CMLL (MON) 11/20 Arena Mexico Results
1) Super Muenco, Super Pinocho, Super Raton b Hombre Sin Nombre, Loco Max, Sangre Azteca
2) Virus CO Mascara Purpura
3) Dos Caras Jr., Mascara Sagrada, Shocker b Blue Demon Jr., Hector Garza, LA Park
4) Blue Panther, Canek, Super Parka b Negro Navarro, Signo, Texano Jr.
5) Villano III, Villano IV, Villano V b Damian 666, Halloween, Mr. Aguila
6) Pierroth, Ultimo Guerrero, Universo 2000 b Electroshock, Satanico, Silver King

I’ve read three reports
– Ovaciones, which says the show was super and drew 10,000
– poster Cesar on Box Y Lucha, who did not like the wrestling at all and found the show far poorly executed than usual
– poster Alvin on El Martiente, who was somewhere in the middle (but definitely on the thumbs up side.)

I don’t know why I didn’t notice this earlier, but it’s funny that in Electroshock’s big return to Arena Mexico, he’s teaming with Silver King and facing Ultimo Guerrero. Last time in Arena Mexico, as part of his one month stint, he was in a trios match teaming with Bronco (Silver King) and facing the Guerreros (including Ultimo), Electro looked bad, the crowd turned on the tecnicos about halfway in the match and there was a rumor the Guerreros had sabotaged Electro’s debut on purpose. This time, Electro got booed just for being there and the crowd never let up on him – if he’s going to be around (and he probably shouldn’t be), they’re going to have to turn him rudo immediately.

At least Electro was there. Groon was MIA. After the second match, they had representatives of each match come out and draw a number to determine the order for the rest of the show (which leads into another issue I’ll get to in a moment.) By incredible luck, Groon’s match happened to be moved to the main event. Combine that with the previously unannounced Virus/Mascara Purpura match (which was said not to be good), and Cesar’s mentioning of long breaks between matches, and it seems like they were stalling for Groon to get to the building. He never did, so either he couldn’t get from wherever else he was working that day in time, or perhaps he was holding CMLL up for more money (it’d fit his rep), but I can’t think missing a CMLL Arena Mexico main event is going to be good for your career. (Of course, they still employ Lizmark Jr., so who really knows.)

In connection with the order drawing, CMLL hyped up that they’d award a trofeo to the best winning trio in the top four matches, and they’d decide the best by bringing them all into the ring at the end of the show, and letting the fans cheer for who they want. Apparently, none of the wrestlers were listening or cared, because everyone else had left by the time was the main event was over. The officials handed the trofeo to the rudos and got out of there. Whoever was in charge of running the show did not have a good night.

Sounds like Mascara Sagrada and Canek were the worst guys on the show, though people weren’t high on the Villanos, El Signo and others on the show, including Satanico in the main event. Blue Panther and Negro Navarro did a lot mat sequence in the first fall, which Ovaciones thought was the greatest thing ever, but Cesar thought was quite bad. Super Parka wore his mask for the whole match, which is something they’ve had people do on legends shows, but never in Arena Mexico before.

Mr. Aguila tried Halloween’s ring announcing spot for the Perros and apparently didn’t learn enough English during his WWE stint – that’s the one thing I want to see from this show.

The 10,000 attendance number is probably not too far off – Monday was a holiday, so they drew a big crowd and may have made some money for the Teleton. I don’t believe this was successful enough to change future plans, but I do believe they’d opt to do it again next year rather than do a show with AAA.