AAA Mini Line - 12/16/06 
Recapped: 01/17-18/06

They're thrilled to have Dr. Alfonso Morales dropping by for a few shows. This was part of the exchange program that brought Arturo to CMLL for a few shows. Besides the announcers, he's greeted by La Parka Jr., Antifaz, and Nemesis. An odd trio.

Interview: El Apache talks about his grandson. I don't follow it at all because I'm watching out of order.

Match 1: El Apache (c), Mini Charly Manson, Polvo de Estrellas, Rossy Moreno vs Billy Boy (c), Fabi Apache, Mascarita Divina, Pimpinela Escarlata
Plaza de Toros de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 11/18/06

Winner: Rudos (Apache pins Billy)
Match Time: 10:00
Notes: The Divina mask looks impossible to breath thru. I would imagine that's not actually the case, but still. Billy Boy and Fabi Apache come out come out with their kid - Marvin, though saying Billy Boy Jr. is much funner. El Hijo de Fabi Apache is the way Gran Apache's looking at it - he still doesn't think it's Billy's son. I'm guessing Gran Apache's theory is based on disbelief that Billy Boy is capable of reproducing, but I just may be making things up. Ref is Pepe Casas. Marvin watches from the crowd.

Billy Boy and Gran Apache start out with a good sequence. Gran Apache is an aware and smart wrestler. Like always, the rudo has to stand outside and kill a few seconds while waiting for the tecnico to get their on a dive. Most of the rudos just stare blankly at the tecnico, seeing them coming all the way and not bothering to move, making themselves look really dumb. Apache just turns his head and argues with a fan for a second, then turns back in time to catch the dive. It's a little thing but it's a great thing. We miss a good chuck of the Rossy/Fabi exchange watching a replay of the dive. Both Pimpinela and Polvo have ridiculous looking outfits even by their standards. Pimpi has a sparkly wig, which Polvo pulls off with in seconds. Pimpi misses the corner on the first try of a walk the ropes spot. Polvo wastes no time kissing Alfonso Morales. Divina and Manson look good in parts, but desperately need to start working with other people, because it's totally turning into a dance at this point, and not a good one. The women come back in, and Fabi ends up with a fujiwara armbar on Rossy. Mini Charly puts a Indian Deathlock on her (once he figures out what he's supposed to be doing with the legs), Divina puts a a standing octopus on Charly - and Polvo just kicks it all apart. I thought they were going to try all eight. That must've occurred as some point. Pimpi kissed Gran Apache in the midst of that. They do mixed matches ups for a while - highlight is Divina somehow managing to fireman's carry Rossy, despite being so significantly outsized by the woman, I don't feel rude pointing it out. Billy hasn't been in since his dive - almost like there's something up, but Gran Apache comes into break Divina's pin, so he's surely in next. Apache hits the top rope somersault senton on Divina, and Billy breaks up that pin with a kick. Is this the end game? Billy gets a near fall with a powerbomb, but that's broken up so I guess not. Polvo get a near fall off a flying sit, and then takes a Pimpi dive - Pimpi just slingshot somersaulted over the top rope, so it was good Polvo was standing right next to the ring. Divina gets to his dive next, a double jump plancha onto Mini Charly. Fabi planchas a bunch of people, and we're back to the men. Billy Boy gets a 'rana for zero, and then they're both stuttered for a second. Billy gives a Stunner, slams Grab, and takes the long way around to start climbing the corner, facing out. Gran Apache easily plucks him off the ropes, crucifix powerbomb, one two three. Billy Boy is still a loser. I always had that feeling.

Apache stomps Billy Boy, Fabi's in to pull him away, he won't go away - and he slaps his daughter! Gran Apache can't believe he did - can't believe SHE made him do that, I'm sure. Fabi got knocked the heck down. Gran Apache is out - and he grabs Marvin. He teases bringing him into the ring, but he takes off with Rossy and his (freaked out) grandchild. Now he's waiting? He hands off the kid to Rossy, because Fabi is finally up - so Gran Apache shoves her down again. Rossy and Gran Apache run to a car, and take off before Billy and Fabi can catch up with them. They freak out. Billy Boy sounds very sick of Gran Apache, but in a blaming Fabi for having a father sort of way. If I was Fabi, I'd blame Billy for being a loser.

