07/02 news: AAA, Japan

No Accion tonight. Galavision doesn’t have first run rights to the World Cup games, but they’ve seemingly been able to reair them (which allowed me to catch OT+PK of England/Portugal yesterday) and the schedule has been a bit off because of it. I noticed LdV started early today (scheduled episode), and that might have been part of it.

AAA TV (FRI) 06/30 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla Results [Rob, box y lucha foro]
1) La Parkita, Mascarita Sagrada, Mini Path Finder ?? Jerrito Estrada, Mini Psicosis, Rocky Marvin
2) Billy Boy, Fabi Apache ?? Gran Apache, Tiffany [AAA MIXED, #1]
No word on either of these matches, and this one might have not happened.
3) La Fiera, Mocho Cota, Sangre Chicana b El Brazo, Espectro Jr., Pirata Morgan
Brazo and Pirata were stretchered.
4) Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera DQ Antifaz, Corazon de Barrio, Hator
Juvi was fouled. Extreme Tiger debuted, attacking Crazy Boy and Joe Lider.
5) ???, Intocable, Zorro b Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
Generic stripper type.
6) Brazo de Plata, La Parka Jr., Octagon b Asesor Cibernetico, Chessman, Konnan
Asesor is the new name for Ricky Banderas. Rudos were accompanied by Cibernetico. Pre-match, Konnan apparently introduced TNA’s Chris Hemme and Tracy Brooks as as foreign women more better than the Mexicans, and they may have been run off by Rossy Moreno and Tiffany. (No one’s quite sure.) Clean win for Porky over Konnan. Post match, Asesor and Cibernetico had a falling out, and Chessman seemed to going Ricky’s way.

The big news on CMLL’s schedule next week is part 1 of a 2 week undercard bit. This week, Sangre Azteca, Nitro, Mascara Purpura, Pantera, Volador Jr., Averno, Mephisto, La Mascara, Sagrado, Felino, Misterioso II and Neutron will be involved a cibernetico. Next week, the 12 guys will return for a cage match, with the loser losing his mask. (Have they done a 12 men cage match? That’s going to be quite crowded and chaotic. Even before they start doing stupid stuff of the top of the cage.)

This is an interesting situation, because there’s no Okumura obvious loser in the mix, and there’s no Santo obvious non-loser either. I’d think guys like Averno, Mephisto, Felino and La Mascara would be too important to lose their mask in some situation like this, but it’s not impossible that they could. My gut reaction is Nitro, but I think we’ll have a much better idea of what’s going after this week’s cibernetico.

Ovaciones points out Olimpico makes his return to the ring this week, wrestling on Tuesday Coliseo and Friday Mexico.

AAA tapings this month
07/07 Marcelino González, de Zacatecas; lineup already announced
07/15 Auditorio Municipal de Torreón, Coahuila;
07/23 Palenque de la Feria de Tulancingo, Hidalgo.

AAA has photos of it’s guys in Japan, as they start their NOAH tour.

AAA Results in NOAH:
07/01: Abismo Negro, Charly Manson, Psicosis II b Angel, Oriental, Taiji Ishimori
07/02: SUWA, Charly Manson, Psicosis II b Angel, Oriental, Taiji Ishimori
07/02: Abismo Negro b Atsushi Aoki

They’re working 07/03, 07/05, 07/06, 07/07, 07/09, 07/11, 07/13, 07/14, 07/16, 07/17

Elswhere in Japan, Negro Casas has started his tour with NJPW.
07/01: Tiger Mask IV & Wataru Inoue b Negro Casas & Hirooki Goto [Inoue b Negro]
07/02: Tiger Mask IV & Wataru Inoue b Negro Casas & Black Tiger IV [Inoue b Tiger]

07/07: Tiger Mask IV & Prince Devitt vs Negro Casas & Black Tiger IV
He’s also working 07/05, 07/08, 07/09, 07/11, 07/12, 07/14, 07/15, 07/16, 07/17, 07/19

Virus in AJPW catchup:
06/25: Junior League: Katsushi Takemura b Virus
06/27: Akira Rajin, Nobutaka Araya, Ryuji Hijkata b Kikutaro, Katsushi Takemura, Virus [Hijkatata b Kikutaro]
06/28: Junior League: Katsuhiko Nakajima b Virus
06/30: Junior League: Virus b Masada (via “Gory Virus Special”)
07/01: Virus b Kikutaro (via “Gory Lock”)
Virus finishes 3rd in his 4 man block, does not advance.
07/03: Masada & Kikutaro vs Virus & ???

Super Luchas #15 focuses on US wrestling, while the normal Super Luchas #168 has a cover shot of Mil Mascaras in Japan. It’s weird, but I don’t recall seeing a picture of Charly Manson without the facepaint on before.

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