AAA Mini Line - 12/10/06
Recapped: 12/11/06, 01/02/07

Video Package: recap of the Apaches feud.

Match 1: Rossy Moreno, Tiffany vs Estrellita, Fabi Apache
Plaza de Toros Pepeillo Martinez, Salamanca, 10/22/06

Winner: Rossy Moreno & Tiffany
Match Time: 7:41
Notes: Back and forth early on, though each side has control for significant lengths. Fabi uses a rolling cross armbreaker, which I've never seen before. Tiffany is grabbing her shoulder after, and the match ends up grinding to a halt when Fabi throws Rossy out into the front row and there's no one into come and face here. I think they try popping her shoulder back in, and it won't go - that's no fun.  Guess I won't be seeing that move again. Rossy and Estrellita eventually figure out they might as well do some spots to distract from the Tiffany's situation (though the camera seems more interested in Tiffany anyway.) Tecnicas double team and break up Rossy's pins, which draws Hijo de Tirantes ire. He shoves Estrellita for her actions, and Estrellita slaps him. It's tough to follow, because we're watching them try to yank Tiffany's shoulder back into place. Somehow, things have escalated to Estrellita doing a spinning headscissors on Estrellita. Estrellita then tries to cover Rossy - she can't be shocked not to get a three count. Back and forth between Tiffany and the match makes it hard to follow either, if I haven't said that enough. Rossy's brought in a char, and she gets a shot on Fabi, but later misses and gets a shot on Rossy. Fabi gets the chair just in time for Hijo de Tirantes to turn around, and that's a DQ. I can't decide if this was great damage control for something go off the rails, or horrible AAA randomness. Tiffany's helped to the back and looks like she really needed the help. 

Break replays break

Video Package: Are the Barrio Boys rudos? Probably not this week.    

Match 2: Barba Roja, Drake, Pirata Morgan Jr. (c) vs Alan, Billy Boy (c), Decnnis
Plaza de Toros Pepeillo Martinez, Salamanca, 10/22/06

Winner: Pirates (Jr. pins Billy)
Match Time: 14:17
Notes: The pirates give me a headache- I had trying to keep track of identical looking guys. Crowd is miced very loud here. Your ref is Pep Casas The Barrio Boys are looking a bit old to be called Boys at this point. The pirates attack early and dominate for four minutes. They've got teamwork spots, but nothing big. Barrio Boys take over to do their own teamwork spots, including using the skateboard. They've got a long stretch of tecnico showcase sequences, culminating with Billy Boy nearly taking himself out on a tope. He ended up crashing more into the barricade than he does the pirate. The other four all do spots, with the Barrio Boys getting submissions on, only for the pirate who was dived on - Pirata Jr. - to come in and break it up. They send everyone else out and beat up Billy Boy. Crowd cheers like there's a run in coming, but nope. Instead, they end up with a triple submission on Billy, only for the Barrio Boys to break it up. Barrio and Jr. end up out again, and the others get bodyscissors armdrags. Dive time - one boosted into a tornillo, another with a tope rope plancha, and we're back to the captains in. Pirata Jr. reverses a Billy Boy try into an electric chair suplex, starts to cover, stops, and starts discussing things with Billy Boy. You hate to see that happen. Apparently they figure out what the next spot is supposed to be Jr. going off the ropes, trying a 'rana, and Billy Boy reverses into a powerbomb. Two count. Pirata Jr. - who seems to be not good here - and Billy Boy battle on the ropes, with Billy Boy pushing Pirata off just in time for Pirata Morgan Sr. to show up and crotch Billy Boy on the ropes as well. Since he got crotched by someone not in the match, it hurts more than what just happened to Jr. (trust me!) and Jr. pins him for three. Poor Alan had to stand, point, and crawl very very slowly in the ring because one of the Pirates forget to hold him back. Some Women, earlier shown in the crowd, comes in to check on Billy Boy. One security holds her from getting further in the ring but makes no progress. It seems like it may just be a random fan, but she gets loose and slaps Pirata Sr., who shoves her down. The Barrio Boys try to protect her and get attacked again. Maybe she's with one of the non-Billy Boys? She's covering up Billy Boy from more, and she's not Fabi Apache, so I've got no idea. Pirates seem to low blow all of the Barrio Boys., pose, and then Pirata gets some more kicks in. The women seem to be checking all of the Barrios, so I don't know. The pirates have given up attacking her, but keep dragging her away when she tries to cover people up - Pepe Casas yells at HER, which actually makes sense. What's she doing here? Who is she? Will this ever be mentioned again? (Nah.)

