09/10: Accion highlights, Gala

CMLL: Mistico vs Black Warrior. Shocking, I know. Warrior doing a dive, Mistico doing a dive, Warrior getting a fall over Mistico, Warrior dropkicking Mistico in the face, La Mistica, illustration of the lightning like pain.

AAA: Muerte Cibernetica vs La Parka Jr. (presumably for the GWPC World Monster X Championship) Slightly different style. You might find this hard to believe, but there seemed to be outside interference (from Chessman, who was playing is straight as far as we could see.). Muerte Cibernetico thought he had Parka pinned for three on a leg lock hold, Hijo de Tirantes agreed to disagree, and Muerte ended up clocking him with a chair. Pepe Casas came out to help and got knocked down. While Muerte went to work over Hijo de Tirantes some more, Pepe Casas awarded La Parka Jr. the match. Way to prioritize, Banderas.

Gala did air the scheduled episode.

4 thoughts to “09/10: Accion highlights, Gala”

  1. I’m kinda surprised Accion didn’t mention the Shocker jump. Mistico vs Warrior looked ok but i hate mistico so my opinion really doesn’t matter.

  2. FSE did air the Koslov match, I guess it aired twice in Mexico. But another clipped show, this time 50 minutes. It was the women’s match that got clipped.

  3. Accion did show the Shocker jump last week.

    Henrik is going to be SO upset when he finds out the women’s match is clipped.

  4. So Henrik can be pissed about the womens match being clipped and I can be pissed that they aired a match twice for no good reason!

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