Vignette: Dark Family. This is an atomicos match, where's Chessman, Jesus asks. The Mexican Powers suck, the Dark Family explains. All three choice to totally ignore the question.

Match 2: Chessman Escoria (c), Cuervo, Espiritu, Ozz vs Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis II (c)
Plaza de Toros de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 11/18/06

Winner: Mexican Powers
Match Time: 8:58
Other Match Notes: No entrances, but Chessman has made it out of the match. And he found a Cibernetico sign, which the rest of his team doesn't like. Despite all of this, Chessman is still the captain. Also, it's outdoors and they're raining, so this is going to go well. PSICOSIS IS THE CAPTAIN? Apparently he cut some promo (we see this in the pre-match graphics), and I wonder if that explained it. I was just thinking he'd be the least likely captain of this bunch. 

Cibernetico shows up at the entrance, and 4 fans assault him with hugs. I think the rain is starting to drive people goofy. Security decides maybe they should man the aisle to stop this sort of thing. Cibernetico is wearing a HB shirt. Crowd chants for Cibernetico, and then Cibernetico asks the crowd to chant for him. Cibernetico says he's friends with Chessman, but he's coming back to kill the rest of the Sect. Cibernetico and Chessman decide to bail. So Escoria comes out to take his place. Why wasn't he in this match to start with? 

It looks like it's stopped raining, or at least calmed down, but everything's still soaked and people have footing issues. It's all a rudo brawl to start with, and the focus is on Crazy Boy getting beat up on the outside. They don't do much on the inside of the ring, which really could use a mop. Other ring side places are being mopped in the background, and the TV monitors (and TV announcers) are all covered, but there's really not much they can do about the ring mat in the middle of the match. Throwing a char at someone for a short distance away is still the most deviating thing ever. They do the same hardcore spots as always. It loses my attention. The comeback spot is both horribly telegraphed and insanely over choreographed, but that's par for this matchup. Mexican Powers have five part combos on every team up move they do. After some dives, Juvi (with no shirt on for no reason) and Psi are back to back in the ring, about to be hit with chair shots, and they're supposed to duck out of the way so the chairs hit each other. Psicosis does so. Juvi's completely forgotten about it, so Ozz and Escoria have to stop swinging the chairs so they don't accidentally hit Juvi. Spectacular! Somehow, the Dark Family get submissions, but Chessman returns to spit mist at Ozz and chair Escoria. The Mexican Powers get pins, Copetes wakes up from whatever stupor he was in (where was he?), and that's it. 

Noti AAA:  
- AAA guys were on a talk show. The host try to put a party hat on Chessman. You don't put a party hat on Chessman and live to tell about it! La Parka Jr. where jeans with fashionably cut holes into them, thus proving every thought I had about him correct.
- Cibernetico's sure made a habit of showing up for Sect matches. The downside is he keeps having to watch the Mexican Powers. He'll be back soon.
- An interview, Cibernetico expands on the concept of wanting Muerte dead. One on One, if at all possible.
- AAA was in the parade

Interview: Histeria and Abismo Negro. Abismo in a tie is great. I think they had some issue with the Air Force here, talking about the AAA Tag Team tournament, which Abismo Negro isn't actually even in since he was missing and Pirata took his place. Maybe he's talking for Antifaz here, that'd make sense. 

