AAA Mini Line - 03/31/07 (#618)
Recapped: 06/15/07

Camino a Rey de Reyes

Vignette: Fabi and Gran Apache hang out a donut shop with Marvin. All I get out of this is I need to wake up early tomorrow and get donuts before work. 

Match 1: Mini Charly Manson, Fabi Apache, Gran Apache vs Billy Boy, Sexy Star, Mascarita Sagrada
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, 03/03/07
Match Time: 9:40
Notes: Sexy Star has a Britney song. I dunno if that's the way to go. This can't work out well at all. Before the match, Fabi appears to want to angrily talk things out with Billy, but Gran Apache steals the microphone to start something - and then start the match by rushing Billy. Billy pulls of Divina from wrestling Fabi, and refuses to do anything of his own - but then does the same when Fabi attacks Sexi Star and pounds her. Billy checks on Sexi, which gets him dropkicked in the face by Fabi. It's a beatdown form there, with Fabi showing no mercy for Billy. Gran Apache lands his top rope tope con giro sent on Sexi Star during it, and then there's a sudden clip to Billy getting worked over again. Billy soon turns the table after that and goes after Gran Apache. When we get back to one on one singles, Billy has no problem with Mini Charly, but still won't fight Fabi. When she keeps coming after him, he kicks her hard in the leg. Gran Apache comes in for her daughter, and gets sent out and takes a tope. Sexi and Fabi do near falls in the ring, with the minis breaking up it up. Divina gets a spinning headscissors into a spinning armbar into a spinning headscissors, and then a springboard plancha. Billy and Gran Apache are left in, and Apache gives Billy a chair shot to the head when he (and Pepe) case s are looking the wrong way. He goes for another, but Fabi takes the chair away. Gran Apache's not happy, but he knocks Billy done, then kicks Fabi, whips her into the ropes, and flapjacks her onto Billy. Gran Apache covers both for the pin.    

Sexi Star checks on Billy, and Gran Apache gets more shots in. Fabi confronts him, and Gran Apache tells her that if she want to see her child, she'll leave right now. Fabi is conflicted, and Fabi yanks her away from the ring before she can really decide. Billy, who's bleeding, gets on microphone to stop them and challenge to a hair match once again. I think Apache agrees.  

Match 2: Espiritu, Scoria vs Alan, Decnnis in a AAA Tag Tournament match
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, 03/03/07

Winner: Barrio Boys
Match Time: 9:37
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Tirantes is ref. It seemed good in fast forward. Finish is Espiritu missing a quebrada, Decnnis dropkicking him in the knee and doing a side rollup, Tirantes counting one, two, nothing nothing, Decnnis lets go, Decnnis grabs back on, Tirantes counts 3. Tirantes immediately gave a "well, what are you going to do sometimes" expression. Espiritu loudly protested the finish, which seems fair. Announcers are talking about Scott Steiner and are behind in figuring out it was a finish. They show replays - maybe you skip the replays when things got screwed up and you'd like to pave over them.

Vignette: The Stone Brothers and Scorpio Jr. are hanging out in a Corvette and being interview. Scorpio commands Alan to bring the title home to the Guapos. Jesus Z has a hard time getting Alan talking into the microphone. Alan calls the Air Force glorified gymnasts - it won't be work to beat them. They all talk about the huge (literally) new member coming for the Guapos. 

Match 3: Alan Stone, Zumbido vs Pegasso, Super Fly in a AAA Tag Tournament match
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, 03/03/07

Winner: DRAW (double pin)
Match Time: 9:35
Notes: No entrances. Super Fly takes the scariest backdrop to the floor ever - completely suicidal. Zumbido has to wait forever to do a dive, and then can't believe Super Fly ain't getting up. He does recover a couple of minutes later to break up a pin, as they take turns breaking up near falls. He also does a top rope plancha to Alan while Alan's in the front row. Zumbido pins Pegasso on his arms and shoulders while laying astride him. Hijo de Tirantes counts one two, says it's two, counts one two three. That's one of those pinfalls you'd never ever try unless it was a double pin finish - it looked as much like some nudo variation. Anyway, draw, though Zumbido's the last to find out about it. Replay shows Hijo de Tirantes actually helping pull Super Fly into position, because Zumbido couldn't do it from his position. Announcers immediately explain what this means for the tag team tournament - Cuervo/Ozz, Crazy/Lider and these two teams are the final four and will meet at Rey de Reyes - which is nice because I don't think most people would have a clue otherwise.

Noti AAA
Konnan and Jeff Jarrett due a promo from TNA. Jarrett does his promo with subtitles, and introduces Scott Steiner. 
- Rey de Reyes giant sword. It would seem to be impractical for smiting things
- Gran Apache points out he's already beat Billy's hair once, and he's got what he wants - his daughter and his grandson. He doesn't want Billy's hair, he wants Billy gone after he beats him.
- Someone got a plaque. Good for them.

Interview: Pirata Morgan is the greatest wrestling in the world. Consgrados forever.

