CMLL #191

Aired in the US on October 5th, 2005; taped in Mexico May, 2005 (not longer after the dinosaurs roamed the earth.)

I missed this the first time it aired, saved a copy of the Vuelta airing, stuck it on my computer and forgot for quite a while. This is more so I can delete than anything, though the build to the Mistico/Perro singles match (which seems like ages ago) was pretty sweet.

We have a new queue

AAA Rey de Reyes Part 2

DVDs (Mexico tape date)
CMLL 01/06/06
CMLL 01/13/06
CMLL 01/20/06
CMLL 01/27/06
CMLL 02/04/06
CMLL 02/11/06
CMLL 02/18/06
CMLL 02/25/06
CMLL 03/03/03

computer video files
CMLL 07/01/06
AAA 07/02/06
CMLL 07/22/06
(might have more?)

I’d have to recap 6 hours a week (1 GdR + 2 CMLL + 3 AAA) just to keep pace. I dunno.

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  1. Good to see you going back to catch missed shows as it’ll be good for archival(?) purposes. I have a suggestion for more reviews if you have time but I’ll force you to read through my comments thread to find it.:)


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