02/17: Mexico results, DF lineups, GdR


CMLL (FRI) 02/16 Arena Mexico Results [ovaciones, notimex, ESTO]
1) Mini Violencia, Pierrothito b Mini Fantasy, Shockercito
2) Eclipse, Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000 b Blue Panther, Lizmark Jr., Negro Casas
3) Volador Jr. b La Mascara, Sagrado, Sombra de Plata, Metro II, Leono, Super Nova, Virus, Mephisto, Alex Koslov, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca, Felino, Stuka Jr., Valiente, Averno [ciber, reyes de aire]
4) Hector Garza, Mr. Aguila, Perro Aguayo Jr. b Atlantis, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero [CMLL TRIOS]

Elimination order: Sombra de Plata, Super Nova, Valiente (ESTO said he was among the best tonight), Metro, Leono, Misterioso II, Stuka Jr., Virus, Felino, Alex Koslov, Sagrado, Averno, Mephisto, and La Mascara.

Final was Volador vs Sangre, with a Spanish Fly (still in desperate need of a Volador specific name) to win. If Volador ain’t picking up the CMLL Welterweight Title, perhaps he’ll go after the Mexican one. Felino/Alex got the required double pin, and Sagrado got the required injury (ESTO says he hurt his legs going thru the ropes?) Notimex has a triumphant Volador interview.

Perros won clean in the main event, with Tarzan ending up hurt. Both sides relatively respectful after their outcome.

Next week’s card are up:

CMLL (FRI) 02/23 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Tzuki, Shockercito vs Pierrothito, Fire
2) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, India Sioux vs Amapola, Mima Shimoda, Hiroka
3) Maximo, La Mascara, Blue Panther vs Averno, Mephisto, Sangre Azteca
4) Marco Corleone, Alex Koslov, Rey Bucanero vs Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis, Universo 2000
5) Mistico, Lizmark Jr., Volador Jr. vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hector Garza, Mr. Aguila

CMLL (SUN) 02/25 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Molotov, Sombra de Plata vs Polvora, Vaquero
2) Stuka Jr., Starman, Danger vs Hooligan, Messala, Caligula
3) Sagrado, Virus, Leono vs Mogur, Nitro, Arkangel
4) Rey Bucanero, Heavy Metal, Alex Koslov vs Mr. Aguila, Damian 666, Halloween
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Lizmark Jr., Dos Caras Jr. vs Black Warrior, Ultimo Guerrero, Olimpico

CMLL (TUE) 02/20 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Mini Olimpico, Mini Fantasy vs Mini Violencia, Sombrita
2) Trueno, Astro Boy, Explosivo vs Ramstein, Apocalipsis, Hooligan
3) Stuka Jr., Tigre Blanco, Tigre Metalico vs Loco Max, Mr. Mexico, Dr. X
4) Felino, Mitclan, Ogun vs Misterioso II, Okumura, Emilio Charles Jr.
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr. vs Black Warrior, Universo 2000, Mascara Ano 200

The official story is that we don’t know if Corelone and Koslov are tecnicos or rudos any more. I’m thinking Universo always would like to be a rudo and adjustments are being made, but we’ll see how it develops this week.

CMLL (THU) 02/15 Arena Puebla Results [Intolerancia via box y lucha]
1) Fenix, Super Star vs Fuerza Tiger, Murcielago
2) Ultimo Dragonicto b Asturiano, Mini Olimpico, Shockercito, Espiritu Maligno, Mini Damian 666, Mini Halloween, Mini Mr. Aguila, Pierrothito, ?
3) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Marcela b Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Sujei
4) Negro Navarro b Solar I
5) Lizmark Jr., Mistico, Volador Jr. b Damian 666, Halloween, Mr. Aguila

Guerreros del Ring has
unmasked: Brazo de Oro
02/01: Mascara Purpura, Texano Jr., Virus b Arkangel, Hooligan, Loco Max
02/11: Dr. Wagner, Lizmark Jr., Negro Casas b Eclipse, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero

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  1. Another Hooligan, Caligula, Messala match on TV?!?!?! UNREAL!:D

    Man I just realized CMLL TV tonight is on at like 8pm which completely conflicts with the Toronto Maple Leafs. That’s not good.

  2. Man, awesome that Volador won and Sangre was last in!
    Now to find out if a) it was good, and b) it gets shown in full. The feeds of this XEJTV on the web are a bit grainy tonight but at least it’s live, moving Tv as opposed to still pictures like last week! :)

    On CMLL Tv i think we would normally be due the Leono/Mogur match, but seeing as the 3 tecnicos were in the Cibernetico, there’s always the possibility of Los Do Tigres and Hooligan the highflier instead!

