04/08: Jeque/Stuka, Accion, FSE

CMLL.com has announced Jeque vs Stuka Jr. (for masks) is signed for 04/15.


CMLL – Marco/Sagrado/Mistico vs Demon/Aguila/Perro: So the story here is Mistico got La Mistica on Perro in an early fall to win it, and since he never gets it twice, that was a sign. Perro ended up beating him clean in the third fall – that’s where you get the “Perro is the new King”, because he actually beat Mistico clean, but I think it’s just set up of the tag title reign.

Corelone looked as bad as he’s looked in CMLL in the highlights.

AAA: Scorpio, Zumbido, Alan Stone, Hator vs Alebrije, Zorro, Oriental, Intocable from Hidalgo – this is the debut of Guapocito. Here, he’s a mini with dyed blond hair wearing a suit. He fouls Cuije, Alebrije is distracted, Scorpio fouls him. Scorpio goes on to slam Guapocito onto Alebrije to set up the pin.

CMLL on FSE has
04/01 Coliseo: Leono, Stuka Jr., Virus vs Dr. X, Jeque, Loco Max
04/01 Coliseo: Heavy Metal, Máscara Sagrada, Shocker vs Máscara Año 2000, Misterioso II, Olímpico
en case de Black Warrior

I don’t have much to say, so…here’s the minis match.

If you’re doing a ballot, you’ve got to get in – now.