01/13 AAA TV Results, 01/25 AAA TV lineup

Sure enough, the AAA results are up on their site right when I’ve given up on them for the day.

AAA TV (SAT) 01/13 Plaza de Toros El Pinal Results
1) Nemesis AAA, Pegasso, Super Fly, Terry 2000 b Ángel Mortal, Gallego, Mr. Cóndor, Police Man
2) Gran Apache, Mini Abismo Negro, Rossy Moreno b Billy Boy, Fabi Apache, Mascarita Sagrada
3) Alan, Decnnis b Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis II [AAA TAG, torneo]
4) Escoria, Espiritu b Alan Stone, Zumbido [AAA TAG, torneo]
5) Alberije, El Elegido, Oriental DQ Abismo Negro, Antifaz del Norte, Histeria
6) Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico DQ Intocable, La Parka Jr., Octagón

The account of the main event says La Parka Jr. got suspended for a month of TV for fouling Cibernetico, which doesn’t sound quite right. Especially since the Vipers were DQed for excessive violence, busted Elegido open, and gave the Black Hammer to referee Hijo de Tirantes (sending him to the hospital), and none of them got suspended. They’re pushing the idea that Cibernetico is purposely making La Parka Jr. go crazy so he can have all of AAA to himself, and I don’t know where that’s going.

It reads like Juvi accidently hit his partner leading to their tag loss. You know, if they do the rumored Mexican Powers break, there’s the problem of Juvi still teaming with Psicosis in this tournament till June. Maybe Extreme Tiger can take his place? Maybe Nicho for a double Psicosis tag team!

They’re spelling the AULL Lightweight Champion’s name “Ferry 2000”. Typos are killer.

In addition to the already posted 01/20 lineups (look down a few posts), AAA’s listed the taping after that.

AAA TV (FRI) 01/25 Gimnasio Agustin Millian Lineup
1) Terry 2000, Pegasso, Super Fly vs Sepulturero, Policeman, Toxico
2) Mini Abismo Negro, Jerrito Estrada, Mini Charly Manson vs Mascarita Sagrada, Octagoncito, Mascartia Divina
3) Pimpinela Escarlata & May Flowers vs Joe Lider & Crazy Boy vs Alan & Decnnis vs ??? & ?? [AAA TAG]
4) Alebrije, Elegido, Laredo Kid, Oriental vs Abismo Negro, Histeria, Antifaz, ?
5) Cibernetico, Chessman, Charly Manson vs Cuervo, Scoria, Ozz

How the heck can you can a mystery tag team in this tournament this far along? All I can figure is they’re replacing a team (or they have no idea what they’re doing, sure.)

6 2 Crazy Boy & Joe Lider *
6 2 Cuervo & Ozz
6 2 Super Fly & Rey Cometa/Pegasso *
3 1 Alebrije & El Brazo
3 2 Alan Stone & Zumbido
3 2 Espiritu & Scoria *
3 2 Mascara Divina & Oriental
3 2 Charly Manson & Pirata Morgan
3 2 Alliens, Gran Apache *
3 2 El Angel, Laredo Kid
3 2 Alan & Decnis *
0 1 Chris Stone & Hator *
0 1 Antifaz & Histeria
0 1 El Elegido & Intocable
0 2 May Flowers, Pimpinela Escarlata *
0 2 Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis II

As requested, an updated tag tournament block is listed here, for comedy’s sake.

6 thoughts to “01/13 AAA TV Results, 01/25 AAA TV lineup”

  1. Terry 2000 and Sepulturero, in Toluca… again… maybe they’re local heroes and related to the arena owner?


    Chessman working tecnico style against guys who can actually take his stuff!

    Pegasso back on regular TV is making me very happy.

    The tag tournament is all sorts of awesome and will only get better when they announced the next 8 teams participating.

  3. Well, I was reading through the results again and had the tournament deduced to these groups:




    Then I read the next lineup and threw my hands up in the air.

  4. That mystery team could end up being Mr. Niebla & Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

    They are rumored to be showing up again in AAA so we’ll see.

  5. Mr. Niebla was announced officially on a radio ad for the show but I can’t see Rayo being on an AAA event and working that low.

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