CMLL CAN52 GdR - 05/19/07 (#78)

Lady Apache and Miguel introduce the show. Ultimo Guerrero and Dr. Wagner do promos to hype their match.

Feature: At home with Negro Casas

Match 1: Euforia, Nosferatu, Virus (c) vs Brillante, Leono, Stuka Jr. (c)
Arena Mexico, 05/11/07

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Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:35
Approx Rating: Okay.
Other Match Notes: No entrances, though you can see them in the open. Brillante is listed as Brillante here, though the announcers do call him Brillante Jr. Virus suddenly looks like a refugee from a post-nuclear apocalypse movie.

1: Clipped start to the first fall, like always. We get a long Euforia/Brillante exchange - they do seem to have chemistry or at least familiarity, but they're slower going thru the moves than I'd expect. Match breaks down from there, with people getting in and being knocked out quick. Hard camera seems to be out of action here as well. Brillante's rope flip moonsault is at least unique in these parts. Meanwhile, Stuka gets Euforia with a springboard headscissors on the ramp, and Leono made Nosferatu submit to a kneeling gory special.

2: Brillante's starting a sequence with Nosferatu before we look at the ring. He looks fitting for CMLL, but hasn't broken himself out of the pack (wow, I gave him a whole five minutes there.) Leono and Virus next, with Leono doing the usual CMLL midcard tecnico showcase bits. As soon as he hits the pose, Euforia and Nosferatu hit him, and there's the beatdown. They do most of the work with Virus just hanging out on the outside - though he does come into get a cheap shot dropkick on Leono as he goes out, and then joins in fully when they start on Brillante. Nice finish; Virus giving the significantly taller guy a German suplex is impressive, and the Internales time the double clothesline just right to get the full effect. Stuka is quick in to try and sneak an edge, but he's worked over. I still don't get this Infernales move where they toss the tecnico up, catch him, flip him back to his feet, and then clothesline him. Why not just clothesline him? Infernales load Stuka on Virus' shoulders for a Gory bomb, and that's the second fall.

3: Beatdown continues. Rudos are very into the triple stompdown. Virus does a corner handspring elbow that he probably should pass on doing again. Infernales do a shoulder powerslam/big boot combo on Brillante. Virus should keep doing the legdrop he does here, because it looks great. Leono comes in, gets a boot caught going for a kick, and gets kicked questionably low. Drop toe hold/dropkick for him. Stuka is cornered, though he tries to fight his way out of it. Stuka fights harder in 1 on 3 situations where he's going down more than most. Stuka starts the comeback by springboard back flipping over Nosferatu, rolling backwards into a bodyscissors on Virus, and ducking down when Euforia and Nosferatu try a double clothesline, so Virus gets in ahead. It's great and it might only work in lucha. Brilliante gets the Infernales with a double springboard dropkick. Tecnicos tease a triple dive, but Leono rolls back and Brillante and Stuka flip to the apron instead - picture perfect stereo Asai moonsaults.  Virus flips back into to take Leono, Leon get as sunset flip, but only two. Virus up before him and kicking. Suplex, no, Leono small package one two no. Virus rolls away form Leono as he gets up. Leon gives him a back elbow, but runs into a dropkick. Virus starts for a dive, but Stuka trips him up, and pulls him down by his hair. Stuka poses on the ramp, and turns back to the ring, where Nosferatu is back in the ring. Stuka starts towards the ring for a sure springboard, but Nosferatu is faster - he dives thru the ropes for what would be a tope on the other three sides of the ring, but it's a rib crushing tope on the ramp. That looked like the best thing Chamaco Valaguez Jr. has ever done (if it's indeed him.) Brillante in the ring and dropkicking Virus. Brillante's looking a bit worn out here. Up on Virus' shoulders, and Virus falls backwards to electric chair suplex him. Euforia back on the apron, and kinda overshooting his mark on a springboard senton, but not enough people do springboard sentons so we'll allow it. That's a pin. Leono walks in, locks up up with Virus (?!?!) and Virus immediately puts him in a nudo. That's it.

