11/25: Arena Mexico, Tijuana, GdR

Haven’t seen results for Arena Mexico yet, but Super Luchas says next week’s hair match is off. I figure that means no PPV as well, but that’s not confirmed.

Mano Negra was the loser of the 12 man hair/mask tournament, ultimately losing his hair to El Hijo del Santo. (Mr_Alzahreb @ Satanico’s Manson)

Guerreros del Ring is airing:
11/17 Mexico: Fabian el Gitano, Leono, Texano Jr. vs Arkangel, Loco Max, Sangre Azteca
11/19 Coliseo: Mistico, Ultimo Dragon, Volador Jr. vs Black Warrior, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero
Unmasked: Rey Bucanero

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  1. I should’ve done a clip of the chairshot by Universo on Corleone… according to Ocampo, they had troubles backstage (after the spot, I believe) and maybe they have not fixed them, since it looks as if Corleone shooted on Universo, sorry Turbo match, I’ll get that Corleone thing capped instead!!

  2. Next week’s main event is now Shocker/Caras Jr./Bucanero vs. Perrito/Corleone/Aguila. The semi-main is Wagner/Universo/Volador Jr. vs. Suzuki/Averno/Mephisto.

    How very odd/random. So are they shifting things over to a Perros/Shocker and Bucanero feud?

  3. Don’t worry, that match is about to start right now, while the CMLL show did not start at 13:00 as said in the boards…

  4. Turbo no showed… it was the whiter Azteca… pushed the Violento vs Misterio feud… well, it was Turbo Man here!! Sorta…

  5. You know, if it really did turn into a semi-shoot last night, I don’t think they are going to air the main event today. They’re gonna try and make everyone forget it ever existed and we’ll see two other matches from Arena Mexico instead.

    I can’t blame CMLL for not wanting to put the two guys together in the ring in a big stip match and at the same time have to worry about someone shooting on the other. It does seem weird though since I thought PPV’s had to be worked out weeks in advance and couldn’t be cancelled at the last second without a huge money loss?

  6. I guess I was wrong. Usual CMLL TV show airing. Virus/Hooligan opener, no mini’s.

    During the intro in the background there was a perfect shot of two awesome spots from the opener last night – one from Valiente and one from Danger.

  7. I really liked the Coliseo opener but it could be so much better if they would just clean up two things that happen in EVERY match:

    1 – As they are about to start the rudo beatdown, perhaps they could come up with an interesting way to get into it instead of the usual ‘one rudo jumps into the ring and slaps every tecnico’. 1 on 3 shouldn’t work and they do this is EVERY Coliseo opener.

    2 – When the two captains are left in the ring(as always), they shouldn’t ALWAYS go straight to the finish. Do a minute or so of nearfalls.

    Seems like minor stuff but it would prevent the matches from being so repetitive. I liked the first fall today a lot though… more matwork than usual.

  8. Didn’t see it… yet… the AULL main event was incredibly long! I’m thinking 30+ minutes, the crowd was half and half, supporting Guerreros and Bucanero sort of turned rudo… or something…

    They’re saying the hair match is for Dec 15 now, I guess they haven’t noticed that Dec 1 is the Mistico vs Hijo del Diablo match.

  9. I’d rather be watching the AULL main event with Gronda than this absolutely horribly predictable semi-main. Heavy Metal is easily the worst wrestler on the CMLL roster right now.

  10. It’s really hard to believe the two guys really don’t like each other when Universo is willing to do a plancha on Jindrak who goes out of his way to make the catch and tap him on the back to make sure he’s alright.

  11. It’s 7:30… do you know where your CMLL is on FSE?

    At the risk of being called sexist, its annoying enough when CMLL is delayed because of soccer… its worse when its delayed because of women’s soccer…

    To quote Homer Simpson, girls should stick to womens sports… like foxy boxing and hot oil wrestling…

    but seriously… hopefully the show will air complete and not in a heavily edited form (the soccer game is only at the 60 minute mark)… would love to catch the first fall of Averno-Koslov, then have the show end… :)

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