07/30: Gala, Accion

Tim’s right; all those ads on Galavision mean no lucha libre there next week. Gala has a tripleheader of Mexican League Futbol schedueled, btu that’s not till much later in the evening, so I guess they’re just bumping lucha to reschedule other things. The 3 AM show is still listed (it’ll probably be a random replay) and Lucha de Vuleta is on (and will get one week closer?)

Video confirms Eclipse is Rey Tigre. I hope he’s gotten quite better quite fast, or this is so not going to work.


CMLL: Mistico’s return. Various highlights, with Mistico’s plancha on Perro higlhlighted and Rey and Negro’s double finish the finish.

AAA: La Parka, Gronda, Super Porky vs Abismo Negro, Shocker, Chessman from Hidalgo; Gronda looks tentavive running the ropes, and accidently knocks out hsi parnters. Estrellita got inovled to get revenge on Shocker, and Piero had no problem counting the prinfall on Gronda after the martinete. Gronda sold it big.

Ovaciones has previews of CMLL and IWRG’s Sunday cards.

Hirooki Goto is flying out of Japan to Mexico on 08/02, so I’d guess he’ll start up next week. (strong style spirit)

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  1. HaHa, i’m right. Have you seen the promo’s cubs? From the looks of it, it seems like this will last more than one week.

    After watching this past weekend’s lucha show and Accion show, i really want to see current CMLL. Well, starting from last week. Los Perro’s just look insane. I love crazy perro and bald Aguila. When garza and Halloween come back, it will be even better. I don’t want to see Cibernetico, Luzebel and Banderas not as the messiah for a while.

    Cubs, post a pic of Eclipse!!

  2. I agree with Tim, these shows seem permanent to me, they say nothing about it being temporary. The promos seem to indicate it’s a permanent change. But the 2 am show is still there.

    But at least GDR starts up on FSE in a week or two. Despite what Rob says I’m still looking forward to it.

  3. Even I have hope for the new show if they are showing stuff different from GdR. Not sure if this means undercard Coliseo stuff or GdR will only air one Coliseo match and one Arena Mexico match per week while the new shows air two of the top Coliseo matches. It’s an hour show, right?


  4. Reads the same way to me. Intersting, though since they already double air stuff with two shows, I suspect we won’t truly have three shows with completly new material.

  5. I’m really confused about this whole GdR thing. I thought I read that GdR is only going to air on FSEspanol and not air on Canal52 anymore. Is this true?

    Also, I’m really hoping that Gala still airs new AAA in the Saturday late night slot. I have been enjoying the AAA tv more than most people seem to be.

  6. After some further digging on tvguide.com, (and not sure how reliable that is)lucha is back on at 3pm the following saturday (8/12). Let’s hope this is the case.

  7. What I believe will happen

    – Televisa/Galavision will continue to air a 2 hour CMLL show, mainly of Arena Mexico matches
    – Can52 will continue airing a 1 hour show, mainly of Sunday Arena Coliseo matches. I’m sure this is not going away.
    – FSE will air either GdR, a one hour version of the Galavision show, or something completely different entirely.

    Week ahead listings for Galavision arne’t always trustworthy; they have a habit of just sending in the default lineup and then updating it when the day gets closer.

  8. I can see the show being the last hour of what airs on Mexico Galavision simply b/c why would they mention on their website about a new show that only Americans can see? If it were new footage, their Mexican fans would be pissed. Plus CMLL probably(maybe? doesn’t?) knows they are off Galavision U.S. so this would be the replacement show.

    Hoping for bonus Coliseo footage will just turn out to be a huge disapointment in the end so I’m going with the above until I see cubs update with: “they aired a Jeque match!”


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