Match 2: Averno, Black Warrior, Ultimo Guerrero (c) vs Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero
Arena Coliseo, 05/13/07

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Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:05
Approx Rating: Usual main event style.
Other Match Notes: No entrances. We join in mid brawl, though right after a Rey Bucanero promo. 

1: Rudos, naturally, are in control. Rey backs off from fighting, actually, and hangs out in his corner - ah, are they going to settle this down? Averno is wearing his half Rencor Latino mask and half Rencor Latino pants. Felino has joined the announcers, I don't know why. Yea, we're back to a straight match for no particular reason. Warrior starts with Negro, and while wearing a t-shirt and his skirt. Rudos opt to celebrate rather than referee. Rey's got this black shirt white pants thing going on that's so...Rey Bucanero, yea. Tecnicos mock the Guerreros huddle dance. Averno and Rey actually decide to fight, and have a selling contest on chest slaps. Rey lifts Shocker's jabs to the midsection, big punch to the head spot - at least I think it was Shocker. Hard to remember Shocker wresting, sometimes. This goes about ten more seconds before Ultimo gets in a cheap shot from outside, and the beatdown is back on. Negro gets knocked into the front row, and Warrior runs at him for a big boot. Good that he connects with the right man and doesn't, like, take a fans head off with that. Ultimo goes for Dr. Wagner's mask in the ring as the other four waltz around ringside. Wagner's mask "slips off" a couple times - one really clear shot of his face in here. Warrior brings Negro back in and gets him with a reverse figure four of all things. Warrior decides he's taking his time to let go, to the point where I thought they were going a DQ fall. Apparently not. Wagner gets the corner charges, and I think Ultimo breaks his own headstand record. Averno powerbombs Rey, and that's a fall. Ultimo's got Monito - don't see the Evil Monkey around today - and boots him. Rey tries to protect the monkey, but Ultimo isn't allowing it. Press! Ultimo throws Monito out, but luckily Rey's there to catch him.  

2: Rudos still in control. Ring card girl almost gets accidentally assaulted - Warrior went for the sign again, and almost got her. Warrior hits it on people, unbends it, and finds someone else to hit it on. Warrior walks around the ring making faces on everyone, while Averno and Ultimo kill time by choking Wagner on the ropes. Flying sit on Wagner. Negro held in the corner while the crowd cheers from him. They're stalling this out long enough - yep, corner charge is missed, comeback is on. Rey gets a double flying sit on Averno and Ultimo, Negro gives Warrior a spinebuster, and puts him in a sharpshooter. That should be it. Wagner gets Ultimo with his apron tope con giro, and Averno takes the Buca Storm. Tied up. Monito gets in a second rope double stomp on Warrior. Wagner works over Ultimo in the ramp while the crowd chants his name. 

3: Brawl still going on before the fall, but it's back to one one ones as the fall starts. Ultimo/Negro, with Negro fighting and fighting just to stay standing after a clothesline, and then ducking the next one. Warrior/Bucanero, which leads to Rey getting spots on everyone. Wagner/Averno, with much Wagner goofing around and Averno broken in half by backbreakers. Wagner/Ultimo, with Wagner blocking everything and sending Ultimo out via running Tornado DDT, but getting stopped form a dive by Warrior. Warrior and Averno derail the tecnicos, but the double clothesline goes bad, and Negro and Rey teaming up to get Warrior out for Negro's dive. Rey slides Averno out for a pescado and a Monito dive. Captains back in. Ultimo misses clotheslines, Wagner does not miss his. Off the ropes, Ultimo tosses him behind the back and sneaks in the a low blow heel kick. Refs were busy looking outside and misses it. Ultimo chops Wagner down , and cover shim for the pin. The crowd is not happy.

Replays. No promo. That's it.