Lucha Times

AAA on Gala: the last part of Best Of. It’s a bit time shifted, split feed, all that jazz, but these are the matches you might have actually seen, so it’s not a big deal.

CAN52: There’s no escape. We’ll get that Fabian match we were due last week, and the Pierroth semifinal.

FSE: Looks like the Sunday midnight time is where it’s sticking. Mistico! Perro! Lots of people standing around in between moves! If they do air the Coliseo tercera, it’s quite the battle of good versus evil.

AAA in Mexico: 01/20 taping.

CMLL in Mexico:
01/21: Molotov, Sensei, Starman b Calígula, Hooligan, Mesala
01/26: Dos Caras Jr., Lizmark Jr., Universo 2000 vs LA Park, Marco Corelone, Ultimo Guerrero
01/26: Mistico, Rey Bucanero, Shocker vs Halloween, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Terrible

Mystery of the week: while looking for something else, I noticed my local Telemundo station (WSNS – 19 on my cable system, different on yours) has “Lucha Libre Mexicana” listed at 10:30 PM on Sunday. It’s half hour show, and I have no idea what it is, though I think it’s a local show*. I’ll let you know what turns up.

* – Coincidentally, I just found out there’s a local lucha show this weekend. We’ll discuss in the morning.

4 thoughts to “Lucha Times”

  1. You never know, they might skip the dreaded Fabian match to get back on track, giving us a chance to perv at Dark Angel.

    That just better be the main show lineup – my hopes are all built up now and i’ll be totally gutted if The Roman Warriors don’t air! I’ve seen too many pictures and too many Momentos clips to know that they are nothing short of awesome, and we need to start seeing some actual full matches for a change!

    I think Shocker and Dos Caras have switched places in the semi and main btw. Dunno why, but i kinda evens it up a bit because it was a bit unbalanced with all the good tecnicos in the main with the leftover shit thrown in the semi. Shocker at least adds a bit of quality now opposite Park and Ultimo. :)

  2. Got the word from my boss that I won’t be home to see this week’s CMLL.:( Hopefully the matches air as planned though and I can hunt down a copy of the Romans match.

  3. Damn. :(

    Ok Chui, it is now up to you to take responsibility and be the bearer of good news tomorrow my friend. ;)

  4. Sure, I don’t think there’ll be any problem… whether they are good or bad news is not up to me though… :)

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