Match 3: Antifaz, Histeria vs El Angel, Laredo Kid in a AAA Tag Tournament First Round match
Plaza de Toros de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 11/18/06

Winner: Tecnicos (Angel 'rana Antifaz)
Match Time: 12:10
Other Match Notes: We join this one with everyone in the ring and fighting before the bell. Total rudo beatdown to start, with the Vipers even going for a pin after a double top rope headbutt on Laredo Kid, only for Angle to break it up. Later, Antifaz has Angel pinned after a top rope splash, but pulls him up. That spot might make sense if it was Laredo Kid in there, since that's the one they'd been killing lately, but still, eh. Double low blow legdrop is almost, but not, called a foul. Laredo reverses a double suplex into a double DDT, which doesn't look good - maybe that's why no pop? Crowd just doesn't seem to be into the match. It's not raining any more and the ring is (mostly) cleaned up, but they don't react to anything till Angel and Histeria brawl near the crowd. (So Laredo and Antifaz head out immediately as well.) Vipers keep getting into argues with Tirantes, but that's just because they're rudos,, I guess. This is a longer match than I thought it'd be. Some fan gets into an argument with Histeria, which distracts the Vipers for a while. They tease going into the crowd after the fans, but no. That does get the crowd awake. (Not me, I'm sleepy.) Laredo Kid just got into his double spin tornillo, so we must be close. Antifaz gets in his tope con hilo, and Angel topes it off with a top rope plancha. Everyone back in for a finish. Antifaz powerbombs Angel, one two and he's complaining about the count before Angel has even kicked out. Powerbomb of course doesn't work the second try, Angel 'rana, Tirantes fast counts one two three. Let's move on. 

Interview: Intocable talks about the tag team tournament. I know like 1/10th of what he's saying, but so does he - he keeps pausing, thinking, talking. Maybe it's just a bad day.   

Match 4: Alan Stone, Zumbido vs El Elegido, Intocable in a AAA Tag Tournament First Round match
Plaza de Toros de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 11/18/06

Winner: Guapos
Match Time: 10:15
Other Match Notes: Why is it funny to see Zumbido and Morales fist pound? Because it totally is. Copetes is the ref. Alan's white outfit is spectacularly gay. That's the idea. Elegido has either quickly grown dreadlocks or has some really unconvincing hair extensions. Intocable doesn't have his back up dancers. What he needs is backup security - he gets hugged. There's this girl in the front row the camera keeps going to, because she's got the Hell Brothers logo painted on her cleavage. Every time someone theoretically hot comes out, they go to her for a reaction shot. It's a bit old 100 minutes in. 

I thought they'd keep Alan and Intocable away from each other and build to the them touching, but they're matched up almost right away, with a long mat section. Raining again, though not hard yet. Alan and Elegido switch to goofy spots, with Alan doing his Perro Aguayo Jr. impersonation. CMLL people need to rip off Alan's superkick; he's got one here much better than the one I see Volador use twice every match. Elegido does the lamest springboard reversal armdrag ever, but the crowd that loves him still loves him. Whoa, when we actually get an upward looking camera angle, the rain looks really bad, and you can see the ring having changed to a dark shade of blue as it soaks up al the water. Intocable and Zumbido try to do a normal sequence, but they're obviously having footing problems, and this isn't the crew for that sort of thing. They look really bad when Alan comes in, but it's hard to blame them in the situation. They need to take this home. Alan and Intocable struggle, then there's long Intocable waistlock bit, which seems in retrospect to be Intocable and Alan going to the finish but Zumbido not knowing yet. Once Zumbido figures out (after 6 seconds of the waistlock and no struggle), Zumbido slingshots in the ring, giving Intocable a sunset flip, who throws Alan with a German Suplex. Alan slides on the suplex (and wet mat) from one side of the ring almost out the other, but Zumbido still holds onto the pin for the - oh, no, that's actually 2. Alan is right back up showing no ill effects as all four wrestle. All four guys are too strong for the other to knock down with clotheslines, they get a little lost again, and we end up with Zumbido low blow kicking Elegido (Copetes looking right at it, then realizing he needs to look elsewhere) and Alan reversing a rollup and grabbing the ropes for a pin. That's the match.     

