CMLL GdR on FSE #26

taped 06/17, aired 06/24

Hey, something relatively current!

I wouldn’t call this great, because I’m a horrible picky internet person, and I’m sure this combination is capable of better. Hey, yea, they were capable of better just last year. This was good, but this wasn’t last year. They went way overboard with the 6 minute segment of dramatic two counts and recoveries, but Averno & Mephisto breaking up the usual finishes was a nice touch, and the tecnicos hit their opposite finishers credibility enough.

Life would’ve been much better if they did some of those near finishes in the first two falls, instead of hammering them over and over until both the wrestlers and the fans are completely exhausted, and yet we’ve still got 4 more minutes to go. This match is marketedly improved at 4/4/10 rather than 2/2/14.

I think the main event might have quietly ended the Mictlan/Infernals non-feud, but who knows with non-feuds.

Such an empty building.

07/13-07/15 Lucha Times

(this is post 9 in the last 24 hours. feel free to let me know how you feel about that.)

As always, more detailed listings are on the Lucha Times page.

FSEUS: Copa America takes over the Sunday on FSE, with replays of the semifinal games shown to lead up to the final, and a replay of the final. Lucha is squeezed out here for one more week. Regular time next week.

CAN52: Mini feud continues here.

AAAUS: second half of the two show weekend. Sexi Star lives to fight the Apaches again, Sect kills the Mexican Powers, more of the usual.


CMLLMEX: Looks like a 5 PM start. Tag Title match, obviously, and I figure top 3, with the minis Cibernetico ending up on CAN52 next week.

AAA: Puebla taping, last before TripleMania.

FSLA (MEX): The only place Universo will be seen losing his title is on Fox Sports Latin America. Maybe it’ll show up in replay someday.

Rey Mysterio Jr., Mark Jindrak mentioned in Benoit Doctor investigation

This only sorta has to do with lucha libre, but I feel an obligation to post about to note what it actually says before it gets reworded on message boards.

Fox 5 Atlanta – thanks to Dr. Keith.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed that pro wrestlers, Oscar Gutierrez and Mark Jindrak, were in fact patients identified by their initials, M.J. and O.G., in the federal indictment.


Dr. Astin has been charged with seven counts of distributing excessive amounts of painkillers. The federal indictment alleges the doctor over-prescribed prescription pain killers to Gutierrez and Jindrak.

Drug agents said that just because the medical records of Gutierrez and Jindrak were seized and part of the investigation, didn’t mean that either of them were prescribed steroids or over-prescribed other drugs.

So, at this point, Rey and Corelone aren’t being charged with anything. On Observer Live, Konnan suggested Benoit might have been similar over-prescribed for steroids because he was passing them on to other wrestlers. If that’s the case here and evidence is found to prove it, only then is there any trouble. Right now, the investigators are focused on the doctor.

There’s no mention of when these prescriptions were given – it’s possible this is a doctor they both used while in WCW, and don’t anymore.

I doubt CMLL addresses this. I don’t know if WWE will either, though I suspect they won’t.

Comments are off. My general feeling is there’s nothing good that can come from a steroid discussion on a mostly anonymous commenting system, and moderating such a thing isn’t worth my time. There’s plenty of message boards elsewhere to have that discussion.

(And every time I mention a drug, the pharmacy spam bots hit me harder.)

Minis Hair Match To Take Place (but you won’t see it)

( You know how we couldn’t figure out if Bam Bam was feuding with Mini Halloween or Mini Damian? Well, he’s going to have a triangle match with them both…but 07/17 at Coliseo, which would be a non-taped show.

Any SOLID word on a new TV show I’m not aware of?

CMLL GdR on FSE #24

taped 01/27, aired 02/04

This was also replayed on FSE. It’s a little bit more interesting, because there’s a Loco Max/Metro feud teased here that never went anywhere. Was it just going to be just another Loco Max hair drop, or might have they killed off the Metro mask instead of letting it fade away?

