07/07 (2): DF Lineups

As per new standard operating procedure, only Tuesday and Friday ones. Bihari, you may want to be seated for the Arena Mexico lineup. Actually, everyone should, there’s a pretty fun surprise.

CMLL (TUE) 07/10 Arena Coliseo
1) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II vs Caligula & Vaquero
2) Bam Bam, Bracito de Oro, Celestial vs Mr. Aguilita, Pequeno Damian, Pequeno Halloween
3) Fabian el Gitano, Flash, Tony Rivera vs Arkangel, Hooligan, Nitro
4) La Mascara, Maximo, Volador Jr. vs Satanico, Texano Jr., Virus
5) Heavy Metal, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero vs Atlantis, Sangre Azteca, Universo 2000

I think that’s as high as Flash has been, but it’s Tuesday. Is Sangre Azteca’s story inspiring because, after all this time, he’s finally up in the main events or is depressing for it to take all this time for him to finally be up in the main events?

CMLL (FRI) 07/13 Arena Mexico
1) Sombra de Plata & Stuka Jr. vs Artillero & Polvora
2) Bam Bam vs Pequeno Olimpico, Bracito de Oro, Fantasy, Electrico, Pequeno Halloween, Pequeno Damian 666, Mr. Aguilita, Fire [ciber]
3) Alex Koslov, La Mascara, Mascara Purpura vs Damian 666, Euforia, Texano Jr.
4) Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., Sombra vs Atlantis, Olimpico, Sangre Azteca
5) Mistico & Negro Casas vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Ultimo Guerrero [CMLL TAG]

Who’s missing? No Ultimo Dragoncito, Tzuki, Pierrothito and Pequeno Violencia – that’s gotta be a tag match at a spot show somewhere. Mini cibernetico’s gotta make air.

No apparent follow up on the Panther vs Perros stuff. News page teases Villano V vs Blue Panther in a mask match. Eh, no.

With Atlantis in the building for the main event tag, perhaps we’ll know how he feels about Ultimo hooking up with his archrival and offering him membership in the Guerreros. I wonder how Bucanero feels about this! (I bet he doesn’t know yet.)

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  1. Nope… he’s back in Puebla next week.

    Plus we get to find out who YURIKO is. And Jessy is back… I like Jessy.

  2. 7/27 in Madero!!! July is going to be INSANE! I am gonna cry if Madero doesn’t have the return of the old Cadetes style 5 on 5 elimination match with La Fuerza Aerea. We need: Laredo Kid, Super Fly, Rey Cometa, Aero Star, Pegasso vs Apache, Alfa, Alan, Decnis (he should be back, right?) and Calo. That can be the match where Calo leaves the group.

    Madero tapings are always awesome…

  3. How good is the feed? Mexico is beating Paraguay 3-0 so I guess lots of guys are not watching AAA now…

  4. It’s 298k so pretty damn good compared to the old days of 96k.:)

    I need a break during this GUERRERAS match.

  5. 54… and counting…

    With Leon and Cd Madero being taped this month, I wonder if they will run the full AAAMania in one shot instead of doing 2 shows?

  6. I was thinking the same thing but we won’t know till the August lineups come out. They could always have no tapings till mid-August so Triplemania can run the 22nd/29th, Leon on August 5th and then they have at least 11 days in August to tape a new episode.

    I could see them doing like Rey De Reyes and only airing the top 6 matches, then airing the Relevos AAA opener the week after with the Leon show.

  7. Maybe I’m alone but I liked the HB vs Vipers match a lot. It’s great seeing Chessman back to catching even though he’s a tecnico.


  8. Well Abismo Negro doing a martinete and burning someone is a plus; too bad that it was Chessman who got burned. And that Juvi vs Fuerza match was very disappointing. Now I’m worried that their match in Triplemania XV will suck.

  9. Aero Star isn’t booked at Triplemania. They need to just have him be Juventud’s cornerman and let him go crazy to take away from what should be an awful match. Juventud is sooooooooooooooooooo bad. They need to bring out his good workrate by saying “hey, there’s a WWE scout in the crowd” since obviously all he cares about is a WWE gig.

