CMLL CAN52 GDR - 04/14/07 (#73)
Recapped: 04/22/07

outside the ring: Heavy Metal's new music store.

Match 1: Hirooki Goto, Hajime Ohara, Shiego Okumura (c) vs Felino (c), Maximo, Valiente
Arena Mexico, 04/06/07

  1. Mexico
  2. Japan
  3. Japan

Winner: Japan (2-1)
Match Time: 9:17
Approx Rating: Okay.
Other Match Notes: The Japanese are all dressed in match samurai outfits (with swords!), and they wear big pants for the match. Mima Shimoda accompanied to the ring and seemed to want to fight the tecnicos, but that's not going to fly. Opening may be clipped.

1: Pair ups are Maximo/Ohara (Maximo trying to win a test of strength by licking Ohara's face, and that's before we even get into the humping fun), Felino/Goto (Goto's gained weight, though the prematch graphic makes it look like most of it's gone to his face - rudos try to swarm Felino but that ain't happening.) Ohara tries a middle rope 'rana, Felino blocks that and superbombs him, and it's end game from there. Valiente's springboard reverse tope looks great. Maximo stops Goto with a kiss.

2: Valiente gets a short run for Ohara here, but gets to flip twice during it, so it's a victory. Maximo gets in a wacky killing spree, though he and Ohara aren't on the same page on a 'rana blocked into a powerbomb. Crowd is LOUD for all of this. Felino starts a Mexico chant, which starts the beatdown. Okumura gets Felino with his missile dropkick. Valiente gets a double punch to the gut, and a thrust kick to the head. Ohara's move to finish him off isn't really clear, Okumura's blocking our view. Maximo ducks a corner charge to get a brief comeback, but gets taken down by a side kick. Goto and Ohara get in a kick to the back, kick to the chest, and stomp him down while Okumura holds him in a surfboard for the fall.

3: Beatdown continues. Valiente is held in a headscissors around the ropes, taking stomps and a double running kick to the back. Felino takes wacky martial arts chops. Maximo evades a corner charge, and starts the comeback with a running jumping butt bump. Maximo teases out a chop on Okumura, and you can see Valiente and Felino about to do something to Goto, and wisely waiting for a moment where someone might be paying attention. Goto is held on his knees in the middle of the ring and Maximo does a nice job of teasing the dropkick before actually doing it. Maximo's moves aren't that great, but he does a better job of making people want the big moves before he does them than other guys at his level. Another big tease before Maximo doing a running butt bump into Okumura's crotch. Ohara gets sent out for Valiente's double jump moonsault, but Valiente gets no distance on the springboard and has to use his hands to block himself from getting a face full of apron. Ohara ended up down and grabbing his right arm anyway - I think Valiente got it with his knee as Goto rushed towards the ring to try and catch, The other four are left in, the tecnicos reverse whips and the rudos boink into each other, but when Felino tosses Maximo up, Okumura moves and Maximo catches the dropkick turning into a powerbomb. Finishes from there - Goto's might have intended to be a brainbuster, but it did not bust anyone's brain.

Interview: Anna, from France (a contest winner?) - gets to meet Perro Aguayo Jr. This ends with Terrible carrying her off, so it's great. 

Match 2: Perro Aguayo Jr. (c), Hector Garza, Terrible vs Alex Koslov, Marco Corelone (c), Shocker
Arena Coliseo, 04/08/07

  1. Perros
  2. Guapos
  3. Perros

Winner: Perros (2-1)
Match Time: 12:16
Approx Rating: Good
Other Match Notes: In the pre-match promo, Alex talks up the High Society and blows a kiss to his ladies. Three kids jump the rail during the entrances. All boys. Opening is clipped  