Noti AAA
- Tiffany hurt her shoulder in the opener.
- LANCE HOYT. All capital letters indicate excitement.
- Now playing the part of Antonio Pena, Joaquin Roldan ("Director General AAA")
- Cibernetico got a new motorcycle AND we can hear his thoughts. He's coming back soon.

Recap of last week's tag team tournament matches.

Match 3: Chris Stone, Hator vs Mascara Divina, Oriental in a AAA World Tag Team Tournament 1st Round Match  
Plaza de Toros Pepeillo Martinez, Salamanca, 10/22/06

Winner: Mascara Divina & Oriental
Match Time: 5:57
Other Match Notes: Hator's music is annoyingly familiar. You don't want to know. Oriental wears his Mixed Tag Team title to the ring, as if to say "hey, I already have a tag team title I don't do anything with - why not give me another?" Your ref is Piero. 

Match is in progress when we return from a break. Chris tone taking a drop toe hold into Hator's groin is perhaps the funniest thing the announcers have ever seen. Oriental tries a corner headstand, can't get it, and just tries it again - thankfully, the next spot is Chris countering it, or I would've hated Oriental forever. And a day. Beatdown from there. Rudos seem to be walking thru this. They're in no hurry, and the crowd is making noise, but not really reacting to the spots. Hator goes for a top rope move and spends ten seconds trying to get his balance. The crowd gets on him, so I hope he was just trying to milk it. He connects on the elbow drop anyway (Chris was holding down Divina and punched him while he was stalling, so it worked out as good as could be expected.) Hator covers, and pulls Divina out at two - can't have anyone kicking out of a Hator finisher. There's a clip here, taking out their sequence with Oriental, and then Divina sidesteps the corner charge to get the comeback. There's a sequence in here where Oriental dropkicks Chris in the head, starts to sit up, stops, looks at Chris, stands up, stands around a bit, and then starts to pose a bit. That's about the level of intensity we're working with here. I'd be much more excited with the equivalent for from CMLL, because there might be a chance of something exciting happened. Here, there's plenty of standing around waiting for people to do stuff - I mean, the tecnicos think they're so crafty, doing two dive fakeouts to set up a Oriental boosted backflip over the top rope into a dive, but that also means Hator and Chris Stone have to stand in place for ten seconds, selling nothing, doing nothing. And then Piero trips up Divina on a dive. (He's a Guapo ref), but since Divina is going to end up doing the dive anyway, that's another ten seconds the guys on the outside have to stand around and do nothing for. Not good. Everyone almost gets counted out, and then everyone comes in so tecnicos can get double finishes - so fast, we're watching dive replays instead of the setup (if there was any.) 

Match 4: Espiritu, Scoria vs Crazy Boy, Joe Lider in a AAA World Tag Team Tournament 1st Round Match  
Plaza de Toros Pepeillo Martinez, Salamanca, 10/22/06

Winner: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider
Match Time: 15:17
Other Match Notes: I ain't even going to try for this one. I don't know why it took this long, but I finally feel confident that I can tell Scoria and Cuervo apart when required to. To be fair, this match was better, because it seems like the participants did care. They cared about being like a billion times way more choreographed than they needed to be, but you must expect that from these guys. It's not a secret at this point. The crowd seems happy to be here, but not actually into the action. These guys get a lot more time, it seems - it's 7 minutes in before they get to the beatdown (including chairshots that aren't for a DQ.) Joe Lider needs to learn how to get his hands up - he actually had them up, but not in a way that'd actually protect him. Confounding. Crazy Boy comes back with chair shots of his own. The one thing I appreciate is that if they're going to do numerous chairshots which mean nothing, they're not doing hard or especially unsafe ones. Joe Lider gets in a low blow to start up a twelve move combo for the Mexican Powers, and I don't know what Hijo de Tirantes is supposed to be looking at there. The combo itself just kinda peters out with out a climax. It's amusing for them to be doing many high tech moves and get no particular reaction for any of them. Long "do a big move, get the pin broken" sequence. Espiritu takes a cradle piledriver and is up five seconds later - this is that sort of match.  At 13:30 (1), Cibernetico's music plays, and the crowd actually wakes up when Cibernetico walks out. We miss the Sect getting distracted by this, but the Mexican powers recover so Crazy Boy can hit the Crazy Fly and Joe Lider can - blow his move. That's his move! Where was Cibernetico like 10 minutes ago?

