Normal times all around.

Saturday: If you still believed in the Guapos, the atomicos title match with the Dark Family would be fun to see. Rudopolis’s recap said the opener, the title match and the main were entertaining if not great.

Sunday: Zorro vs Electroshock, once again. I don’t think I ever got back to the comment about why I didn’t like the finish here – on initial view, it looked like a missed move for a finish, and the replays made it look like a weak kick to the midsection. Zorro should’ve thought enough to do a rollup or something more for the finish, but there in lies the obvious problem with the concept of Zorro vs Electroshock in a purely technical match. There’s really no reason to do a twenty minute match based on the notion of it being totally clean, have a distraction directly lead to the finish, and present it as a clean technical match afterwards.

GdR: So, what do you do with a tournament? It would take precious time away from lead up interviews. I went with the usual, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Arena Mexico footage again.