CMLL on FSE #34

taped 03/25

Well…that was more effort than it was worth.

Stuka doesn’t look good doing anything that’s not his moves, which is a bad side. Jeque was completely forgettable. They whole feud was based on a low blow, which means…everyone should be feuding with everyone.

It wasn’t a disaster, it just wasn’t any good. If someone told me CMLL had wanted to do a Jeque/Stuka feud and changed their mind after this match, I’d believe it.

Main event was probably better off only airing one fall. Nothing good could come of it.

7 thoughts to “CMLL on FSE #34”

  1. hey, i just wanted to now where you can get or see this shows? net? TV?

    if you cannot post here, back to my mail.

  2. CMLL is on Fox Sports Net on Sundays at 9p EST. Check listings as it’s bumped for soccer quite often. AAA is on Galavision on weekend afternoons.

  3. can i get it anyway exept watch live? i’m from israel and here 9P EST we sleep (9P= about 3AM here)

    so if there is anyway to get, send me email\tell me here.


  4. There’s no way to watch this show other than live. There’s no video of it of this show – or the CAN52 show – on their websites.

    People outside of the US, like yourself, may be able to get the main CMLL and AAA shows at – download the player there, and you can subscribe to a live feed of the network. They’ve promised video on demand, but it’s not there.

    The links to all the TV networks are on the right side of the main page, under “TV Networks”.

  5. by the way: don’t you think that a same that there is no CMLL on the net? peoples upload japan, WWE and indis and i think we need a lucha also, speciley peoples who can’t watch it live or buy the PPV’s.

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