01/24: Merida, AAA


indy (SUN) 02/04 Poliforum Zamna de Merida Lineup [Por Esto]
1) Cobra Man vs Angelito Vengador vs Amenaza Roja vs Misterio Maya vs Lobo Salvaje vs Haragan vs Angel Infernal vs Imperio Dorado [trofeo Gladiador Torino]
2) Super Muneco, Super Muneco Jr. vs Halcon Rojo, Halcon Rojo Jr.
3) Rayo de Jalisco, Hijo de Solitario, Ultimo Dragon vs Negro Navarro, Mr. Aguila, Canek Jr.
4) Latin Lover, Hijo del Santo vs Blue Demon Jr., LA Park

No Villano III.

AAA posted a Pena bio on their news update. They’re running a tribute card to him – it’s not a TV taping and no matches are announced (I’m not entirely sure there will be matches), but the usual names should be there. They’ve also put a preview of tomorrow’s taping, with no lineup changes.

Monclova wrestlers are complaining about the local Box Y Lucha commission being completely worthless.

I totally forget about the Villano 3 chat at Box Y Lucha. They’ve posted the usual video clip. The poster they have up for Intocable is quite something.

Televisa’s annual award voting is going on now. This is the award La Parka Jr. wins every year and I never can figure out quite why. You can vote for it at http://www.esmas.com/trofeostd/

4 thoughts to “01/24: Merida, AAA”

  1. This is the award La Parka Jr. wins every year and I never can figure out quite why.

    He’s very popular… people think they’re voting for Tapia… hehe

  2. Well, I just voted and right now, Mistico has the lead.

    And, I love me some Dark Angel, but, for the love of God, work some magic and find some pictures of the black headed babe in the blue boots in the Intocable poster. DO YOU NOT SEE HER?! MY GOD!! I can not see everything I need to see because her ass is not visible, but Koslov should track her down . . . and loan her off to me.

    Sorry for my sporadic outburst.

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