cuervo, Scoria, Espiritu, Psicosis II (c)
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 06/10/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:10
Other Match Notes: Psicosis found some non-Mexican Power colored gear, good for him. Sect have their belts, and everyone brings chairs to the ring. Oh no, Tirantes is ref. Juvi's out first, dancing despite his arm being in a sling. Juvi moves his arm a lot in that sling. Anyway, Fuerza gave him that injury last week, so he can't wrestle tonight. Rudos jump him and throws him in the ring, because he's stupid enough to come out alone. Where at the Mexican Powers? Juvi gets powerbombed thru chairs, and his partners are finally out.

So, this goes on as an atomicos despite no Juvi - he's taken to the back early on. Chairs are apparently legal - I see to recall this is a hardcore match, though I don't catch them saying it. Mexican Powers make a complete random comeback. Joe Lider wrestles with his mask on for a while. Lots of time used setting up spots. They drag Espiritu to the floor for a 450, and Psicosis realizes he doesn't have to stand there and watch that happen. He does get cleared up, and Extreme Tiger hits that 450 splash. Espiritu and Extreme Tiger are both hurt after that move - Tiger didn't hit it quite right. Mexican Powers drop what they're doing in the middle of a setup to check on Extreme Tiger, and then proceeded to completely blow the double hiptoss spot, which kills the crowd. Extreme Tiger pops back to his feet and to the apron. MPs do corner charges with Psicosis standing in the middle of the ropes for some reason. I have no idea, but I know I need to stop writing down every move.  It feels like an empty exhibition of moves they thought of while sitting in the truck, going from show to show. Oh Crazy and Ozz - he's here, when did he get here? - spill out into the crowd, which allows the Dark Family to easily get the numbers back. Espiritu gets light tubes - from where? Where do they leave huge light tubes sitting around? Why would use light tubes to hit someone with? Crowd turns to look at Crazy Boy doing something, and we watch the Mexican Powers get set up for powerbombs thru the light bulb tubes. They reverse and get free (with no one getting out of the tubes), but Mesias (I guess, we only see his gear) jumps Crazy Boy and chokeslams him off the first deck. A standard issues AAA wood panel had been set up below. This is supposed to be a big thing, but we see little of it while other things are going on, and it doesn't actually look like that big of a fall. Crazy hits the table and slides off into a barricade, the table never really breaking. In the ring, Lider and Tiger are going for big top rope moves, but Espiritu helps his partners take control. Tiger takes a Escoria superbomb onto light tubes, and Psicosis tosses Lider thru. AAA can't manage to get Tirantes on camera when he's counting the pinfall, but it's three.   

Lider starts to get up, and gets one more set of light tubes smashed on his back. Doctors are checking on Crazy Boy (as stage hands clear up the stuff that didn't break), so there's no one checking on Extreme Tiger or Joe Lider, who could really use it after being driven into glass. Lider's back is bloody - we see this because the Sect picks him up to throws him down some more. Lider's bleeding from many ears by the time they're done. Replays - we still don't see where Mesias came from, he was just THERE. They eventually send out stagehands to check on Lider, who got up and then fell back down. Tiger's bleeding from the back pretty well too. I guess they had to get the stretcher back from Crazy Boy.

Vignette: Head Hunter's splash has crippled Cuije - yet he keeps coming out for wrestling matches with a walker. What does he think is going to happen? What a goof. On the other hand, Cuije's the only guy on this show actually selling an injury, so point for him.   

Match 4: Alan Stone, Scorpio Jr., Super Calo, Zumbido vs Alebrije, Latin Lover, Oriental, Zorro
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 06/10/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 14:38
Other Match Notes: Super Calo carries a microphone with him, upside down. Is he going to actually use it? I wonder how well they cleaned the ring from the last match. It seems like they swept it clear, but there's some spaces that look powdery. Maybe Calo passes the microphone to Scorpio, since he introduces Guapito. Oriental has his title. It's funny, the girls go crazy for the first notes of Zorro's music, but don't react at all to Latin Lover's music. Probably because they don't realize it's him - the reaction starts when he walks out. Break before the match starts

...but the beatdown is going even before the match starts, complete with Guapito beating up Cuije on the outside. I don't think we ever hear whistle blow. Comeback at about 5:30. I zoom thru most of this, but Oriental has a nice moonsault tornillo dive near the end. Earlier, Zorro did a no hands tope con giro the floor, but quite literally to the floor when Alan got knocked back instead of catching him, and either his head or shoulder bounces off the floor. Latin gets a couple of near falls on Scorpio, argues with Pepe Casas, Super Calo tries to punch him from behind, Latin moves, Pepe Casas gets it, Latin drop toe holds Scorpio and  puts on a La Majistral, and Pepe fast counts Scorpio. Can't have a clean finish!

