AAA Tag Team Tournament

If they’re really really doing a 1st round, Round Robin, tournament for new AAA Tag Team Titles, than the blocks should look something like this.

Ignore the dates for matches which haven’t happened.

One thought to “AAA Tag Team Tournament”

  1. The only reason I can’t see the round robin format happening is b/c you’d need *8* more tapings to get in all the round robin matches and right now it looks like with the TV backlog and Verano coming up, all TV episodes to the end of December are covered. Then you have a year in review show as usual. So the 8 tapings would have to start in January which means the tournament can’t possibly end till at least March at Rey De Reyes.

    I’d love to eat my words and see the round robin go through till its conclusion but this is the same promotion that did a Middleweight Title tournament with 8 guys and had to double book some of them on shows b/c of poor planning. Plus you have to factor in jumps/injuries/Konnan wanting TNA representatives added at some point…

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