Mistico and Black Warrior agree on mask match

Mistico beat Black Warrior to advance in the Leyenda de Plata tournament, and he will face Atlantis next week. After the match, both Warrior and Mistico agreed on a mask/mask match for 09/29 – hopefully CMLL makes this offical ASAP.

No big surprises on the show, though I think we have a women’s title match set up.

3 thoughts to “Mistico and Black Warrior agree on mask match”

  1. Thankfully we’ve now officially gotten to the point where CMLL cannot backtrack and book a replacement match since all the magazines are going to print tomorrow with the announcement on the covers.

    I’m tempted to already add it to Mistico and Warrior’s apuestas info.;) GO MISTICO GO! I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic match. I just want to see a clean finish as all the recent big stip matches have ended with low blows.

  2. Black Warrior is going to look so sleazy coming out to Sean Paul, with the kilt on and no mask!

    A frosted hair maskless Mistico would really really suck.

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