Just before I forget about this for a year, I thought I should bring up the new nominees for next year, because there are quite a few lucha names on the new list.

– Gran Hamada: I’ve seen maybe 3 Gran Hamada matches in my life, and have no valid opinion
– Vampiro: probably won’t go in, probably in the middle of too much stuff right now to have a permanent opinion here
– Karloff Lagarde Jr.: I assume it’s Jr. (he just turned 35 last year), but Dave has it listed as “Karloff Lagrade”, and adding a guy who was a big star in the 60s to the list with no explanation is just weird.
– Universo 2000: I think there were be a vocal minority for Universo, but the general perception of him is so strongly negative, they’re kinda wasting their time.
– “Rey Mysterio”: again, I think this is Jr. If it is, it’s a no doubter for me (and Rey Sr. has a strong case as a trainer, I guess.)
– “Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero”: this is five years too soon for either guy, clearly. As singles and trending towards the future, Ultimo’s on an arc to make it and Rey’s not (but, again, it’s far too soon). As a team, I’d like to see Tarzan included as well (and I know I’m the only one), but it’s mostly meaningless since very few teams get in as teams. They’re not getting in and I’m not sure if I’d vote for them, but I worry that getting swept off the ballot quick will hurt them when they get back on the ballot more deservingly around 2011.

(Non-lucha names include the Dudley Boys, Satoshi Kojima, the Rock and Rob Van Dam. One name on that list is getting in for sure.)