05/30 AAA TV Taping Lineup (San Luis Potosi)

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AAA TV (WED) 05/30 Auditorio Miguel Barragan [el Sol de San Luis Potosi]
1) Aero Star, Laredo Kid, Pegasso vs Miedo, Payaso, Terror
2) Billy Boy, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata, Sexy Star vs Apache, Fabi Apache, Mini Chessman, Polvo de Estrellas
3) Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis II vs Alan, Decnnis, Extreme Tiger, Fuerza Guerrera
4) Alebrije, Elegido, Super Porky vs Abismo Negro, Head Hunter I, Kenzo Suzuki
5) Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico, Zorro vs Cuervo, Escoria, Mesias, Ozz

Air Date
Mex: 06/10
US: 06/30

This is good timing, need a new AAA thread to provoke another long argument. You know how you can tell you have too many people on your roster? Everything’s an Atomicos.

Extreme Tiger is the worst possible Super Calo. They actually don’t list Psicosis II on the tecnico team, but I’m assuming that’s not a handicap match.

Doesn’t seem like anything’s going on here, but maybe the taping in between will make this one more interesting.

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10 thoughts to “05/30 AAA TV Taping Lineup (San Luis Potosi)”

  1. Ah, Billy’s back.
    I hope he finally decides to wrestle instead of walking around like an animal with a broken heart.

  2. I’ll admit, that is a cluster-fuck of a taping. Shame b/c it’s always come off as a hot building too.

    Billy will no doubt run-in on the third match. And Laredo is all the way down the card in the opener?

  3. I thought that whole tournament that Laredo won was supposed to get him a big push?I guess it meant nothing.

    Match 1-2 look good while match 3 will be interesting to see how bad Tiger fucks up.

  4. Miedo, Payaso, Terror? Newspaper might have fucked up and that’s just Los Payasos Negros.

    Exactly what Keith said, huge cluster of a taping.

    I fear even more for Extreme Tiger in AAA now b/c at least when he showed up the first time, Konnan was less involved. With Konnan in total control, I fully expect Tiger to re-start his program with Juventud and be the #1 focus while the real stars (Fuerza Aerea) are stuck in openers. You can already see it with Laredo Kid. On an extremely related note, I expect lots of Extreme Tiger praise in the WON upcoming. Yes I do.

    Only 3 out of the 5 matches are atomicos!

    And why is the 5/30 card released before the 5/26 card?

  5. I don’t know if Konnan writes the lineups, or just runs the TV when he gets there.

    AAA needs a second show for cable like CMLL has on 52 and Fox Sports.

  6. The return of Extreme Tiger?!!!Yikes.

    Looking forward to more “Worst of Extreme Tiger” by Rob on youtube.

    Friggin Konnan.

  7. I assume by his second AAA TV match I’ll have enough for 3 minute Worst of Extreme Tiger video.

  8. >And why is the 5/30 card
    >released before the 5/26

    Whoever it is who writes the lucha articles for El Sol de San Luis Potosi is a fanatic and hyper about such things. The wrestling promotions there gave him/her an award last year, and he earned it.

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