When you look back at it, that whole sponsorship deal makes no sense. Why would you pay to put your name on a midcard guy who doesn’t particularly do anything? Why switch people under the mask, making it obvious that you made a change, without actually changing how the guy is used? I don’t see the point of any of this effort, except to get me to type all of this.

I think this was like the 4th straight Mistico main event I had seen at this point in a short time period, doing the standard Mistico match. No one’s going to look good like that – the better they have their match down, the worse off, really.

TripleMania XV: records

I’m going to do a full preview of TripleMania Friday (I think), but inspired by some WrestleMania coverage, I did some research and worked up some stats on everyone who’s on the card right now.

Pro Wrestling History was a huge help for this. I used their card listings (which, come to think of it, we should have on one of these sites around here), and counted all the individual shows in years where multiple TripleManias were held.

1) Alfa, Cassandro, Fabi Apache, Mini Abismo Negro vs Cinthia Moreno, Octagoncito, Oriental, Pimpinela Escarlata

* This is Alfa’s first TripleMania.
* Cassandro is 0-0-1, having appeared last year in a match with no finish
* Fabi is 0-3, including losing two prior Relevos AAA matches at TM12 and 14.
* Mini Abismo is 0-6-1

* Cinthia Moreno is 1-0, with her only appearance in a TM12’s Relevos AAA opener
* I believe this Octagoncito is 6-0, and the prior is 3-0-1; I’m figuring everything starting with TripleMania V is the newer one.
* Oriental is 1-0-1, but hasn’t been on a TripleMania since 2002.
* Pimpi is 3-2-1

2) Cuervo & Ozz vs Crazy Boy & Joe Lider [AAA TAG]

* Cuervo & Ozz made their TripleMania debuts last year in the no-contest Atomico title match, under those names
* As Pathfinder, Ozz was 2-0, but had last appeared on TripleMania 8 from Japan.
* Crazy Boy & Joe Lider are making the TripleMania in-ring debuts

3) Juventud Guerrera vs Fuerza Guerrera [street]

* Juvi is 4-2-1 at TripleMania events.
* Fuerza is one of two to wrestle at the first TripleMania and on this show
** Martha Villalobos, Vicky Carranza, Lola Gonzalez, Octagon, and Konnan also appeared at the first TripleMania and are on the roster, but not wrestling for this show. Abismo Negro wrestled as Winners on that show, and may yet wrestle on this one.
* Fuerza has a 3-7 record, including losing the Mexican Tag belts to the Aguayos in 1998.
* As a team, Juvi and Fuerza are 2-0.

4) El Apache & Super Fly vs Laredo Kid & Super Calo [losers advance, pi]
5) Super Calo or Gran Apache vs Laredo Kid or Super Fly [mask, hair]
* Gran Apache is 3-2 at TripleMania, with a win last year.
* Both Super Fly and Laredo Kid debuted on TripleMania in last year’s Mexican Atomicos match.
* Super Calo is the other TripleMania I hold over. He teamed with Winners and Salsero to beat May Flowers, Rudy Reyna and Baby Sharon. Calo is 7-2, including winning Angel Mortal and Winners’s mask in separate 1995 shows. He last wrestled on the 2003 TripleMania show.

Over the history of TripleMania, 9 men have lost their masks:

Mascara Ano 2000, to Perro Aguayo at TM1
Angel Mortal, to Super Calo at TM3 Part A (Orizaba)
Payasito Rojo, loser of a mini cage match at TM3 Part A (Orizaba)
Marabunta, to Winners at TM3 Part B (Tonala)
Winners, to Super Calo at TM3 Part C (Madero)
Halcon Dorado Jr., loser of a cage match at TM4 Part C (Madero)
La Calaca, loser of a cage match at TMV Part B (Toreo)
Maniaco, loser of a cage match at TMX Part B (Madero)
Muerte Cibernetico, TO La Parka Jr. at TMXIV (Toreo)

6) Alebrije, Elegido, Super Porky vs Alan Stone, Scorpio Jr., Zumbido

* Alebrije is 4-2
* Elegido and Porky are making their TripleMania debuts. Brazo de Plata debuted in AAA in a non-wrestling capacity last year.
* Alan Stone and Zumdido debuted in a loss last year.
* Scorpio Jr. is 1-2 at TripleMania. Before last year, Scorpio had last appeared in 1995.

