CMLL GDR - 01/13/07 (#60)

Unmasked: Paris, who turns out to be Tony Rivera. He last wrestled as Paris in Puebla.

Match 1: Amapola, Hiroka (c), Mima Shimoda vs Lady Apache (c), Marcela, Sahori
Arena Mexico, 01/05/07

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: 7:08 
Approx Rating: Good for the time. No one killed themselves, which is always nice.
Other Match Notes: This is the first time Mima's been on this show, at least wrestling. Lady Apache has pretty much grown her short hair cut back, but she's still bald in the graphic. The graphic spells Sahori with an I, and I'm sticking with it for no real reason.

Now that she doesn't have the belt, Hiroka has no problem starting out with Lady Apache. Oh, she wants the belt, that's it. Lady Apache immediately German suplexes Hiroka on her head! It's going to be one of those matches, I see. Hiroka is slow to get up, but immediately reverses a whip. Lady apache re reverses that, powerbomb slipped out of and Hiroka kicks her. That's kinda the same. Lady Apache get san armdrags into a armscissors, into a farmer's roll style rolling cross armbreaker - that's just crazy. Crazy awesome, for sure. Stomps as the crowd - boos? There's some cheers, but it's 60/40 against for sure, and that may be kind. Lady Apache is reversed on a corner whip purposefully so she can do a second rope headscissors (at least it looked on purpose.) Crowd hates her even more after that. Bodyscissors bulldog wins back like 2%. When did we all decide to love Hiroka? I shouldn't be complaining here. Lady Apache is whipped into her corner, so Marcela can backdrop her out, and Hiroka can run right into Marcela's boot. Marcela flips thru Hiroka, but eventually gets murdered by a Hiroka dropkick. That wasn't fun. Hey, look, Marcela's hair is like 4 colors this week. That's odd. Crowd still in angry mood about something - about women wrestling in general? I suspect the crowd is made up completely by the people who post comments. Snap mare, spine kick, kick to the back of the neck to be sure. Whip, Marcela springboards back with a headscissors, and out goes Hiroka. Marcela off the ropes, but Hiroka trips her up from outside, and Amapola knocks her down. BREAK (3:00) 

Dos Caras Jr. vows to win something meaningful this year. Fat chance! I don't know why I'm laughing but I am. Also, Dos Caras Jr. is wearing his Pride FC shirt, which makes me wonder which would be better
- UFC buys Pride, uses Dos Caras Jr.!
- CMLL buys Pride and makes everyone wear masks!

Match picks up right where the tape stopped, and Marcela is back with a headscissors. They lose track of what they're doing for a second, and Marcela just trips Amapola out. Marcela celebrates and gets booted down by Mima. What's with Mima's stomps? Mima attempts to whip Marcela into a neutral corner as Hiroka scales it, but I guess Lady Apache had it scouted, because she's already standing there and shoving Hiroka off before Mima can do her whip, which Marcela counters as well. Seems like they were playing off a spot from a previous week (which we haven't seen.) Marcela and Lady Apache get camel clutch on the Japanese, holding them for a Sahori double dropkick to the face. Sahori in, and is effective by moving out off the way. Eventually, Mima shoves her down, but Sahori cheats and uses a hairpull to get back control. She's having trouble with her outfit - she's grabbing a tie on her left side each time she drops down. After she knocks Mima out of the ring with a dropkick (at her usual level), Amapola knocks Sahori down with a rolling kick, and hold her down with a knee on the chest, which just happens to give Sahori time to fix her wardrobe. They could pick an angle that didn't expose that. I guess Amapola gets bored with waiting, or it's going to take too long, because she stands up Sahori and slaps her out of the ring. Lady Apache in, Lady Apache stomped down, and the beatdown is on. Double - triple boot on the ropes by all the rudas, which Marcela knocked out of the ring too. Triple boot for Lady Apache. Lady Apache set up, Hiroka goes up - Rocket Launcher on her! Don't see that work much. They don't try for the pin, of course. Marcela in, and she gets a double clothesline (bad) and a Mima German suplex (bad for Marcela!) Sahori gets hold in a double cavernaria for another big boot. She still can't get her outfit fixed - it must be broke. Lady Apache back in again, and Mima's celebrating too soon, so that's probably a bad sign - sure enough, Lady Apache reveres a double suplex into one of her own on Hiroka and Amapola. Crowd cheers for that, so they've won them over, it seems. Double inverted bulldog for Amapola and Hiroka, but Mima kicks her out. Marcela comes back in with a missile dropkick for Amapola and Hiroka, and boosts Sahori into a dropkick on Mima (and it actually works.) Marcela repays the favor by backdropping Sahori into a pescado on Mima, and then goes up top for a plancha of her own on Hiroka. That leaves Amapola and Lady Apache. Top rope plancha is rolled, thru, Lady tries a headscissors cradle, Amapola reverses it and hooks the middle rope, one two three. 

Amapola is thrilled with that win. Tecnicos protest, but the rudas get their arms raised. This would seem like they're setting up a title match, but Amapola fails to make the "I want the belt" motion. Maybe while we were watching replays.  

