01/07: Accion

CMLL.com is under the impression that Averno accepted a challenge for a mask match, and not a title match. They would know, but we’re probably still a ways from having it.

Mictlan is listed as working next Sunday, so…[throws up hands].

Accion highlights

CMLL: Mistico vs Averno. All the usual spots, plus Avenro got to work his tope con giro in. They gave these clips a lot of time, and there were a lot of highlights to show.

AAA: The Relevos AAA atomicos match which led off GdT, but that they didn’t actually show. I guess they showed it this week? (Well, obviously, or it wouldn’t be here.) This set of clips got a lot of time too – I guess Accion was running short this week. Seemed like as good as these things are. Gran Apache ends up shoving Billy Boy into Fabi Apache, and Fabi goes flying to the floor. That never helps a relationship. Also, they lose.