  10. HAHAHAHA Chui & Ciber got swerved!

    The mic work was great. Awesome angle and look how pissed the crowd is.

    Bye bye Latin Lover!

  11. So I got, maybe, 40% of this angle right?

    This is so 1999-ish WCW. What exactly did the rudos gain by fooling the tecnicos into believing they were breaking up? Maybe they gave themselves time to get positioned for the attack, but they could’ve attacked anyway.

  12. HAHAHAHA Chui & Ciber got swerved!

    I was fully aware of what was going on, but I didn’t want to spoil the… =)

    The report from the areana didn’t make sense, but especially with the thing about Abismo Negro not wanting to do a martinete (but he hit Zorro with that anyways)

  13. They got Ciber to let his guard down so they could lay the ultimate beatdown. Honestly, these days with every promotion (except CMLL) trying to do stupid over-the-top angles to build up big matches, what’s wrong with an old-fashioned ‘let’s leave everyone laying’ angle? It was perfectly executed and now Parka is going into TM hurt, so is Latin Lover and Ciber is out for revenge on everyone to defend Mexico’s honor. That kinda thing draws.

    God bless AAA. Awesome show.

  14. The only problem is that with Hijo del Santo saying he’s not going to AAAMania, I fear about Gronda (even the original one, he’s been rumored to be returning for a while) or Rayo de Jalisco or something else that might suck big time.

  15. The original Gronda is actually my pick right now. He isn’t a draw but Konnan seems to think he is and actually wanted to help him last time he was in AAA. I could see it being 4 on 3 with Sabu going crazy doing his spots, then Gronda’s music hits and he comes out to save the day. Hell, they could have Gronda II come out first, get punked out to make the original happy and then have the original come out to save the day.

  16. I think they would have made Gronda II join Legion and then bring the original for AAAMania, it is so obvious that I doubt AAA would pull a CMLLesque trick and bring him out of nowhere, but you never know.

    I think the ideal guy would be Vampiro, he’s huge with most of the AAA fans (but not to the extent of being over Ciber, Parka or Latin, which would help), and he surely can knows Black Pearl and probably Killings and Sabu. In fact, since Black Pearl and Kishi are from the Italian promotion, I guess Vampiro could be their link to AAA, although there’s Juvie as well.

    IF I WAS AAA I would put Vampiro there and then let him stay in Gdl promoting a huge Plaza Nuevo Progreso Verano de Escandalo show, since I think Ian is not the traveling type guy anymore.

  17. Last time I heard an interview with Vampiro, he was saying Black Pearl and Rikishi were very upset with him (accusing him of trying to steal the booking spots in Italy.) If they are showing up, he’s not.

  18. What better way to amend things than to get them a gig in the top show of one of the top promotions of the world?

    I think AAA airs via Gala in Europe, so it should be a wise thing for Rikishi to show up there, I guess Juvie got them the link… the thing is, I’m afraid of seeing Canek there, Ciber’s a big mark of him so it would lead to nothing good, I would take Vampiro in a heartbeat over Canek, or Rayo, or Blue Demon Jr, et al.

    Still, I guess it’ll be Santito, he said he won’t be there, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he had said otherwise, would it?

  19. I’m hoping that Santito saying “I’m not going to be the mystery partner at TripleMania” is wrestling talk for “I’m going to be there”, but I’m doubting that is the case.

    Gronda (original or II) or even Octagon is probably a safe bet for the mystery partner at AAAMania though.

    Arena Coliseo Monterrey seems to be the place where big angle development occurs when AAA does TV there. There was Mesias offically kicking Ciber out of La Secta. Now, the Abismo & Mesias leaving Legion swerve with Abismo using the Martinete onto Latin.

  20. Santo is such a mark for himself that I’m sure he released that statement just to make sure AAA doesn’t draw any extra people using his name.

  21. Konnan said on WOL tonight that Triplemania would be the end of this run of AAA and that new talent would be coming in and everything would be better as far as production and shit. He also admitted that EMLL isn’t their competition but the WWE is.

