Taped 04/13 and 04/15, aired 04/22

I don’t think the Jeque/Stuka match was on it’s way to being a good match – Jeque was obviously going for his finisher next, Stuka would kick out of it (why protect it at this point), and maybe a couple more nearfalls before Stuka got the STO or a moonsault or something. It was going to be okay, fitting of the feud.

I think, in Tigre Hispano’s mind, he did everything right, and the rest of the world messed up. In reality, he either needed to not hit the mat a third time (and maybe I’ll cut him slack next time he way too obviously holds up early) or he needed to make a much bigger display that it was only a two count. Just one double arm wave motion doesn’t work, and it killed this match.