01/06-07 Lucha Times

Recaps from elsewhere:
Victor’s AAA 12/30 recap
– No Lucha Cruncher this week?

As noted last week, CMLL on FSE is on hiatus for a couple of weeks. It on the schedule as returning on 01/21 at the usual time. At least that’s the case in the US – is in scheduled in Mexico?

GALAUS: the Guerra de Titanes show airs, complete with Cibernetico/Muerte Ciberntica coffin match. You know, not that it’s meaningful since it’s taken me six weeks to make this connection, but isn’t it weird that the promotion that’s honoring the memory of the recently deceased Antonio Pena is doing coffin matches? I think he’d be fine with it.

CAN52: Not quite sure what they’ll show here, since theoretically, they’ve got access to everything now. I’m assuming it basically stays with the same pattern – Mexico segunda (women’s match – which give me an opening for something to talk about) and Coliseo main event – which would mean NO FABIAN.

AAA in Mexico should be onto the final part of the year in review, but maybe not because we still don’t have a next taping announced. CMLL should be showing matches from the 01/05/07 taping; Averno/Volador may be forever MIA, but you’ll get a new Averno/Mistico match. Hooray for Averno.

5 thoughts to “01/06-07 Lucha Times”

  1. I think AAA announced at least 3 tapings for January, the last being in Toluca. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be FOUR YinR shows…

    With only 5 matches (and most being bland), it doesn’t look like much to crunch… I’ll be finishing it by midnight, and depending on how it comes out, I might post it on the Various Lucha Comments topic… :)

  2. Hey Cubs, something I’ve just noticed is that when browsing the older months… the order is inverted, that is, the first of the month is on top and the last day on the bottom… was this intended or is there some kind of option to toggle that and I missed?

  3. At least someone will be updating the Various Lucha Comments.:) I could make a quick post about how disapointed the first 3 AAA shows in October were(4th, 12th and 14th) but I’m too lazy and happy b/c the 16th(Leon) show was awesome.

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