Match 4: Fuerza Guerrera (c), Pirata Morgan, Sangre Chicana vs Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera (c)
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, 03/03/07

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 10:38
Other Match Notes: Intros. Rudos jump the Mexican Powers as they walk to the ring. Break before the whistle blows. Arturo's protecting the valets as the match starts - they almost got caught up in the crossfire. Comeback at 4:30 when Juvi reverses a whip and Pirata hits Fuerza with a chair instead. It's 1 on 3 offense till Pirata decides he doesn't want to take a drop toe hold onto a chair and kills everyone. Crazy takes a hiptoss off the apron into cheap plastic chairs. He could not possibly have thought that would look good. Juvi gets a near fall off a leg drop, and of course Tirantes slow counts him. Pepe Casas doesn't do anything, even when Tirantes attacks Juvi. Pirata kills Lider by face slamming him on a chair, and Juvi takes a double DT from Fuerza and Pirata. Pepe starts to count the pin and probably would've go him, but Tirantes stops the count so he can do his own fast count instead.

Pirata rants to the announcers - ah, he wants a Mexican Atomico shot for "Pirata Morgan and the Piratas", which is either his sons or a kicking new rock band.

Interview: Jesus Z says Abismo is the jefe of the Vipers Revolution, so that's good enough for me. Meanwhile, Abismo rants his usual rant about Latin Lover. He's not a big fan of Elegido either.

Match 5: Abismo Negro, Antifaz, Histeria, Mr. Niebla vs Alebrije, La Parka Jr., Laredo Kid, Latin Lover
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, 03/03/07

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 13:24
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Alebrije and Cuije have their belts. Hijo de Tirantes is a ref for a Vipers match, so I don't need to watch this. Same spots as always. Rudos jump the tecnicos, as if it needed to be said. Laredo Kid lands on his feet after a catapult and tires a double clothesline, but that has no affect. Alebrije and Latin Lover rush in to turn the tide. Latin and Abismo work a lot together, with Abismo's mask getting untied and being yanked off for a second. Alebrije takes a backdrop to the floor from Niebla, but apparently loses his grips on the ropes on the way down, and ends up cracking his right shoulder on the apron at full force. He's done for the match at that point - though Niebla hits him with a chair repeatedly on the shoulder uncaringly, and chucks Alebrije into the crowd. Laredo does a top rope tope con giro to the floor, which looks crazy (especially since we didn't see the ending.) Antifaz puts a Tazzmission on Latin, but Latin recovers at two and hit s stunner. Niebla in, and he gets in his slap, but is superkicked while dancing. Abismo takes off Latin's head with a clothesline. Latin comes back to get a figure four. Histeria kicks Latin, but he won't let go. Latin hooks Histeria in a small package while still having the figure four on Abismo, but Histeria kicks out. Latin turns the hold back over, and Histeria sits and watches as Abismo gives. That's a weird finish - oh, I think Hijo de Tirantes screwed him, Abismo never gave. Still strange. Rudos attack the tecnicos and Hijo de Tirantes. Niebla press alms Cuije itno the third row this time. Abismo wants Latin at Rey de Reyes. 

Interview: Cibernetico phones in a promo. 

Match 6: Black Magic (c), Head Hunter I, Nicho vs Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico (c)
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, 03/03/07

Winner: Tecnicos by DQ
Match Time: 8:48
Other Match Notes: Hell Brothers enter first, and Konnan (w/Nicho, Escoria and Espiritu) cuts a promo on them from his wheelchair on the stage. He taunts Cibernetico into facing him, and of course that gets him beatdown. Charly and Chessman brawl with Nicho, but that still leaves Cibernetico 1 on 2, and that's before Head Hunter I and Black Magica show up. Norman gets no reaction. Lots of high risk stuff by Nicho, including putting Charly Manson thru one of those wood panels with a legdrop/senton to the floor. 

Tide turns at about 7, when, Head Hunter I accidentally hits Norman Smiley with a chair. Cibernetico is bleeding pretty bad from the forehead. Cibernetico sets up to chokeslam Nicho, and has to wait forever for (and actually wave) Head Hunter to get back in the ring to distract him - Cibernetico spears him instead. Black Magica and Nicho turn the tables on Chessman as Cibernetico tries to rush Konnan - and is stopped by the debuting Kenzo Suzuki. Kenzo beats Cibernetico all the way back to the ring, where everyone talks trash to Cibernetico and stomps him down. Copetes takes a bump in here, so that - not the beatdown - is enough to call the DQ. Why can't the rudos just win the match at some point? Because winning matches are unimportant, just beating up guys is what counts. 

Joaquin Roldan confronts Konnan at ringside. He tries to suspend Nicho for a month, but Konnan says they don't work for AAA, they're free agents. Ciberneitco's worked over this whole time. Konnan orders his guys to finally stop. After they leave, Cibernetico asks for no suspensions, so he can get his revenge at Rey de Reyes. Blah blah blah that's it.