If this was dry normal conditions, it would've been noteworthy bad, but the rain clearly threw them here. The guy in the crowd doing the Zumbido dance is noteworthy for sure. He's not just doing it, he's feeling it. The rain does things to people. Someone finally stops playing Zumbido's music and starts playing Alan Stone's music, so Arturo can sing, but he's too busy talking over replays.

Match 5: Scorpio Jr. vs Brazo de Plata
Plaza de Toros de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 11/18/06

Winner: Scorpio Jr.
Match Time: 7:53
Other Match Notes: Chris Stone is out with Scorpio Jr. so he can be paid for this taping. Hey, there's Piero. I wondered why he didn't ref the last match, but that's because the screwjob is happening here, I see. Well I didn't really want to watch this match to begin with. Brazo de Plata Jr. is of course with his dad. It looks to be still raining, though maybe less, and they may have given up on drying the mat. 

Scorpio smashes the hand mirror over Porky once again (or maybe for the first time? should really stop watching it out of order!) to start him bleeding, and then starts stabbing the forehead to make it more so. I don't know why he has to hide this from Piero. Scorpio uses the broken handle on Porky's wound, and then sticks it in his trunks to conceal it. That's unsanitary on five hundred different levels. And then he passes it off to Chris, who sticks it in his trunks! I'm totally grossed out now. Vets work this as a slow brawling match with Piero interfering any time Porky might have an advantage, and Plata Jr. taking more bumps on the outside than Porky is actually taking inside, though that's not really much. Porky comes back and lands the apron plancha onto just Scorpio, who just kinda lets it happen rather than catch it. Plata Jr. smashed a chair over Chris' head when no one was paying attention - good they got the replay. Porky runs wild in the ring, getting all three Guapos with the Bronco Buster. Chris and Scorpio are bleeding now, and Porky bites at it. Now we see a replay of Plata Jr. doing a plancha onto Chris - live cameras completely missed it, even though the vets were laying out for it. Alan Stone is out, and as Scorpio Jr. tries to suplex Porky, Alan dropkicks Porky, which causes him to fall on Scorpio. That was dumb. Alan forearms and stomps Porky to break up the pin. Intocable is out. HE pulls Alan out and actually throws halfway decent punches for once. They're wild and out of control, but that only helps. Intocable chases Alan to the back. Meanwhile, Scorpio fouls Porky as he climbs the ropes, tosses him off, and pins him for three. I like how Piero, the evil referee, makes a fair count. Plata Jr. realizes what happened about a half minute too late. I don't want to start trouble or nothing, but I don't think Maximo would've gotten out smarted by Chris Stone. Alan and Zumbido come back out to celebrate with Scorpio, who's pretty blood and gross. Where's Intocable? Scorpio talks trash. 

Interview: Konnan. Konnan makes Jesus point out that Konnan wins all the time. 

Match 6: Gronda II, La Parka Jr. (c), Octagon vs Prime Time, Head Hunter I, Konnan (c)
Plaza de Toros de Irapuato, Guanajuato, 11/18/06

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 15:28
Other Match Notes: Elix Skipper has the most generic sounding music ever - is it has actual TNA music or something? Konnan's in a smile-y mood for a guy with a noticeable big limp. Like he did in the pre-match promo, Konnan tells the fans that the AAA goofballs suck and he's bringing in real wrestlers from Mexico. He also refers to Arturo as "the father of many." Tirantes and Pepe Casas are the refs 

Rudos jump the tecnicos. Comeback at 6:30 when Head Hunter misses a second rope splash on Parka. Konnan just walk away form the ring while the other two rudos take their bumps. Standard AAA main event. Gronda's the same size as Elix, and Elix is a short guy. That's something. He and Head Hunter takes the bumps on the tecnico run, of course. While Gronda brawls on the outside, Konnan comes in, fouls Parka Jr., yanks his mask, and then stands there because Octagon's late. Octagon steals the mask back and gives it to Parka, so Konnan fouls him too. Tirantes watches all of it and let it go, and counts three. Wasn't Tirantes against the rudos earlier in the show? Eh.

Octagon cuts a promo.

Recap of the events of the show - or at least the first half.