07/01 wiki update

I haven’t written much here about the luchawiki (the #1 outgoing link on this page!!!!), and if finally getting a favicon up isn’t a good time to write, I don’t know what is.

Bios alone:
917 Mexicans
241 Foreign
105 unspecified
1263 total <- almost scary! We're doing pretty good with traffic too, though we could always use more links; google's doesn't rank the site as high as it should on searches, and more people pointing to it always improves that sort of thing. We've been getting a lot of excellent information and media from people who come to visit the site, and we totally appreciate the effort of everyone's who helps out. Pictures: We’ve added a ton. I haven’t counted, but I’m thinking most of the profiles have them now. But we’re always looking for more; people we don’t have, people in old gimmicks, people with championships (though you have to start going old or obscure to miss one we don’t have.)

And if someone can come up with a good moving .gif of someone doing a La Majistral, I’d owe you a hug or something.

Bios: I’ve started – slowly – working thru the major rosters to do short profile abstracts on the guys on TV. They’re not Jose level profiles – I’m not Jose, sadly – but if you watching a tape or looking at a lineup and are trying to figure out how a guy fits into things (at least at the moment), you’ll get some info. It shouldn’t just be my opinion; if someone’s your favorite guy, and you want to explain to the world what makes him good, go ahead and add some notes on him.

Besides profile notes, any info you might have read in an interview about trainers, hometowns, and such is always helpful; we don’t have it for more than you’d guess.

If you’ve got any suggestions about stuff we can add or different ways we can organize, we’d always like to hear them. Sometimes we use them right away (like making a trainer category), and sometimes we file them away (like the suggestion off adding much more moves to make them more video game CAW friendly). But we always listen to ’em.

Quick site notes: no instant GdR/Gala show listing on Saturday (not around; gotta remember to stick in a tape before I leave.) My schedule might be wonky the next week too; either I’ll have a lot of time or no time.

If CMLL results show up in the 90 minutes, I’ll post ’em.

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  1. If I could also make a request… we’ve been getting a lot of help recently from people in Mexico but the problem is they don’t fully understand how the site works. I’ve contacted a few of them but my Spanish is really… not… good.:) I can convey the basics but anything beyond that would be a waste of time. So if anyone here is bilingual, perhaps you could assist us in translating some of the basic info on how to update the wiki. We’re not looking for a 40 page document on every little thing – it’d be the simple stuff like updating a bio, clicking the show preview button before the save button, how to upload pictures and where to put them when you do so and one or two other misc. things. If you’re fluent in Spanish, it will take 10 minutes to write. I know there are guys on the Box y Lucha board that want to help out with the site but aren’t even aware they can… they just think it’s a site that belongs to one person who updates it every day.:) So yes… if you can help, please send cubs or myself an e-mail.

    Tonight I will hopefully have another huge update up since cubs turned me onto the site with a billion and one pictures we can use. 1263 bios is NOTHING! We are still missing a ton of wrestlers and especially photos.


  2. Since this is my preferred site for lucha news, I put a link on my website about a month ago. Keep up the good work.

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