00/03/17 Atlantis vs Villano III [mask]
01/03/30 Perro Sr. vs Universo 2000 [hair]
02/03/22 Torneo Cibernetico, GdI vs LF [CMLL TRIOS]
03/03/21 Pierroth b Gran Markus Jr. [hair]
04/03/19 Perro Jr. & Terrible b Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 [hair]
05/03/18 Perro Jr. & Perro Sr. b Cien Caras & Máscara Año 2000 [hair]
06/03/17 Perro Jr. vs Universo 2000 [hair]

So the 16th a tiny bit earlier than they usually run these shows, but surely close enough that they might

I think WWE’s going to suffer. They’ve got higher prices, and they’d already lost some of the novelty last time thru. WWE seems to be running house shows lineups with nothing mattering, while CMLL will have a big match (likely involving Perro Aguayo Jr!)