04/21: Mexico, photographers banned again, lineups, TV

CMLL (FRI) 04/20 Arena Mexico [ovaciones, ESTO, CMLL]
1) Caligula & Messala b Danger & Moltov
2) Euforia, Nosfearatu, Satanico b Leono, Valiente, Virus
3) Alex Koslov, Blue Panther, Ultimo Dragon b Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca, Tarzan Boy
4) Mistico, Negro Casas, Sagrado b Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Atlantis, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero b Marco Corleone, Rey Bucanero, Shocker

Before the main event, Ultimo brought a big box to the ring. He was apologetic for his attempted murder of KeMonito last week, so this was a present for the blue monkey. Inside the package – a mini Guerrero which beat up KeMonito! The official name for the guy is “Ultimonito de la Atlántida”, but that’s waaaaay too long. Feel free to tell me how they’re ripping off Guapos VIP now.

And then they had a match and Ultimo fouled Shocker and got the pin. The Ultimo/Shocker exchanges were said to be the best part.

Guess how the semimain ended. Yes.

Tarzan Boy hurt his hand in the tercera. What body part has Tarzan Boy not hurt at this point?

Euforia and Nosfearatu were said to look good, and Satanico’s postmatch comments makes it sound like this may be a regular trio.

Outside the ring, and mini madness, the big story was CMLL once again kicking out all non-CMLL affiliated photographers from ringside (and threatening to eject them from the building if they raised a fuss.) The first time this happened, it was said to be only a PPV thing, but obviously this isn’t the case here, and the affected magazines are talking boycott. ESTO demands equal access for all who cover CMLL.

(ESTO) On Monday and Tuesday Universidad Iberoamericana will be hosting lucha libre panel discussions, talking about the origin of lucha libre, the development, and the present day.

Monday 11-1: Mil Mascaras, Felino, Stuka Jr.
Monday 1-3: “AAA VP” Dorian Pena, El Fantasma, Pierroth, Cibernetico
Tuesday 11-1: Dr. Morales, Mascara Sagrada, Arturo Rivera, Veneno
Tuesday 1-3: Mauricio Medina (CMLL producer), Julian Garcia, Fernado Alvarez (editors), Rosalio Vera (photographer)

This sounds like it’d be quite good.

The VIP show for today has been postponed for a month.

Cards for next week:

CMLL (TUE) 04/24 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Rayo Tapatio I, Rayo Tapatio II vs Messala, Caligula
2) Stuka Jr., Tony Rivera, Brillante vs Super Comando, Artillero, Hooligan
3) Satanico, Felino, Mictlan vs Nosferatu, Euforia, Loco Max
4) Virus, Maximo, Texano Jr. vs Okumura, Ohara, Goto
5) Shocker, Negro Casas, Alex Koslov vs Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Tarzan Boy

Or maybe that trio isn’t sticking together. Never mind.

CMLL (FRI) 04/27 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Valiente, Danger, Brillante vs Super Comando, Artillero, Polvora
2) Diana la Cazadora vs Marcela vs India Sioux vs Sahori vs Luna Magica vs Princesa Blanca vs Atenea vs Amapola vs La Nazi vs Princesa Sujei vs Rosa Negra vs Medussa vs Diosa Maya vs Seductora [sf, ciber, final 2 advance, MEX WOMEN]
3) Mistico, Dr. Wagner Jr., Sagrado vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Damian 666, Terrible
4) Shocker vs Ultimo Guerrero

Putting Shocker with Ultimo is fine way to see if he still go. He’s seemed better the last few weeks.

I had presumed the Mexican Women’s Championship would be settled between two selected people and on Arena Coliseo, because after all, it’s only a National title that’s probably headed to a women not on the top tier (Lady Apache, Dark Angel, Hiroka, and Mima Shimoda all can’t be involved, and they get pushed the strongest.) Instead, they’re following the same formula as for when they decided the CMLL Women’s Championship – a cibernetico with the final two facing off next week.

Atenea wrestled a few times in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, got written about in Box Y Lucha, and then fell off the radar. (Her rival Silueta didn’t make the cut unless she’s got a new name. One person dropping out of a two person division can kinda end the matches, so maybe that’s what happened.) Diosa Maya was working undercards of Martha Villalobos’ AAA cards last year, but last turned up working a CMLL spot show in February. Seductora is a Mexico State indy wrestler who’s worked spot shows for CMLL and IWRG, even appearing on their TV once when they weren’t in Arena Naucalpan.

CMLL (SUN) 04/29 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Sombra de Plata, Super Nova vs Apocalipsis, Ramstein
2) Tsuki, Mini Olimpico, Shockercito vs Mini Halloween, Mini Damian 666, Mini Mr. Aguila
3) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Mascara Sagrada vs Universo 2000, Mascara 2000, Sangre Azteca
4) Dr. Wagner Jr., Marco Corelone, Alex Koslov vs Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Olimpico

Hmmm. Only 4 matches – and no Mistico and Perro for Kid’s Day. Something’s up. Either that or the Mexican Trios match.

GdR (CAN52) has
04/15 Coliseo: Damián 666, Halloween, Mr. Águila b Máximo, Sagrado, Texano Jr.
04/15 Coliseo: Lizmark Jr., Místico, Rey Bucanero DQ Atlantis, Black Warrior, Último Guerrero
feature: Black Warrior in the gym.