  22. “New talent” scares me.

    I’ll never understand why the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fit it” is so foreign to everyone in wrestling.

  23. Since Konnan’s going thru surgery, I wonder if he meant “his on screen run”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they run a skit with Konnan’s limo exploding and running a “whodunit” angle while he comes back.

  24. I wouldn’t worry about that “new talent” thing, we’ve been hearing that for over two years now… scary thought this: Dos Caras Jr won CMLL Heavyweight title, we can “look forward” to a DosJr vs LizJr feud!!!

  25. I dunno, I always get pissed when I hear the “new direction” or “new talent” line. It just pisses me off that the AAA product is so great and could all fall apart in one second if Konnan decides it needs to be more WWE-ish and use more Americans b/c Mexicans aren’t good enough. Find me any promotion in the world that could get even half the reaction from an angle that the Monterrey crowd had today.

    Dos Jr. vs Eclipse! I never thought the day would come that cubs’ dream match would be possible!

  26. I guess the “new direction” or “new talent” are just pick up lines to lure guys who never give AAA a second look, you can see in the boards guys saying “it’s getting better since a few months ago” but that means that a few months ago they started watching, since at least since Verano 2005 or a bit earlier, they started rolling (well, I think the 3 hour slot maybe had a lot to do with that)

  27. Oh, he also confirmed Abismo and Niebla were in rehab, and Octagon is off TV because he showed up to a taping drunk.

  28. So that means they’ll keep Mr Niebla, unless rehab means fired. Actually, last week Super Astro looked fine considering his age and shape, but he can not have a masks feud, so Mr Niebla should be there, I was enjoying his angle with Alebrije.

  29. The “new thing” comment followed about a couple minutes of Konnan talking about how awesome the Air Force is, how much he likes the new groups, how they now have storylines “instead of people just running in.” It sounded much more like he wanted to build upon what they’ve already done, not rip it down. Production, and the women were specifically mentioned.

    I haven’t heard the “new talent” line yet.

    Konnan, talking about how they’re not pushing based on steroid like muscle looks, says Gronda has to go to the gym learn how to wrestle before they’ll use him anymore. I think it’s safe to cross him off.

    Konnan’s making TripleMania – AAA wanted him there, so they’re pushing surgery off a week.

    I probably should’ve just listened to this and made it my news update, oops.

  30. I like this way better since I’m off to bed soon and won’t be home to read the update till tomorrow night.:)

    Good to hear Konnan supports the Fuerza Aerea, AAA’s best kept secret. Unfortunately he also supports Extreme Tiger who is AAA’s worst regular worker…

  31. They actually put Fuerza, Apache’s group and the ladies upper in the card, but the down side is that Canibal guy, the Minis are gone too… good thing that a guy will be posting AAAMania results live… or bad thing if someone wants to move to a cave to avoid spoilers.

  32. Yeah now that you mention it the mini’s do seem to be gone even though Konnan always seemed to be a fan of them. Mini Histeria came in and the division went to shit.

  33. Maybe they’re not using the stuff they know works (Guapos, Tiffany, Minis) and the rest of the guys are there to prove themselves (hopefully, no more mexican powers… nah, we know it’s impossible)

  34. And the surprise luchador is…

    Hermanos Dinamitas!!! Well, why else would Universo lose his title after years of not showing it?

  35. Wagner/Mistico:
    First off Welcome back “El Galeno Del Mal”. I wouldn’t have Wagner in a group, because he, to me, has always been an outlaw.

    Now all this would make sense is if Atlantis turned Technico again and actually backed Mistico.

    The AAA TM show, I still wonder what it would have been like if Hulk Hogan and Paul Wight was on the show, I could still see Hogan helping the Hell Brothers, LOL.

    But it could have been worse, Cibernetico could have brought in the Rock.

  36. Konnan and the Dinamitas don’t exactly get along.

    Konnan doesn’t get along with virtually anyone, so what’s your point? Hehehe.

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