AAA - 04/08/06 

This is two hour a end of year recap episode. The announcers, Pena, La Parka Jr., Octagon, Triple A, Chessman and someone else eat as a framing device. Chessman doesn't seem to say a word for the first two segments, and whoever's sitting next to stays just off camera. (It's not till 100 minutes in do we pan far enough to see that it's Psicosis II.)

Match 1: Cuervo vs Zumbido vs Picudo vs Incognito vs Antifaz vs Oriental

  1. Incognito and Cuervo survive
  2. Picudo and Antifaz survive
  3. Oriental German suplex Zumbido (1:00)

Loser: Zumbido
Match Time: 5:16
Notes: What's great is there was one guy I couldn't remember who it was without looking up the lineup - or waiting for them to finally get to it - and of course it's Incognito. That's the gimmick! They do later also call him "Mistico de Ciudad Juarez." The odd thing about this setup is they've got a six sided ring and a few feet away, they have a four sided ring with the cage already up. This starts with everyone in but moves to tags. 

I didn't see this one the first time, and I ended up taking notes anyway because the rules were oh so strange. I had figured it was just one fall to a finish, and then it started being the speediest elimination match ever. Once they got down to Incognito and Cuervo, they just stopped, and everyone reset with them leaving. I guess the rules are that the last two left standing are freed from the match, until you're down to just two, and the match resets with the losers.

As we pick up, Hator wanders out, trying to low blow Monterrey rival (at that time) Hator, but accidentally low blowing Zumbido instead. Hator comes in and wrestles with Antifaz (slow motion at one point), and then Zumbido whips them both out with a tope con giro. There's a clip, and Oriental is adding his own dive on Hator. Picudo comes in with his torch while Hijo de Tirantes is busy with something else, of course, and blows fire in Orientals face when he dives at him. Picudo puts on foot on Oriental with the torch still flaming and Hijo counts! Why do the ref distraction if it doesn't mean anything? Hator throws a bottle (or something) at Antifaz and that gets him down for all of three seconds before he comes back and wins with no problem.   

Oriental and Zumbido really don't get much going before it's over, clean.

They clip ahead to the cage of death match - Mascarita Sagrada 2000, Octagoncito, La Parkita, Zumbido, Mini Psicosis, Rocky Marvin, Jerrito Estrada - which seems clipped and is a cage of death match so I don't care. As discomforting as it so see Zumbido destroy the minis (even though they all gang up on him), I'm just happy this didn't happen to be a cage match of women.  (7:03) Also, Piero loses the match. You may not have noticed his name on that list. The camera man who's been standing on the corner post for both these matches.

Psicosis II CO Histeria for the National Middleweight Championship - if this commission forced the title to be thrown out because this match was so non-title match, I must abide by their decision and fast forward. This seems edited anyway. Third fall is all AAA goofiness, including a long stroll to the outside and Psicosis hanging Histeria by his feet with a carefully placed snare trap. (first fall ~1:10 shown, second fall ~1:00, third fall ~7:00, including between falls)

Chessman finally actually speaks during this framing segment. Though I don't slow down to listen.

08.26: Latin Lover, Shocker, Vampiro b Abismo Negro, Cibernetico, Psicosis II (5:00) This is from the For Women Only show. Highlight might be Psicosis II trying a sexy dance. Much smaller building than usual; I think I originally thought this was from the Central American tour, because it doesn't seem like building they'd ever run in Mexico. Abismo 'accidentally' pulls down Latin's tights on a sunset flip spot. They do a low blow and ref bump for absolutely no reason - Latin gets the same pin seconds later. There does seem to be the odd guy there. They clip ahead to Latin and Poncho de Nigris doing a very pelvic dance for a person brought in from the ground.