Match 2: Alex Koslov, Averno (c), Mephisto vs Felino, Sagrado, Volador Jr. (c)
Arena Coliseo, 01/07/07

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:08
Approx Rating: Good, though not exceptionally so. Very much by the numbers.
Other Match Notes: Sagrado vows this will be the year of Sagrado. Felino talks fast. Volador is not there for the talking segment. The valets are in an especially dance-y mood today. Mephisto vows to end all the tecnicos. Alex Koslov yells in Russian and forgets he's on CAN52 instead of Fox Sports. Magadan pretends to speak Russian, which is great. Averno seems to forget what he's going to say.

1: Exciting standing around to start. They eventually settle on Volador vs Mephisto, mostly because Volador's standing around listening to chants - wait, no, Felino's in now. He and Mep start on the mat. Mep tries to pull Felino's mask for leverage, but the ref slaps his hand away. Mephisto thinks about it, does it again, the referee leans into slap, Mephisto moves, and the ref slaps Felino in the back of the head! Evil genius. Mephisto gets sent out on a jumping snap mare soon after, but I think he's still a winner. Sagrado and Koslov. The answers are talking to someone. Koslov shows off his Russia flag and uses it as a matador cape for a moment. Sagrado doesn't go for it, which is disappointing. Sagrado scares Alex away with his armdragging powers. Alex comes back with a takedown, and gets on the weirdest crooked figure four I've ever seen, or something else that just looks similar. Sagrado punches his way free, and ends up with a chinlock while on Koslov's back. Alex escapes, and uses a fearsome small package for a near fall. A near fall in the first fall? Alex is still American. Next spot appears to be a drop toe hold, except Alex is unaware and fights it, till he realizes it's a drop toe hold and it works better when you don't fight it. Sagrado gets a legscissors, and then blocks Alex from getting the ropes. Snap mare senses Alex into the tecnico corner, and he scrawls away while begging off - and scissors Sagrado's leg from the ground. Leg scissors with reverse headlock wont' quite work, so Alex switches back to a headlock. Sagrado back heel trips him to get free, and blocks his headscissors an armdrag. Alex finally gets an armdrags, but Sagrado lands on his feet. Alex is frustrated. Averno and Volador. Volador off the ropes, over, waved by, flipping for no reason, waved by, spinning armdrags, out goes Averno. That didn't take long. Asai moonsault! That didn't take long either. Koslov in and trying a 'rana on Felino, Felino tries to roll thru but Alex sits on top - but Sagrado dropkicks him while he's sitting there. That looked odd but it worked. Sagrado gets the up and over sunset flip on Mephisto while Felino rolls Alex up with an abdominal cradle for dual pins. In the aisle, Averno backs away from more Volador violence. Replays.

2: Alex and Felino chop each other as hard as they can. Seems like a good plan. Alex starts to celebrate, and Felino kicks him down. Headlock, Felino shot off, back with a jumping back elbow. Alex kicks out, though we never see the count, and knocks Felino down with a jumping enziguri. Dance! Up yours! Pose! And Felino kicks him in the back to knock him out of the ring. Averno and Sagrado. Averno lands first with his back elbow, and mocks the Sagrado chant. Mephisto pokes at Sagrado from outside the ring. Corner whip, Sagrado runs up the corner and lands a crossbody. Mephisto come sin to help, and that goes as well a it usually does at this point in the match. Sagrado gets in a middle ropes headscissors and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before indicating that he wants to do some spinny thing. Ah, he meant another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, because that's what he did. Volador and Averno. Superkick #1! Volador gets ripped up and pulled out by the other two rudos, and I think the beatdown is on. Felino must've got knocked off some place here, because he's missed, and Mephisto and Averno do a rebound hiptoss face first slam which comes off bad. Sagrado's done. Felino back in, and everyone gives him a corner clothesline. Double armbar and surfboard pose for the fall. Magadan is thrilled.

Sagrado awards the winner of the "Spot Sagrado's mask" contest here.

3: Rudo beatdown still in progress as we return for fall 3. Averno lifts Volador in a fireman's' carry, walks around with him, and drops him on the front row. The people who had those seats just and around, confused - they're sad for Volador, but they more just want him to get out of their seats. In the ring, Alex is tearing at Sagrado's mask, though it doesn't look torn later. Felino is brought in to face all three, and gets stomped a bit. They make a wish with Felino's legs. Volador in, and he reveres a double whip into a double handspring back elbow. Superkick #2! Sagrado bats Koslov around the ring while the rest get revenge outside. Sagrado does the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a gutbuster, I think - we don't see all of it. Superkick #3! Rudos all end up outside with the tecnicos ready to go in the ring. Volador gets the crowd chanting again, and Koslov comes in to face him. Volador poses and Koslov slaps and forearms him. Volador ducks a punch and hits his jumping enziguri. Abdominal stretch just exists to get broken up, and Averno and Felino end up in. Felino clotheslines Averno down, but misses the corner charge and takes the knee bump to the floor. Averno sets up for an Asai Moonsault (!) but Felino trips him off the apron. Felino grabs Averno as Sagrado starts running in the ring - tope sends just Felino down the aisle - Averno moved! Volador takes care of Alex with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and aims at Averno with a handspring back elbow, but Averno drops out of the way and Mephisto dropkicks him in the butt. Volador's whipped around into a triple powerbomb, one two three. Rudos win!  

Magadan talks to the triumphant rudos, who do a lot of yelling. That's it.