11/17: AULL, Monterrey, notes

AULL (WED) 11/15 Arena Lopez Mateos Results
3) Super Muneco, Super Pinocho, Super Raton b Coco Blanco, Coco Rojo, Coco Verde
4) Ogun, Robin Maravilla, Ultimo Gladiador b Gran Markus Jr., Hijo de Gran Markus, Rey Krymen
5) Black Warrior, Blue Demon Jr., Mephisto vs Hijo de Lizmark, Maximo, Ultimo Dragon

indy (SUN) 11/19 Arena Coliseo Monterrey Lineup
1) La Furia, Viento Negro vs Payaso Loco I, Payaso Loco II
2) Burrito, Puma de Oro vs Borrico, Angel Negro
3) Galactico, La Calaca vs Androide, Rey Sagitario
4) Black Dragon, Dulce Poly vs Pancho Tequila & La Mistica [mask, hair]
5) Konnan Big vs Head Hunter II [FILL Heavy]

Ovaciones (on Wednesday) had an interview with Blue Demon Jr., talking about the 11/20 CMLL/indy show. He’s looking to get another run in CMLL, either late this year or early ’07. Notimex, picked up a few places, is running a story on the lineup for the 11/20 show, so it’s going to get more attention than a Coliseo show for sure.

Rey Bucanero will defend the CMLL LH title versus Kenzo Suzuki in Puebla on Monday. This is less interesting for a title change (which won’t happen), but as a trial run for a possible hair mask in the near future.

The Gladiatores has edition #20, with results from Tijuana, IWRG, and a Villalobos show.

4 thoughts to “11/17: AULL, Monterrey, notes”

  1. I wonder if we’ll get results from the 11/20 show? Remember they ran a tribute show for Roberto Rangel on October 18th(or somewhere around that date) at Arena Coliseo and we never saw results or photos?

  2. The Rangel show seemed to be CMLL wrestler produced, rather than by the office. This is totally office, so I’m sure they’ll be some mention of it somewhere. I’m surprised one of the magazines didn’t do a story on it.

  3. I think Head Hunter II is Head Hunter B, but you never know, they could pull a switch. They’ll probably gimmick the match up quite a bit to try and make it not suck – I’m juts happy not to watch it.

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