11/18: Arena Mexico, Ovaciones, GdR

CMLL (FRI) 11/17 Arena Mexico Results [hugo999, el alburero, ova]
1) Bam Bam, Fantasy, Shockercito b Mini Damian 666, Mini Halloween, Mr. Aguilita
2) Fabian el Gitano, Leono, Texano Jr. b Arkangel, Loco Max, Sangre Azteca
3) Olimpico, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero b Blue Panther, La Mascara, Volador Jr.
4) Kenzo Suzuki, LA Park, Marco Corelone DQ Dos Caras Jr., Rey Bucanero, Shocker
5) Mistico, Negro Casas b Averno, Mephisto [CMLL TAG]

Mini Damian got hurt in his match, but the injury of the night was Marco Corelone. As he went for his Superman running dive over the top rope, Shocker (or Universo – reports differ, and I don’t know how you can differ on that) cranked him with a chair as he was flying into the ring. Corelone got busted open good, and was taken to the hospital. They’re doing a hair/hair match off this, but who? I still don’t know.

Main event was short-short-long, with both tecnicos hitting their trademark moves to win it.

Ovaciones also has a story about Veneno losing his mask. I can’t figure out the timing behind that.

Guerreros del Ring is airing the scheduled matches

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  1. Cards up: and f*ck!! Arena mex tercera looks awesome yet again and it probably won’t air! :(

    Hopefully Volador gets the Sunday Coliseo 1V1 match on the back of tomorrows main, although i doubt it. With Ultimo Guerrero already being on the card, and it being unlikely they’ll put Dragon in a singles main, I think it might be Mistico/Warrior again…

    And what is it with that piece of shit Fabian El Gitano being all over CMLL cards this past month??!

    About he only positive is Sangre and Sagrado being elevated to Sunday Coliseo semi…

  2. CMLL Aired

    2) Starman, Tony Rivera, Virus b Hooligan, Mr. Mexico, Ramstein (Coliseo)
    4) Kenzo Suzuki, LA Park, Marco Corelone DQ Dos Caras Jr., Rey Bucanero, Shocker
    5) Mistico, Negro Casas b Averno, Mephisto [CMLL TAG]

    Only 3 matches and it was good that the Arena Mexico’s semi was a 2-0 since they had to clip the main event…

    To show that the CMLL bookers are brilliant, they had Universo 2000 not booked there because ‘he resented of his injury’ caused by the tombstone!! So when Jindark was taking aim to do his spot, Universo ran in and I think he blew the chairshot and made Corleone juice the hard way!!

    They set up the December 1 main event there, but it doesn’t sound that good.

    Main event was different from the previous title match, I think they downplayed Averno and Mephisto to avoid the problem of looking as if the tecnicos no way deserved the title.

  3. I wouldn’t be shocked if the match they headline with next week is Volador Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero as the rumors I heard were they were going to be programmed together this winter at Arena Coliseo so this may be a test match to see how well it would draw.

    (I just noticed Ultimo is in the trios match but it wouldn’t be too hard to move him up and stick HOOLIGAN in his spot.)

    Everything is so boring next week. The main event at Arena Mexico is a revancha, the opener is the same match they ran two months ago(the promotion is usually really good about not booking the undercarders in the exact same matches), and the segunda/tercera both seem like matches we’ve seen before except I looked it up and we haven’t. It’s just a matter of replacing one name or two names and then you have repeated matches. Very disapointing.

    The semi-main at Arena Mexico might only be interesting if the rumors of Nicho returning are true and it could lead to the Familia De TJ being reformed and feuding with Los Perros. Because remember how well FdT drew last time they were on top? (sarcasm)

    Good thing they found room for Ogun in the lineups! Wouldn’t want to leave him out and actually draw some fans by adding Mistico.

  4. It’s not exactly the same match in the main event, although I think Universo should get suspended for using the chair or the comission will lose all of their credibility… o’right, they don’t have any by now…

    I got the feeling that CMLL is trying to book the same stuff than AAA but earlier, Tiffany and Estrellita were heading into a hair match, and then they had Lady Apache losing hers out of nowhere, and now that the Guerra de Titanes will have another Gringos vs Mexico match, they put Corleone and Kenzo there…

    They can still have another tombstone on Universo to take him out of the picture and make this a Shocker/Bucanero vs Foreigners deal… but they’re so bright that they might even give Shocker a megapush (even if he’s pretty awful) and have another handicap match.

  5. I’m wondering what happened to the Dos/Corelone feud. It’s not like the match quality would be different. Why aren’t they giving him a shot?

  6. I guess they figured that a hair/mask feud wouldn’t work, especially with a guy who was bald in the first place!!

    I think the money would be in a Liz vs Caras feud, or both of them vs Olimpico and Eclipse, but the later two can only look good when facing Wagner (and Blue Panther), so I think it might be in the back burner for now.

  7. Wow… CMLL topped anything we could think of and they’ve booked…

    BUCANERO VS KENZO next Sunday.

    Are they purposely trying to see how fast they can kill the crowds off?

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