11/23: No Circus Break?, FCW

The annual circus break is – non existent this year! Ovaciones says, outside of a couple Coliseo show adjustments for Christmas and New Years, CMLL’s schedule will not be interrupted this year. CMLL runs Arena Mexico every Friday in December. The circus is running a reduced schedule, with only six shows (and I guess none that conflict with CMLL), but this is still quite strange. Has this ever happened before?

FCW (SAT) 11/18 Anahem Arena Results [socaluncensored]
1) Phoenix Star & Zork b Enigma de Oro & Kayam and Young Buck I & Young Buck II and Black Metal & Scott Snot
2) Supreme & Pogo the Clowb b Sexy Sunny Samson & ANgel
3) Lil Cholo b Diablo and Luke
4) Mascara Sagrada & Octagoncito b Pierrothito & Pirata Morgan
5) Super Parka & Blue Demon b Chilango & Durango Kid [torneo, qf]
6) Cynaide & Angel Blanco Jr. b Aaron Aguilera & Rey Misterio Sr. [torneo, qf]
7) El Santo & Canek b Blue Panther & Silver Tiger [torneo, qf]
8) Ultimo Guerrero & LA Park b Atlantis & ? [torneo, qf]
9) Super Parka & Blue Demon b Cyanide & Angel Blanco Jr. [torneo, sf]
10) Santo & Canek b LA Park & Dr. Wagner Jr. [torneo, sf]
11) Santo & Canek b Super Parka & Blue Demon [torneo, final]

Attendance was guessed at 1500-2000 in a near 6000 seat building. They announced 02/24 and 02/25 shows at the LA Sports Arena.

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  1. No winter break is a disappointment for me, I was actually thinking that CMLL was calling it quits after Dec 1 show. Something I had not noticed for such show, is that on the same day, Mistico is going to be in TJ in a mask match so:

    1- He’ll not be helping to draw in Arena Mexico and…

    2- The Arena Mexico’s match won’t get coverage from the magazines.

    Doesn’t look too good for CMLL… I wonder if they’ll be able to have bigger draws than 6000 in the winter run… maybe Coliseo was the place to go.

    As far as I remember, the first couple of months for Arena Mexico were off, sometimes returning until the spring season. Actually, in 1998, they were in the middle of the Boriquas saga, well, it turned out to be the epilogue of the Boriquas saga, which had not worked that well, they ran a CMLL trios championship tourney which was some kind of an afterthought, because the ‘big guys’ like Dinamita, Boriquas, Santo/Negro, Rayo and his tapatios buddies were not on it. Laguneros won beating Scorpio Jr/Zumbido/Bestia Salvaje and then they’re headed for a 2 month run at Arena Coliseo… for whatever reason, Coliseo was PACKED beyond belief, so CMLL went directly back to Arena Mexico in 3 weeks or so, and the shows were still packed, so they relaunched the Boriquas vs Dinamitas storyline, and the rest… is history.

    Besides Wagner being very popular at that time, my guess is that all of the sudden, the AAA strong run with Rey del Martinete and Huicho Dominguez produced a so called lucha boom, which helped CMLL to get people in the buildings, since 98 was a pretty stalled year for them.

  2. In recent history there have been no shows at Arena Mexico from:

    1998 = 12/18/98 – 2/19/99
    1999 = 12/10/98 – 2/11/00
    2000 = No break, ran right through the winter in front of horrible crowds post-Perro vs Cien in a hair match on 12/15. The big push was for Emilio’s official heel turn.
    2001 = 12/18/01 – 1/25/02
    2002 = 12/13/02 – 2/7/03
    2003 = 12/12/03 – 1/23/04
    2004 = 12/17/04 – 1/21/05
    2005 = 12/16/05 – 1/20/06

    The disapointing thing about all this is the winter season(or month as it has become) is the time when Coliseo usually sells out and it’s OKAY to push younger guys as the Coliseo fans are more accepting since they know the stars are taking their time off. If they stick to Arena Mexico, there will be pressure to use big names in big matches. In the 2000 no-break year they had Santo in during January.

    I would think if they aren’t taking a break this year, we should be seeing the Perros splitting up soon b/c the logical winter feud would be Familia vs Perros since CMLL loves killing their own business.:) I can already see the 1/5/97 main event of Nicho/Damian/Halloween vs Garza/Terrible/Aguila. WOW!

    AAA updated the results today and after mentioning who won their matches on the Cuernavaca tapings, they make note that “only 8 teams remain in the tag team tournament”.:/

    Also it looks like Guerra de Titanes now has some sort of 4 way hair match with Porky, Intocable, Alan Stone and Scorpio Jr. which has an obvious outcome if it’s a relevos suicidas match but if it’s just a 4 way elimination match, perhaps they could build up Intocable and Alan by having one of them win Porky or Scorpio’s hair.

  3. February 5, 2005
    News for you


    In fact, business has been so good, this was the second best January in the history of arena Mexico, lagging only behind 1999 as the best.


    It is interesting to see that 99 January was better than 2005, even if ’99 was done in Coliseo.

    Maybe it is the Circus who doesn’t care about Arena Mexico anymore, they’ll just be there for the 6 days, and then they’ll move to a different location within the metropolitan area, fans are not willing to travel up there anymore…

    In other AAA news, Manson is out of Vipers and joins Chessman to form a new group with Cibernetico called ‘Hellbrothers’…

  4. AAA wanted the Galavision slot more and talked Galavision into giving them three hours. CMLL, sadly, could care less.

    In one of the latest Observers, there was a mention of CMLL talking to Galavision about getting back on, GALA thinking about it, belatedly realizing FSE and CAN52 (whom they consider as competitors) was now airing CMLL stuff, and decided that was reason enough not to consider putting CMLL back on.

    Seeing as CAN52 is airing 3 hours of CMLL in the US on weekends already, I wonder if they’d be interested into taking the Galavision show. Because of rights restrictions, they air a lot of WWE stuff in Mexico but can’t air on the US feed because someone’s already got the rights to it here – if they (CMLL and CAN52) really wanted to, I’m sure they could do the opposite and only show the main CMLL show in the US, to not conflict with Televisa’s airing. This is all a What If, though, and there’s been no talk of this happening.

    However, if you add that slim possibly with the real situation of Televisa and Galavision US (as part of Univision) having a falling out, I figure, next time a new CMLL main TV show is available US, there’s a better than 50/50 chance it won’t air on Galavision.

    And there’s a 99.9% chance it won’t be airing any time soon.

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