Since this is a short day in the year in review, I thought I’d broach this topic. I wasn’t completely excited to do this, but after seeing a copy of the WON Awards, I was kinda inspired. (Please don’t take that in a bad way.)

Last year, we did
Best Wrestler (pick 5)
Best Match (pick 5)
Best Singles Match (pick 3)
Best Non-Singles Match (pick 3)
Best Tecnico (pick 3)
Best Rudo (pick 3)
Best Female (pick 3)
Best Promotion (pick 3)
Best Rivalry (pick 3)
Best Legend/Over 40 Wrestler
Most Improved (pick 3)
Most Underrated (pick 3)

(2005 Winners)

Thoughts I had at the time
– Best Singles Match/Non-Singles Match both should be dropped, and Best Match should be top 6 or 7 instead.
– Best Legend really doesn’t work; either a higher age limit or it should be dropped
– Maybe Best Promotion should be Best Territory?
– Underrated needs to be changed to Underutilized to better define it

With some more time to think about it, I’d add back Best Team (tag, trios, stable – they just have to be a unit.) And there’s always the idea of adding the different style groups: best flyer/technical/brawler

The big idea, and the thing that would cause a lot of extra work, is to make all the suggestions and nominations for match of the year accessible to all who are interested. Not only would this allow people to see highly thought of matches they haven’t already, it’d help decide on other categories. I know DVDVR’s done this sort of thing by mailing out DVDs, but I think that’d take too long. I’m envisioning it as posting videos on YouTube, but I’d be open to other easy ways to get it done, and naturally, people to help track down the matches to post (since I’m sure I don’t have most of them.)

The other big idea is translating the ballot and the information around into Spanish, and attempting to open it to all the Mexican message board people. The more voters who are interested in this sort of thing voting, the better off we are.

Suggestions? Ideas from improvements? Or making it easier on me? We’re not close to voting yet, and probably won’t this month, but we’re heading that way.