01/21: Accion, Tijuana, Misterioso II

The big news on Accion is they got a new graphics package. And also matches – neither got as much time as usual.

CMLL: Wagner/Shocker/Univeros vs Park/Ultimo/Atlantis. Universo did his plancha, Wagner did his ramp dive, taking out the Guerreros. This left Park and Shocker in. They set up a spot where Shocker went for a spear, Park moves, and referee Babe Richard takes it, except that Babe wasn’t really lined up behind Park – Shocker had to slightly turn to make it work, and it didn’t look accidental at all. He should’ve got DQed for that, but Park makes a show of getting fouled.

AAA: Park/Octagon/Intocable vs Cibernetico/Chessman/Charly from Puebla. Parka’s big comeback move is punching people in the face. They still seem to be working this the same way as always, despite the Hell Brothers semingly being good guys by now. Parka blatantly fouled Cibernetico (it was Copetes who called for the DQ) and that’s all we see.

Friday night in Tijuana Super Muneco won the mask of Coco Negro. His name is Gustavo Martinez, from Mexico City, but he’s more specifically a random person put under a Coco mask to partner with Coco Rojo and help build the Coco/Muenco feud. [YucaRod on Box Y Lucha, Abraham A. Domínguez Ramirez on el Halcon]

El Halcon also has a reprint of a local article – Misterioso II talks about a fight he got in with a fan. (This is the video in comments, right?) Fan threw a beer, Misterioso was angry, Misterioso wanted to throw a beer back at the fan, couldn’t get one, and so he just slapped him. He now realizes that was not the way to go, but something had to be done, and he feels there’s a segment of fans who don’t respect them.

Ricky Marvin, and partner Kotaro Suzuki, won NOAH’s GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship.

2006 Year In Review: March

the big story: culminating a five (or thirteen) year saga, Perro Aguayo Jr. avenged the end of his father’s career by beating Universo 2000 for his hair. This feud has been pushed since the moment Perro Jr. arrived in CMLL, continuing on thru his rudo turn, and dominating the promotion at times despite the seeming unwillingness for either side to actually lose.

Universo gave Perro Sr. his Black Hammer piledriver in a hair match, which also doubled as Perro Sr.’s retirement match. (He’s of course still wrestling, but it was the end of him on a regular schedule.) Going back further, Perro Sr. beat Mascara Ano 2000 for his mask in ’93, starting the rivalry between the families.

This hair match was announced on the first day of the month, with the rest of the lineup revealed a day later, with noting major looking on the rest of the card. There was a little thought Universo might continue to protected, but Perro won as most expected. The rest of the card saw Park and Wagner continue their issues into CMLL, and Amapola and Dark Angel to continue to feud.

LA Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. feud: See above. Park, both in storyline and apparently in real life, was upset about fans booing him, particularly in Arena Mexico.< AAA Rey de Reyes: As far as logic goes, this sucked. The match wasn’t good either, but it drew, so you’ve go that. The lineup notable included US indy star Samoa Joe, but he ended up in Chicago Ridge, Illinois instead of Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. (Wrong turn at Albuquerque.)

Vampiro won Rey de Reyes by winning a four team trios match which didn’t actually make sense, and Intocable and Alan Stone battled for their identities in a match which didn’t actually end – Alan Stone knocked them both on a dive (or so the story says – Alan missed his dive and Intocable stayed out with him.)

CMLL held the La Copa Jr. tournament: It was a CMLL one night tournament – it didn’t have much in the way of worthwhile action, and it was pretty pointless. Dos Caras Jr. won, his biggest win of the year. The real draw on this show as the first big Mistico/Black Warrior match, with Mistico winning and challenging for a mask match. It looked like he might get it by June at this point.

WWE cut all the Juniors. They give up an idea that quick. Brazo de Plata appeared on TV about twice, and never before the crowd. The minis worked standard mini lucha style to start, and then were asked to do US mini spots – it wasn’t as good. US mini workers were involved, people were signed to developmental deals, and it never felt like someone completely thought it out. It was a work in progress being figured out in front of audiences, and when they couldn’t find a quick and easy solution, they gave up.

All involved claimed visa problems and flight costs and hoped they’d be back soon.

foreshadowing: Ultimo Dragon brought in fellow former ex-WWEers Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo (misspelled Prombol) to work a Toryumon show, and CMLL had them work the Friday and Sunday shows around it. Stamboli and Palumbo – as the FBI – were booked as novelty guys here, but got over well enough for this to be repeated around future Toryumon Mexico shows, and eventually to get another ex-WWEer a permanent spot.

erroneous signs: Brazo de Oro announces he’ll retire on October 5th. He’s still wrestling – he’s booked for a card on the 20th. Never listen to retirement announcements! I’ll learn someday.

Olimpico credited his new 20 pounds of muscle to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and working out. Apparently, these were different fruits and vegetables than he was eating before his neck injury.
A Canadian media outlet did a story on Dark Angel; this would seem to happen ever few months
Halloween returned to the ring in Tijuana, though he was still months away from a full recovery
– Chris Hero (who wears a Superman shirt) wrestled Batman in Mexico. This amused me far more than it should.