    Of course, as already mentioned, there might also be the possibility of this match from NJPW taking up the Coliseo match spot, but i’m trying to erase that ugly thought from my head :)

    I also fully expect the Trios title match to been awesome – even at 15 minutes. Remember that’s still about 5 minutes longer than the Sep PPV with Shocker instead of Aguila, and a lot of folk thought was pretty good.

    Being the pessimistic type that i am though, i realise i’m probably setting myself up for a fall with all these high hopes :(

    Next weeks cards generally aren’t too exciting by this weeks standards, but we still have Volador and Aguila main eventing Arena Mex, and LOS RRRRROMANO’S~, so it can’t be that bad. They’d better not add a singles match on the back of tomorrow nights show though!

    I suppose it just goes to show how spoilt we are these days by comparison. To think that throughout 2003 and 2004 we got the chance to see 2 CMLL matches per week – the Arena Mex semi and main.

    Also of note… Koslov as tecnico – not on. Russians in lucha should be eeeevil. End of. Get it sorted CMLL! :)

  3. I guess that the XEJTV feed would depend on how many guys hook up to it so it might look OK at times but at the time of lucha, might be a diferent story…

    Perro’s winning the titles almost surely means Perrito won’t be worrying about buying combs, shampoo and Conditioner in the spring…

  4. I’d expect the NJPW match to open which would be fine by me only b/c the second period intermission would then match-up perfectly with when the Reyes Del Aire would be airing!

    I wonder what the scheduled Coliseo match is anyhow incase they scrap the NJPW match. Oh right… high-flying Hooligan. Gonna suck to miss that match.:(

    I don’t understand the Corleone and Koslov turns either but I guess we’ll see down the road. How weird would it be to have Corleone/Koslov vs Universo/?Metal? in a tag hair match where the Arena Mexico crowd is 100% pro foreigners?

    Arena Mexico seems pretty weak but the main could have it’s moments.

    I wish Alexis had updated CMLL pictures from last night!!!

  5. I like reading things like this:


  6. TV show is hyping FOUR MATCHES. Coliseo opener, Japan match, Torneo and Trios Titles. Uhm… we may end up seeing more of the Torneo in the CMLL.com clips than the actual TV show if everything airs as promised.:/

  7. So we’re getting the Los Tigres match AND that shit from Japan? I sure hope Casas and Texano is just shown in highlight form.

    Watch Holligan Fly! :D

  8. “3 minute commercial, 1 minute first fall of a pointless trios match, 3 minute commercial.:) Oh Mexicans…”

    Maybe they’re getting the breaks out of the way so they can show the torneo continuously?

    Ok, maybe not :(

    Poor Tigre Blanco’s neck o:

  9. First off, thank you for all of the help this site has given me and thecubsfan for answering my questions.

    I am going to plan to take a 7-10 day vacation next year to Mexico. I am not not going to get too ahead of myself but I was wondering if anyone who reads this has been to Mexico before? More specifically, Arena Mexico and other lucha libre venues. I’m going to try and catch as many shows as possible in that timeframe while also checking out historic sights. I’d just like to get an idea of how easy (or hard) it is to get around in Mexico. Like how much are the shows to get into? How much are masks, etc outside the arenas? Are there stores that sell lucha libre merchandise near? Thank you for any help and keep up the amazing coverage of the lucha libre scene.

    P.S. Have any of you guys (or ladies) heard of any lucha trips? I read something about one on a message board a few months back and was wondering if anyone had any information on these. I might just be imagining things but it would really help if I knew, or could talk to someone who had been there before. Thanks again and sorry for asking so many questions.

  10. Nick:very easy to get Arena Mexico.It’s about 5minutes from metro Balderas station. The show start 8:30PM every friday.
    you can buy the ticket on sameday from 10AM at Arena Mexico.The ticket cost 40 to 150pesos. There is a lot of shops outside the arena.masks,Tshirts,dolls…,The masks cost 50 to 200pesos,depends on quality. If you wanna buy original masks from luchadors,cost about 1000 to 1500pesos.
    :Arena Coliseo-5:00PM every sunday, and 7:30PM every tuesday.It’s about 10minutes from metro Allende station.But around the Arena Coliseo is not so safety,so please be careful.

  11. Thank you very much Yuka for the information you provided me. Where are you from Yuka? Have you ever been to Arena Mexico? I have a couple more questions for you. Just e-mail me at the above address. Again, thank you again for the information.

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