Cibernetico promises the the apocalypse. I do like Koreano better than these guys, but I don't think that's what he meant.

This is AAA: do you think they they replayed Joe Lider's finisher? I think you know that. I think he was going for El Generico's top turnbuckle brainbuster, and either slipped or just did it in a way that didn't look impressive from the angle we saw it (though probably hurt as much as always.) There's some Fourth Wall-ish about a luchador stealing from El Generico (though obvious that it'd be the Mexican Powers. )

Match 5: Antifaz, Charly Manson, Histeria, Pirata Morgan vs Angel, Elegido, Laredo Kid, Zorro
Plaza de Toros Pepeillo Martinez, Salamanca, 10/22/06

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 16:45
Other Match Notes: Why is Antifaz coming out to Snopp Dogg? That is wrong. Pirata is here because Abismo is MIA at this moment. He's got a scary teeth mask for no reason. The girls are a bit nuts for Elegido. There's a chant for him: "EL EGI DO [shriek]". I dunno. Vipers attack before the bell. Chair, check. Elegido gets his trunks pulled, check. Charly has HB painted on his back - I hope that's paint. Always weird to see them actually foreshadowing things. Crowd actually in to chanting for Zorro, not that it gets him anywhere. He does turn it around a bit latter, starting the comeback at 7 in with chair shots for all the rudos. Though they square off, anything Zorro had going with Charly seems to be dropped here - which makes sense if they've already got the Hell Brothers bit planned - but they position Zorro as the biggest deal here. Women go nuts when Elegido waves at the crowd. Or maybe it's for Pirata? No, Pirata is nice enough to check for my benefit. Antifaz gets the joy of tossing Laredo Kid around, and his trunks get pulled down too. Gala is blurring that now. There's a couple of sides of the ring with wet puddles (they're outside, though someone still probably might've dried them or something), and it's weird to see them diving that way. Angel does a 450 plancha to the outside - and literally to the outside, because Histeria doesn't catch him. That's all on Histeria not being in position. Zorro sends Charly out, starts for a dive, and gets cut off with a Pirata chair shot. Pirata boinks himself in the head with a chair when trying for Elegido, Elegido rolls him up, and gets the - one. Hijo de Tirantes gets bumped, because while they can do the chair shot right in front of him, they have to use a distraction to do the low blow. I'm sure it makes sense to them. With no Abismo and knowing Charly's not going to be around long with this group, I'm surprised they didn't put the tecnicos over.

Arturo and Zorro have a staring contest. Does Arturo have control over the mask now? That'd be fun - Zorro randomly breaking out into song and such.

Match 6: Alan Stone, Scorpio Jr. (c), Zumbido vs Intocable, La Parka Jr., Super Porky (c)
Plaza de Toros Pepeillo Martinez, Salamanca, 10/22/06

Winner: Guapos by DQ
Match Time: 9:20
Other Match Notes: Why does Intocable have male backup dancers? La Parka Jr. gets jumped by two girls on the entranceway, and security has a hard time extracting him. Usual AAA main event. Porky gets busted open early. Zumbido slips climbing the ropes for an armbar, looks at the fans angrily, gets all the way up, and then Parka crotches him - and that starts the comeback. That's good. Hator and Chris Stone are out at 7:00 to help their partners. No one calls for a DQ. Piero and Pepe Casas are the refs, by the way. Oriental and Elegido run out to even the odds. I think Scorpio Jr. gets bloody here. Alan accidentally decks Pepe Casas and Piero cheats to help Alan, but Intocable rallies back anyway. Alan is actually pinning Piero at one point, but there's luckily no ref there to count (and it's a setup for the accidental senton). Intocable has some trouble but eventually gets an abdominal stretch on, and Pepe call it - but Piero stops it, and awards it as a DQ to the Guapos. Well, that was pointless

That's it.