01/21 Congress Theater Lineup

FMLL (SUN) 01/21 Congress Theater Lineup
4) Lucifer, Aguila del America, Guerrero del Futuro vs SWAT Kat, Rayo Lazzer, El Dorado
5) Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Mil Mascaras vs Canek, el Cobarde

Also listed as appearances: Lupillo, Lancer 2000, Gringo Loco, Coco Negro, Coco Verde, Mascara de Jade, Angel de la Muerte, Sulieta Azul

I have a perverse desire to see that main event, though I’m not sure I could actually pay for it and look myself in the mirror in the morning. Also, that’s the day of the AFC/NFC Conference Championships, so if the Bears actually win a playoff game, no one’s showing up here.

3 thoughts to “01/21 Congress Theater Lineup”

  1. Well remember that Dr Wagner and La Parka had a match at the Congress the same day the Sox were in the world series[game 2] and the theater was packed!!!!Now I doubt that these four guys can attract the same size crowd as Parka and Wags,however I do think that many Mexicans would rather see a live lucha show than American football.I think there is a good possiblity of a decent crowd showing up.

  2. That’s true, but I think the Bears might actually draw more away, and more so they’d still be better off if they didn’t choose a day that conflicts with another big event.

    No one’s said how much they’re charging for tickets, and that’s probably going to affect things with the date.

  3. Depending on ticket prices, that seems like the type of show I’d go to watch the undercard and just take off after getting pictures of the main eventers.

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