7) ?, La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, Zorro vs ?, Head Hunter I, Ron Killings, Sabu

* La Parka Jr. is 6-0 at TripleMania, having picked up Muerte’s mask and Cibernetico’s hair along the way.
* Latin Lover is 11-4. He’s had more matches than TripleManias, thanks to years iwth multiple shows.
* Zorro is 3-2, with both his losses coming in title matches.
* Head Hunter I is 0-1, previously teaming with his brother.
* Ron Killings and Sabu are making their TripleMania debuts

8) Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico vs Kenzo Suzuki, Mesias, X-Pac [cage, hair]

* Charly picked up his first win at a TripleMania last year. He’s 1-3 overall.
* Chessman is 0-3-1 at TripleManias
* Cibernetico is 3-9 all time.

* Kenzo and Waltman are making their TripleMania debuts.
* Mesias is 0-1, losing his mask last year.

* 7 hairs have been lost at TripleMania. Two men have lost hair twice.

Jerry Estrada, to Heavy Metal at TripleMania II, Part A (Aguscalientes)
Jake Roberts, to Konnan at TripleMania II, Part C (Tijuana)
May Flowers, to Leon Negro at TripleMania V, Part A (Tijuana)
Tirantes (referee), when his team lost at TripleMania VII (Madreo)
Pirata Morgan, loser of a triangle chain match with Cobarde & Sangre Chicana at TripleMania IX (Mexico City)
Tirantes (referee), when representative Sangre Chicana lost at TripleMania X-B (Madreo)
Pirata Morgan, to Heavy Metal at TripleMania XI (Toreo)

07/11: Coliseo, Guadalajara, IWRG, Irapuato


CMLL (TUE) 07/10 Arena Coliseo [cmll, ova]
1) Rayo Tapatio II & Trueno b Caligula & Vaquero
2) Bam Bam, Bracito de Oro, Celestial b Mr. Aguilita, Pequeno Damian, Pequeno Halloween
3) Arkangel, Hooligan, Nitro b Fabian el Gitano, Flash, Tony Rivera
4) La Mascara, Maximo, Volador Jr. b Satanico, Texano Jr., Virus
5) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Rey Bucanero DQ Atlantis, Sangre Azteca, Universo 2000

Trueno replaced Rayo Tapaito I in the opener. No word if refunds were offered. That joke’s a lot funnier if Dos didn’t replace Negro in the main event (but still.) Universo ended up yanking Dos’ mask. No details on the minis match.

CMLL (TUE) 07/10 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Estrella de Jalisco b Destroyer
2) Guero Loco b Evola
3) Nuba Roja b Exterminador
4) Metatron b Danger (Guadalajara)
5) Metalik b Infierno
6) Malefico & Mascara Magica b El Gallo & Tigre Blanco
7) Blue Panther & Sagrado b El Egipico & Terrible
8) Marco Corelone b Ultimo Guerrero

In third fall of the main event, Ultimo pulled the ref in the path of a Marco Corelone flying clothesline. With the ref out, Ultimo whipped Marco into the corner, and went for his corner headstand sit – except Marco fouled him on the way down. Ref recovered just in time to count three.

Egipico replaced Lizmark. Panther gave Terrible the armbar again.

Magica fouled el Gallo, and Tiger Blanco was left alone and pinned.


IWRG (SUN) 07/08 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG]
1) Samba b Vampiro Metalico
2) Macho II & Rockero del Diablo b Espacial & Halcon Salvaje
3) Fantasma de la Opera, Kai, Yamato b Coco Rojo, Coco Verde, Cocolores
4) 911, AK47, Fierro b Cyborg, Oficial, Xibalva
5) Cerebro Negro, Electroshock, Hijo de Anibal b Enfermero Jr., Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.