If I’m reading the comments right, GdR FSE has/had
04/13 Mexico: Hiroka, Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sujei b Dark Angel, Luna Magica, Sahori
04/15 Mexico: Stuka Jr. b Jeque [mask]

13 thoughts to “04/21: Mexico, photographers banned again, lineups, TV”

  1. So that would mean the Arena Coliseo segunda makes regular CMLL TV in an hour unless they switch things up to show Satanico debuting his new team and saving the Arena Mex tercera for a weekend show next week.

    I can totally see them putting the women’s tournament on TV, both the Ciber and the final which makes the 4/29 show interesting as even if they add a new match, it’ll be an uppercard match which means the mini’s could get another TV appearence!!! YAY!:D

    Naturally I think the women’s tournament is a waste and those who usually defend the women have no ground to defend it here b/c the most over women – Dark Angel, Hiroka and Lady Apache – aren’t even in the tournament. This is Arena Neza undercard material. The final should be some mix of Marcela, Amapola and Sujei. I’ll go with Marcela/Amapola since they can have the better match.

    The fact I think they are going with 3 Arena Mex matches next week leads me to believe Brillante Jr.’s Arena Coliseo match taking place tomorrow will wind up on one of the weekend shows next week which is cool unless it’s the one Chui doesn’t get.:P

    Ignoring TV, it’s a typically disapointing group of lineups. Perfect week for the press to start their ban of CMLL coverage which is obviously what this photographers deal is heading to.

    SuperLuchas blog put up a photo of the new mascot and he looks like Venezia. I wonder if it’s Tzuki? He ended up getting stretchered out I guess. Feuding midgets mascots… I never thought I’d see that in CMLL and there may end up being a backlash if it drags on too long.

  2. Whoa, does CMLL TV have 3 hours today? I thought it was 5-7 my time but it’s already on and they are showing the Coliseo *OPENER* from Sunday. No wonder they didn’t have the typical opening match guys on that day.:P It’s Los Tigres/Tony vs Arkangel/Dr. X/Mr. Mexico in a very 2001 CMLL TV type match.

    (Just checked and the esmas website indeed says CMLL shouldn’t start for another hour so it must be a 3 hour show.)

  3. Opener was really good! They took their time and had a very cool old-school match with a 5+ minute first fall, some neat dives mixed in throughout the match and a third fall that wasn’t just one exchange, two dives and an immediate finish.

    They didn’t hype what is coming on next so I wonder if this extra time was put together at the last second. Will they go to the Coliseo segunda or Arena Mexico segunda or dare I say… opener?:P

    *drumroll* …

    Wow, I was 0 for 3!

    JIP Arena Mexico tercera.

    So that means the Coliseo segunda and regular top 2 matches are after this ends?

  4. Esmas listings must not have been updated. Weird to show an opener instead of the usual segunda though…

    What an awesome Quemonito sketch! His hands look weird. (obviously)

    BACKSTREET’S BACK! Holy shit, 1999 flashbacks.

    I guess Mistico’s match is going up last. Shocking.;)

  5. GREATEST ANGLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s definitely Tzuki in the Venezia outfit.

    I might have to jump back on the CMLL bandwagon if this feud continues.

  6. Momentos was done at the end of the opening segment.

    Weird that they switched the Estelar/Semis, even weirder that the crowd stayed put as the post match challenges were issued, usually, they leave as soon as the three count happens.

    They should’ve used a mini-eclipse outfit, though, wasn’t he too tall to be Tsuki? Then again, I have never seen Tsuki with Kemonito…

  7. You missed 2 minis spots

    – Fire hitting Tzuki with the assisted hanging over the top rope double stomp from the top TB to the back, and

    – Shocker hitting Fire with a springboard dropkick then Tzuki hitting the rey/Juvi/Felino/Marvin top t.b flying huracanrana to fire on the apron.

    Fire died. Arena mex staff might still be clearing pieces of him up from ringside :D

    Decent little opener there. Really good for the Coliseo. Tigre Blanco should at least be on Arena Mex segunda level.
    Metalico ain’t as good but he’s OK. Nice to see some actual nearfalls for a change. Thought the ending to the first caida especially was pretty awesome as 99 times out of 100, that would have been a tecnico pin.

    The main event was nothing special, but was OK. Can’t go wrong with Shocker/Ultimo. But although they’re prtty good when they’re in together, they aren’t going for anything like as intricate and difficult sequences as they did in 02-04…

  8. NOOOOOOOOOO! I MISSED TZUKI!:( Now I’m pissed!

    Tzuki wears lifts when he does the Venezia gimmick. I’m 100% certain it was him. I guess next week’s main event is more Shocker/Quemonito vs Ultimo Guerrero/Tzuki than it is a singles match.

    Does the sudden push for Tzuki mean someone read the Awards?

  9. Yeah since Dark Angel & Raven Hiroka aren’t Mexican and Lady Apache is the one that vacated the title, it makes that torneo look real bad.

  10. Yeah since Dark Angel & Raven Hiroka aren’t Mexican and Lady Apache is the one that vacated the title, it makes that torneo look real bad.

    Well, AULL showed matches with Lady Apache/Hiroka/Angel/Shimoda and they were so bad that I don’t think they would have helped the torneo at all.

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