taped 07/13, 07/15, aired 07/21

(see videos from this show here)

You know, the record book says Mini Damian won the cibernetico, but if you’ve seen it, I think you have to agree that the true dominant force was the Top Rope. The Top Rope was owning people left and right, which was kinda disappointing to see.

The cibernetico was really good in parts and disappointing in other parts. I wish they made it a yearly bit – banish it to a no-draw date in the middle of winter if you have to – because I think some of the problem was that this was the minis One Big Chance and they took it more seriously than they should’ve. People recovered from their mistakes pretty quickly, but if they were more relaxed, maybe they wouldn’t have had the mistakes.

Super Luchas reported this match as 4 minutes longer before the first elimination. Perhaps Electrico got to get in the ring during that time!

They used a generic “CMLL” microphone to interview Mini Halloween after his hair match, so I guess they didn’t know where (if?) that interview would air. Still wish they were putting the minis hair match on an actual TV show.

Main event was exactly what I thought it’d be.

what’s on FSE

CMLL FSE #47 has
06/24 Coliseo: Leono, Mictlan, Valiente vs Goto, Ohara, Okumura
06/24 Coliseo: Dos Caras Jr., Marco Corelone, Rey Bucanero vs Tozcano, Ultimo Guerrero, Universo 2000

That’s the first one which aired in Mexico and not the US. So I guess we’re going to have a US lag now?

07/22: Highlights

Ovaciones has a link towards a lucha article, but it instead is about Lorena Ochoa. I presume it’s supposed to be a Coliseo preview (the picture of Atlantis and tease of championships was my clue, thanks.) Rey’s going to retain or has retained by the time you read this, you know.

Accion – no narration? Huh.

CMLL: highlights from the tag title match. We get the first fall rudo wins, dives by teh tecnicos, tecnicos winning the second fall – and that’s it. No AAA highlights.

DeporTV America CMLL highlights, all from 07/17 Coliseo
1) this week, opening match highlights. Romans are doing the a slingshot into a fireman’s carry powerbomb followed by a top rope splash combo. Caligula has a bow and arrow variation for a submission
2) Onto the segunda, with a Neutron top rope headscissors and dive tease (as Nitro runs far up the aisle.) Highlights of Loco arguing with the referee, thanks for that. Super Nova gets a top rope ‘rana on Arkangel and a Asai Moonsault onto Quebrada. Neutron dropkicks Arkangel out, and follows with a nice tope con giro. Nitro gets a slow two count on Stuka with a powerslam, then rolls thru a ‘rana to get another 2 count. Stuka finally get a bodyscissors cradle to win the match.
3) Valiente and Virus work together, and it is good. Some Valiente highlights before Mictlan and Valiente wrap up the fall. They give you the impression the tecnicos won this match, but
4) Even highlights of the hair triangle match. We get some of the same highspots – Damian’s dive thru the ropes and middle roep front suplex on Halloween to eliminate him, but of course that’s got to air. Bam Bam’s tornillo, tapatia for a near double fall, and then same sequence from the cibernetico to finish Halloween. We see Halloween get shaved, and the rudos jumping Bam Bam.
5) No main event highlights.
This should turn up on their website on Monday or Tuesday, and I’ll link to it then.

( Sicodelico Jr. did lose to Claudio Castignoli on Saturday night in the quarterfinals of the NWA World Heavyweight Tournament. Combined with his (and Incognito’s) loss in the tag team tournament, he’s 0-2 at world titles this month. (I bet Dos Jr. calls him and taunts him about it.) There was a good interview with Sicodelico Jr. in last week’s Super Luchas, about being a guy who represents Mexico around the world despite not really wrestling in Mexico.

Super Luchas has an update on Turbo. While doing a moonsault, his right leg collided with a chair, and he fractured his shin in the process. He hopes to be out only three months.

Other Dragon Gate results (via DGUSA)
07/21: Jorge Rivera b Akira Towaza
07/22: Jorge Rivera b Yasushi Kanda

ex-Skayde gets a shot at DG’s Brave Gate title next month; he’s staying in Japan a bit (though Black Thunder and Pentagon Black seem to be gone and obviously Turbo is headed home.)

As I understand it, what aired in Mexico this weekend was:

CMLL 07/21
07/15 Coliseo: Amapola, Medussa, Rosa Negra b India Sioux, Luna Magica, Marcela
07/20 Mexico: Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., Volador Jr. b Damián 666, Héctor Garza, Terrible
07/20 Mexico: Místico & Negro Casas b Dr. Wagner Jr. & Último Guerrero [CMLL TAG]

AAA 07/22
07/15: Head Hunter I, Rikishi, Ron Killings, Sabu b La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, the Animal, Zorro
(that’s it – was everything but the opener hyped for next week?)

FSE doesn’t come on here for another 1.5 hours, but I suspect it’ll follow Mexico’s lead and be a rerun. I’ll update this when I see it.