IWRG results from IWRG’s site, how about that. Rudo referee was helping the winning team in the tercera. The main event built the second generation Anibal vs Dinamatias feud.

AAA (MON) 07/09 Gimnasio Municipal Irapuato [El Sol de Irapuato]
1) La Parkita & Octagoncito b Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Histeria
2) Apocalipis (NWG) & Makabre b Roberto Paz Jr. & Shyru Dragon
3) Maquina Infernal L Billy Boy, Alan, Laredo Kid, Bobby Lee Jr., Prisionero 13 [mask, cage]
4) Billy Boy & La Park Jr. DQ Head Hunter I, Kenzo Suzuki, Mesias

Cibernetico missed the main event due to injuries – selling stuff of TV, maybe. Zorro was also supposed to wrestle, but they wouldn’t let him in the ring with his neck vice. Mesias ended up fouling Parka anyway.

Maquina Infernal is Isaac Rene Valadez, from Leon. Billy unmasked him in the finals of the cage match.

There’s a Mascarita Sagrada 2000 to CMLL rumor floating.

Luchas 2000 Espacial #22 is on the stars of UWA.

Today’s eSdSLP AAA preview: Mixed Tag Titles

A lucha libre influenced play, Turandot: The Rumble for the Ring is running in Sag Harbor, New York. The hero’s of the play is named El Misterio Jr.

CMLL GdR on FSE #20

taped 12/17/06, aired 12/24/07

This was a disappointing La Nazi match. Okay, I know that doesn’t actually make any sense, but maybe saying it was disappointedly worked makes more sense. La Nazi has been at her best when she’s the monster bully, shoving the smaller tecnicas around. For whatever reason, and I’m guessing it was Lady Apache’s called, La Nazi worked this match like any other bumbling ruda, and that exposed her weaknesses. Hiroka’s interference not being caught was hilariously bad.

Also disappointing, more so actually, was Takemura in the trios match. He looked like a guy who had lost his passion for this, like a shell of what he was previously. I haven’t seen his Japan stuff at all, so I’ve got no clue if this happened back when he got dropped by NJPW, or if the following indy travels broke him, but this was a different man than the guy I enjoyed in ’01 and ’02. Maybe I’m reading way too much into one match, but it was one nothing match.

Sahori looked so much better in her workout gear than normal. She should totally throw out all her gear and figure out something else, because it’s doing her a disservice. Sometimes, the ‘hot’ outfits these women wear turn unflattering – Cinthia Moreno has this problem a lot, I think. But that’s me

My DVD doesn’t include the last show of the year, so no CMLL Women’s Title match recap, and I’m actually little disappointed about it. I’m sure it’d just be an angry rant at the end, but I still went thru the build up, would’ve liked to see it thru regardless. But I think I can move on.

Also, I’ve just noticed my January DVD has a defect on it, and the two first two episodes are irretrievable. Judging from the listings, it’s unremarkable winter stuff, so I’ll live.

CMLL GdR on FSE #19

taped 12/10/06, aired 12/17/07

Part two of the Hiroka/Lady Apache bit, which actually is more of a La Nazi/Dark Angel thing. I guess they wanted to set up the team of La Nazi and Amapola strong (for the two weeks it’d last) and give Nazi a big win before the title match, but they didn’t actually give a reason for it. I dunno.

Main event was Ohara randomly as a tecnico, Kenzo looking lost as a rudo and a messed up finish. So, yea, you can skip this one.

CMLL GdR on FSE #18

taped 12/03/06, aired 12/10/07

It’s weird – you could make a case that things in the Women’s Division switched from Dark Angel chasing the title to Lady Apache chasing the title somewhere between segment 1 and 2 of this show. The pre-match stuff pushed Dark Angel vs Hiroka, but the match was laid out to start the Apache program – it doesn’t get more straightforward than Lady Apache pinning the champ.

Main was in the move pose pause move mold.