Noti AAA of 3005
- many surprises this year like the debut of Zumbido
- AAA went to Central America.
- The commission stripped Psicosis of the National Middleweight Title for that match we just saw. (He really shouldn't have done that dance.) They play the old CMLL music over this segment for whatever reason. Tournament for a new champion. 
- Latin Lover got too big for this junk
- Sangre Chicana beat Pirata Morgan for his hair
- Eddie Guerrero died. They use pictures off RAW Deal cards and other random stuff off Google to show him. They have no old footage, I guess.
- Intocable returned to the ring

Everyone laughs at Chessman to set up clips of

09/18: Chessman Loses to Latin Lover, Shocker, Cibernetico in an electric cage of death match - I think Chessman said he'd win in a rematch. Before they show the match, they recap Latin being rushed to the building right from winning the dance show. I think that's the dance partner who comes in the cage with Latin and gets thrown down for a moment. This seems clipped up too. We get Mosco de Merced AAA showing up to make threading motions but do not much for a while. Latin Lover gets his trunks down while climb the cage, and the girls scream. Cibernetico escapes just before 4:00 and fights with Mosco. Ciber returns with a table, which he and Chessman wedge thru the cage. Shocker escapes at around 5:30, which turns on the electricity somehow. They wait till they get to a safe distance to sell it. Chessman pulls Latin's trunks again. Abismo Negro out to do nothing as Ciber and Shocker fight on the outside. Latin smartly just slow blows Chessman and looks to leave, but now he thinks the cage may be electric again. So he - throws the table on top of chessman. Right. Latin tries to leave, Abismo stops him at the top of the cage with the hairspray can of fire.. Meanwhile, Mosco's taking a hedge clipper to the circuit breaker; somehow, he doesn't die, but he does de-electrify the cage. And the lights. Well, not really, they just flip and off. Abismo tries to help with his can, and trying to light Latin on fire. Lights are back on now. Mosco, bleeding form the fight with Ciber, I guess, comes back out again but just watches for the time being. Now he's come in. Now he's going out. That did distract Chessman. Now Mosco comes back to grab something and leaves. That was pointless - it wasn't the belt, it was one of the hairspray cans. So chessman just uses the belt, and Abismo uses his can from outside. Chessman tries to lave, but Latin stops him and Mosco blows red mist in his face - knocking him thru the table that was set up for no reason. Latin escapes. (10:15) Chessman gets his hair cut. 

11/07: La Parka Jr., Octagón, Zorro vs Abismo Negro, Charly Manson, Cibernetico. Seemed to be clipped, but it could just be. Electroshock's not even in this match, and he ends up getting busted open seriously. Cibernetico wins with a low blow and I wonder why we even saw this one. (8:50)

12/10: Sangre Chicana vs Shocker (3rd fall only), hair match - yea, they're both bleeding. I understand them only showing the end of this one, because they've surely just shown it on TV. Shocker almost get a pin with his feet on the ropes, but his dad breaks it up. Sangre gets a visual victory over Shocker with a seated abdominal stretch (why) but Zumbido and Alan makes the save before the ref arrives. They finish off Sangre and put Shocker on top (2:47 shown)  I guess Sangre's the tecnico here, but whatever. We've been getting clips of JJ, Super Calo, and an entourage outside or something and walking this way, but it's actually Zorro who makes the save. Intocable helps out too. Charly Manson attacks Zorro, of course. Electroshock attacks Charly Manson, of course. Thinks settle down in time for Sangre to get his hair cut, and JJ to finally show up. Shocker's ready to fight him, but after all that, security keeps them apart. And then Super Calo keeps them apart. And then Super Calo kicks Shocker to get guitar back. Shocker finally gets his hands on JJ and it ain't no contest. Gerado is here too, I guess. JJ sucks up to the crowd. Shocker starts to respond, but he gets hammered by the guitar. JJ wings him with it, instead of breaking it over his head. That probably made it hurt more. Calo has to help him bring a guitar. Guapos end up triple powerbombing one guy from the group in revenge.

Time to eat. Yea for it being over.