02/15: Santo, Guerreras

Here’s the press release on the Santo cartoon on Cartoon Network. They don’t have a title OR a start date, but they do have a 13 episode pickup. The show is being produced by Cartoon Network Studios itself, which is probably a good sign. I suspect they’ll repurpose the show for it’s Latin America division as well.

The show creator, Carlo Olivares Paganoni, has a mySpace page (good that he’s Santo’s friend!) and previously produced another Santo short cartoon – is this the one that aired in Mexico? That would make sense. No luck in find this video posted online yet.

It sounds like this will be an updated version of Santo versus vampires and werewolfs and invading hordes from outer space, which could be loads of fun.

Ovaciones has an interview with Juvi and Fuerza. Juvi would be more than happy to face his father in a hair/mask match. Fuerza’s appalled he raised his son to be a man but instead, he’s acting like a clown – no better than Pimpinela or Latin Lover.

La Presna is a day late on the Halloween 20 Year show (which obviously is everyone working off the same interview) and Flash’s injury.

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