09/08: nothing

Super Parka and Mascara Sagrada were goofing around before the LA MLS game with the lucha matches. Mascara Sagrada eats well. (thanks to mikeinformer)

Can’t find much news. thegladiatores.com says they’ve updated with new AULL results and a lot of good stuff, but I can’t find anything but the cover (and last week’s articles.) El Halcon still seems to be a secret undisclosed updating schedule, but they did repost the Rock talking about how Santo rules and Hulk Hogan does not.

CMLL (FRI) 09/08 Arena Mexico
1) Sicodelico Jr., Trueno vs Apocalipsis, Ramstein
2) India Sioux, Lady Apache, Marcela vs Hiroka, Medusa, Rosa Negra
Got a feeling they’re setting up a title challenge here – but then, they’ve been doing that on every spot show for the last two months.
3) Blue Panther, La Mascara, Sagrado vs Averno, Eclipse, Mephisto
4) Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Dragon vs Atlantis, Kenzo Suzuki, Ultimo Guerrero
Atlantis ought to do something important if he’s going to main event next week.
5) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Negro Casas vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Aguila, Shocker
If Zumbido’s jumped, this is where he’d show up. I don’t think Shocker’s sticking as a Perro, and they may start that right here.
6) Mistico vs Black Warrior [LdP, final]
It’d be nice if this is a good match. This is the third time they’ve done this match here in 6 months.

“Lucha Libre: Life Behind The Mask” will be part of the Cinesol Film Festival in Brownsville, TX, on Sunday.

Super Crazy has supposedly been added to the WWE RAW Mexico tour. YAY for someone.

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  1. Mascara Sagrada looks worse than the last time i seen him in CMLL.he needs to go to the gym to lose some weight badly.its funny to hear the rock sayin Santo rules and hulk doesnt

  2. Man Mascara got fat.

    I’m still in shock that Crazy beat chris masters. Does this mean Psicosis is going to be at the raw mexico show?

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