05/26 AAA TV Taping Lineup (Minatitlan, Veracruz)

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AAA TV (SAT) 05/26 Centro de Convenciones, Minatitlan, Veracruz
1) Canibal, Nemesis AAA, Nygma vs Payaso Carrona, Payaso Miedo, Payaso Terror
2) Cinthia Moreno, Estrellita, Sexi Star vs Fabi Apache, La Diabolica, Rossy Moreno
3) Laredo Kid & Super Fly vs Apache & Super Calo
4) Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Psicosis II vs ?, Cuervo, Ozz
5) Alebrije, Charly Manson, Elegido, Juventud Guerrera vs Antifaz, Fuerza Guerrera, Histeria, Mr. Niebla
6) Chessman, Cibernetico, Zorro vs Abismo Negro, El Mesias, Kenzo Suzuki

Air Date
Mex: 06/03
US: 06/23

I would say there’s a 99.999% chance the mystery man teaming with the Sect is Extreme Tiger, making his debut. I think we’re much more likely to be headed towards Crazy Boy and Joe Lider completing a title swap and getting the tag team titles rather than adding people to Mexican Powers. If that’s the plan, you can work backwards and see Psicosis II wasn’t needed for the group longer, and Juvi can just wander off his own way (as he tends to do.) Obviously, this match will go back for the MPs.

That’s quite the random collection of tecnicos in the semifinal. Elsewhere, we’re just ticking along as usual – I think we already fulfilled our plot developments for this month.

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05/30 San Luis Potosi

Have they announced anything for June yet?

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  1. AAA might do TV at Poliforum in Merida in June. I’m planning my next trip for late June or early July so I’ll hit a AAA taping for sure.

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