AAA Mini Line - 05/27/06
Recapped: 06/21/06

They've got the four sided ring for this show.

Interview: Mascarita Sagrada AAA - they really need to cut out the beeps on each graphic, that's so dumb. We're joined by Prince Star, who has a guitar! An electric one, it looks like, which makes walking around on the street with it quite odd. But then, you're Mini Prince, you can't really add to the oddness unless you try. 

Match 1: Jerrito Estrada, Mini Chessman vs Prince Star, Mascarita Sagrada AAA
Gimnasio Agustin Millan, Toluca, EdM, 01/19/06

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 21:05
Notes: No entrances, but in-ring introductions. This is randomly a three falls match.

Match seemed clipped at parts. This was weirdly laid out - first fall turned into a beatdown, second ends with a comeback, then they get the beatdown again so Sagrada can do the big comeback. Referee made a super fast count on Prince Star in the third, which served no point since he lost to the same move earlier and was sure to lose to it again. He was slow counting the tecnicos, but he was still counting for them, which is dumb. Sagrada's finish looked bad - he landed on his feet before doing the splash, basically. Sagrada had to be attended to by medics after the match. He was alright, and then he wasn't. He was breathing hard, but it wasn't obvious why. Last week's match was better.

Vignette: Picudo uses his Kiss Army power to make his teammates appear. And then, Brandon just walks up, ruining the bit.

Match 2: Decniss, Alan, Billy Boy (c) vs Silver Cat, Nygma, Picudo (c)
Gimnasio Agustin Millan, Toluca, EdM, 01/19/06

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 14:00
Notes: Barrio Boys have signs that basically translate to "Fabi [heart] Billy, Billy [heart] Fabi" in many many more words. Why was Brandon in the last bit if he's not in this match? The girls really cheer when Billy's name is announced. This one is one fall.

I'm guessing this is the regular match. "You do a move to me, I go out, and someone replicas me to do a move to you" -> beatdown -> comeback -> goofiness. Billy sets up for a moonsault, and doesn't realize that Picudo's up and has been handed a flaming torch. He moonsaults into the fire Picudo blows (sorta) and that's it. Or at least is is when Tropicasas finally shows up to count. After a break, Vatos Locos rip up the signs and beat up the Barrio Boys some.

Mexican Middleweight Tournament recap package. If you're joining us late, here's what we got

Match 3: Psicosis II vs Histeria in a Mexican Middleweight Tournament Semifinal
Gimnasio Agustin Millan, Toluca, EdM, 01/19/06

Winner: Histeria (via backslide)
Match Time: 11:14
Other Match Notes: Psicosis and Histeria enter to the same - Vipers? - music. Tirantes is the ref. This is one fall.

This is a good match, BUT - Tirantes starts screwing with Psicosis for no obvious reason. He eventually turns on him complete and clotheslines him. Histeria has no more idea why this is happening than I, and then Psicosis grabs a chair and clocks both of them, busting Tirantes open. This is not a DQ. Wasn't this supposed to be a 'clean' tournament? Piero shows up to be Psicosis' bud. Tropicasas shows up to stop Piero from making the count, and we end up with Tirantes and Histeria doing topes. Histeria ends up hitting a moonsault on Psicosis, having him covered, and doing a backslide so he can handstand.

Noti AAA
- Latin Lover is stripping in malls now! It's a hard life. No, this some Dancing With things. Ah, footage of him in a hospital - he landed wrong on his elbow while doing a tope in a stage show. That's why you don't - do whatever that is.
- La Parka Jr. gets a soccer jersey
- Super Calo and JJ talk about REVENGE. They're joined by Gerardo de la Borbolla. 
- Tiffany talks about defending her Reina de Reinas title.
- Everyone appluads in Texano's memory. They really could've used a picture of him here.

Vignette: Intocable cuts a promo with, a fake looking video screen off in the distance - or is that supposed to be an insert? I don't know. 

Match 4: Pimpinela Escralata, Intocable, La Parka II (c) vs Cassandro, Charly Manson, Chessman (c)
Gimnasio Agustin Millan, Toluca, EdM, 01/19/06

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 15:04
Other Match Notes: Rudos jump the tecnicos at the end of entrances. Cassandro's outfit - sparkly pasties over a mesh top - is quite something. It goes back and froth from there. 

The finish was Chessman trying a low blow, La Parka closing his legs to trap his arm (except he did it a bit late), and pulling Chessman into a cibernetico. Chessman and Charly were good, and Cassandro was killing himself at various points. I wasn't very interested in about 2/3rds of these guys coming in, but it was better than I figured.

Vignette: Cibernetico thinks deeply in his cult hideaway. This is shot so oddly. The Dark Family appear to allow Cibernetico people to rant about. Vampiro is in Cibernetico's head, but not literally - at least not in this bit. And then all the sudden, Cibernetico knows the camera is there! Huh.

Match 5: Cibernetico vs Abismo Negro in a cage match
Gimnasio Agustin Millan, Toluca, EdM, 01/19/06

Winner: Cibernetico (escape)
Match Time: 12:18
Other Match Notes: Cibernetico brings in a hair, and they start with some horrible slow motion chair evasion spots. Cibernetico gets busted open about 3 minutes in. Abismo lands a frog splash six minutes in, and cue the run ins. Dark family is out first, and Abismo holds them off for a while, but not forever. They go after his mask. La Parka Jr. tries to make the save, but he's kept out for a minute. He finally comes in, but just goes after Cibernetico. Charly Manson runs out. Chessman is behind him, but they both just beat Abismo and let Cibernetico battle Parka II for the most. They do finally help him out. Abismo's been tied in the ropes. I think the announcers have mentioned Espiritu, but I don't see him. Psicosis II is out - to help who? I think the announcers wonder this as well. Sect is unaware - he's cutting Absimo free while they're working on Park. Psicosis then bails as the Sect figures it out - but they still can just bat up Abismo, so nice plan there. Abismo's mask falls off here, but he recovers enough to put it back on. He may be bleeding; we haven't got a good shot of him in some time. They've tied Parka and Abismo to the bottom rope now. Cibernetico beats Abismo rather than leave. Intocable is out in a Sect shirt. Cibernetico is happy with this development. Charly and Chessman seem surprise, but congratulate Cibernetico on his work and go back to beating up Abismo. Of course, Intocable promptly turns on Cibernetico. Still 1 on 6, but the Sect decides to leave as Intocable rips off his shirt. Well, that does win Cibernetico the match.

Abismo gets carried out. Show runs short - about 7 minutes, even with a lot of post cage time killing and a music video.