1: One moment, everyone's standing around waiting for the intros to finish, the next, Corleone's being set for the dropkick off the apron, and Monito is next. Garza cranks him with a kick to the face. I hope that monkey suit is comfortable. Perro's head almost comes up to Marco's shoulders. That's amusing. Most of the action is on the outside. Perro goes tearing around the ring, chasing Shocker, and Shocker gets cut off by the rest of the Guapos. Garza tries to slam Corelone, but just can't do it,. He needs up forearming him instead. Perro sets Alex up on a corner, forces his hat on him, and then pounds him. That seems mean. Garza finally does get hat slam, slamming Corleone on the ramp. Perro bites Shocker's forehead, but I don't think we're getting blood right here. Shocker gets the slings4ot/kick back, double stomp, and I'm still surprised he's not captain. Alex is held and chopped for a bit. Koslov ends up taking a suplex and a top rope splash to end the fall. Corelone tries to get in, but he's kicked off the apron. Perro tries to intimidate him, but that doesn't work.  IT takes all three Perros to stop him - Perro Jr. hurts his head on a  headbutt, and then yells at the camera when they catch him rubbing his head. 

2: Perros got Shocker with clotheslines, and loaded him and Alex in the corner. Monito stomped in, distracted Garza, and led him directly into a Corelone flying clothesline. Comeback from there. Corelone is embracing the European Eagle nickname, doing Koko B. Ware like flapping wings motions. Garza accidentally kicks Perro in the mouth when Shocker moves, which was great. Monito gets in something on all the rudos and does the Shocker dance with Shocker. Perro and Shocker have a sequence, leading to Monito doing a splash off Corelone for the pin. Alex gets Garza with a plancha and get as bodyscissors cradle on him for good measure, as Corelone runs off Terrible. Corelone does the hipswivel - and so does Monito. All very disturbing.

3: We might have started off with a clip here, as either Alex teases doing his dance and doesn't, or we missed it. "Action" starts with Garza grabbing Shocker's chest, and Shocker grabbing Garza's butt. Maximo thinks these guys are gay. Garza wants to fight Monito, and Monito does Garza's pose. Once again, Shocker wants Monito out, Monito wants in, and this time Shocker decides he'll leave and Monito can stay. Garza tries punches on him, and of course, they're much too high. Ha ha, you're short. Garza goes on his knees, and they're still too high - and then Monito slaps him and runs. Shocker and Garza doe their bit, with Shocker getting in a nice spinning armdrags. Monito gets in an apron splash as well. Shocker pulls Terrible by his hair as he comes in, and tags out to Corelone. Terrible's freaked out by Corelone's hipswivel. They pose off - Terrible's wearing a shirt, so this will not go well for him. Perro goes to the middle rope to be taller than Corelone, though eh backs off when Corelone comes over. Garza hangs out in a neutral corner for some reason. Terrible tells the crowd to be quiet, which doesn't seem to work. Referees very obviously give a time cue to Terrible - I never notice these, and I totally saw them holding the earpiece closer to their ear, nodding an acknowledgement, and both walking out of their way to Terrible to tell him. Anthesis of subtle. Terrible won't take off his t-shirt for chops, so Corelone rips it off - Terrible's got a bandage on his chest and one his back - and then takes off the tape on his hand, and, uh, dropkicks Terrible. Oh no, Terrible just got outsmarted by Terrible. Garza slides in begging, and gets a hipswivel to his face. Ew. Garza decides he might as well distract while he's hair, to set up a Perro mauling from behind. Corelone gets free, but is beaten into the corner. Corelone kips up and out after a corner whip, Perro and Hector slowly turn around after their missed charge, Corelone leapfrogs them both and this the springboard double clothesline. Shocker and Alex rush in to pescado both guys, and we're left with Terrible and Corelone. Terrible doesn't like the way this is going. Corelone tries a 'rana (!) but Terrible powerbombs him - feet on the middle rope, one two THREE! Well that's an upset, for sure. Corelone can't believe the injustice on him, and the ref demonstrates the three count. Corelone gets nowhere with the referee, so he decides to take it up with the Perros, who run for their laughs. Corelone's backed off - not by the Perros, but by production, since they're supposed to have a post match interview with these guys. They end up doing it from the safety of entrance cave. Terrible both calls out Shocker and loses his train of thought and does an evil laugh instead. Shocker's very pissed off about whatever and tries to get the Perros, but they get away and do funny dances.   

That's it.

Total Match Time: 21:23