Sect swarm Latin Lover and stomp him down. Guapos look at it, and decide just to argue with Pepe Casas a bit before wandering of. All the other tecnicos are MIA. Konnan is out to get in some shots with his crutch. Long crowd shot, and we skip to the local promoter cutting a promo on the Sect. Konnan tells them to beat him down too. Latin can sell better than the promoter, you gotta give him that. Alebrije comes in to cover up the official, and gets beat down too. Promoter gets stretchered out Alebrije is protecting Latin - Oriental tries to get in to help, but he's stopped and stomped. Latin Lover is loaded up on the stretcher for his ride out, so the Sect beat up Zorro, who's been down since his dive. They try to catch up to Latin's strecther, but can't quite get it there. Latin's put in ambulance, and the Sect is right behind, trying to get in. AAA has the worst security. They actually start to close the doors when they've got Ozz away from the vehicle, not realizing Escoria Cuervo, and Espiritu are in the ambulance punching the promoter and Latin Lover. Then they get Cuervo out, but drive away with the other two still in there! Escoria looks back like with confusion as his teammates get smaller and smaller. Replays. 

Promo: Mesias cuts a promo we can barely hear over the music. Mesias is the number 1 man in Mexico, not Parka or Cibernetico. 
Promo: La Parka Jr. cuts a promo that my recording had trouble recording. I guess it's the usual thing. Even in a promo, La Parka is keeping his hurt arm/shoulder tight into his body. He does seem to talk about his injury about, but he's going to fight thru the pain. He almost fights Jesus Z to prove the point.  

Match 5: El Mesias (c), Kenzo Suzuki, Ozz vs Chessman, Cibernetico (c), La Parka Jr.
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 06/10/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 12:39
Other Match Notes: Kenzo is out first, and now we can barely hear his music. Konnan limps out during his entrance. It's a good thing Ozz wasn't one of the guys in the ambulance! Mesias and Ozz come out together, Ozz with both of his belts. Chessman goes to the ring alone, and apparently doesn't get beat up for it. Cibernetico is next, Parka is last. Tirantes is ref, this should go well. Chessman can't get his mask off, and needs Tirantes' help to get it untied. It takes a while for Tirantes too. La Parka Jr. has a makeshift sling, that's  not good.   

Rudos jump tecnico, except for Parka, who is choking Kenzo with his make shift sling. I guess it was a trick? Awful good trick. Ozz and Mesias don't get around to actually helping Kenzo, so Kenzo gets choked in a variety of ways. Konnan eventually starts hitting Parka with the crutch to break it up and let Kenzo take control. Beatdown goes on for a while. The doctors pull La Parka from the match in mid match, because of his shoulder injury. Zorro replaced him a couple of minutes later, starting the comeback with his cane. This run in was NOT a DQ. Konnan limped to the back, and Cibernetico could not catch up with him. That's pretty sad for Cibernetico. Lots and back and from there, with Zorro and Chessman doing most of the work. Zorro got all of the rudos with kicks (some of which hit), but Mesias cut him off with a jumping clothesline. It took a second for anyone to figure out Mesias had cut him off, because it half looked like Zorro gave him a belly to belly suplex. Mesias stood over Zorro, and paid no attention - Chessman spear for him, Chessman spear for Kenzo. Chessman signals to go up, but Konnan (back?) shoved him off with the crutch. Mesias covers, and I guess there was a pin there, but we don't actually see it - we watch the Sect run in, though it seems like Tirantes is signaling three when we come back. He does stop the beatdown for a moment to raise the rudos arms, so I guess AAA just didn't feel like showing the finish to the match. And who needs that.

Usual back and forth promos.