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I held off doing this for a day because it seems like FSE has been posting lineup in late in the week. No dice, and they’ve changed their website to ditch the PDF listings they used have. (Of course, in their list of programming, they skip lucha libre. Respect.)

AAA on GALA: First taping of the post-Pena era. The one where Intocable gets put out of action with a martiente.

CAN52: Coliseo’s lineup doesn’t look any good, so this is a good week to get the Arena Mexico segunda (or maybe even the minis match?) And probably OGUN.


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  1. I’ve been good at this lately so…

    Galavision: Women from Coliseo + two main Arena Mex matches. God forbid we air more than one match in the first hour.

    GdR: Ogun + Arena Mex segunda.

    FSE: Groon + … well… there really is no reason for the Coliseo tercera to air so I fully expect it to but I’d rather see the mini’s get some air time here.

  2. FSE GdR is airing:

    3) Emilio Charles Jr., Hombre sin Nombre, Pierroth b La Mascara, Satanico, Virus

    5) Atlantis, Eclipse, Ultimo Guerrero b Dos Caras Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Groon XXX

  3. The scary thought is that if they edited out the intros, ‘Ellos Usaron Mascaras” and the skits in both shows, they could air BOTH cards FSE 3, C52 3, and CMLL Televisa 4… and STILL will be probably less lucha content than AAA…

    Something odd happened in the first match, there was no commentary audio!! I thought maybe they were doing an experiment like (ABC?) in that football game… but apparently it was a problem in the network and might be fixed when it airs again. I guess I’ll keep that file to practise doing commentary on it!! We tried already and it’s a lot harder than what it looks at first…

  4. Google says NBC. WWE’s done the same goof up on their web version of Heat a few times – I totally prefer. Someone should always catch it up but I guess not.

    I agree with you on CMLL time vs AAA time – one week, when we’ve got ’em all timed, we should actually check that, but AAA’s got a metric ton of wasted time itself. It’s one of the parts I hate about watching it – if a one hour show fills, I can deal with it because it’s only one hour show and maybe it’s only 15 minutes I lose. But when it’s a three hour show with 2 hours or less of material, that wasted hour kills me every time.

    Commentary is HARD.

  5. I find AAA’s TV to be my most productive hours. I can get a snack between the first and second match… I can shower or make some calls between the second match and noti AAA. Then between the other matches I can catch up on e-mail or do anything around the house that needs to be done.

    CMLL shows would *have* to be less b/c they run a billion more replays than AAA. Like I said last week, they had the Coliseo opener as the ONLY THING AIRING in the first 54 minutes of the show and it was only a 9 minute match! If AAA goes 54 minutes only airing one match(like the Barrios this past week), at least it’s a near 15 minute match with a post-match angle taking place as well… not just commercials, intros and replays.

  6. I’m pretty sure I didn’t saw that NBC no-announcers game, I thought it was ABC because I recall seeing it and being nightime, and also remember that there was one game with a lady doing commentary… maybe when that game with the lady aired they mentioned the no commenatry game and I fabricated the memory?

    Well, who cares… anyway, I bet some guys are gonna say it’s better not to have commentators but I actually think if done right, it adds a lot to the enjoyment. Most video games feature it, even some old console 16 bit games had them!!

    AAA’s show have run as high as 2:40 of own content, of course, one has to substract intros, noti-aaa. I think that was one time that they started a few minutes earlier and then had an overrun. Galavision has really nothing to air on weekends besides soccer and lucha… and soccer only runs for 8 months per year…

    I don’t see a reason for both GdR airing the same segment of ‘Ellos usaron mascaras’. Even CMLL on Televisa edits out the coliseo intros, so they really waste enough time to air at least one extra match on each show.

    That show that had 5 matches and that included the minis… I think it had like 45-50 minutes of lucha!!

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