07/01: Arena Mexioc results

Ocampo wins the race!

CMLL (FRI) 06/30 Arena Mexico Results
1) Mini Olimpico, Ultimo Dragoncito b Mini Damian 666, Mini Halloween
2) Hombre Sin Nombre, Loco Max, Sangre Azteca DQ Neutron, Pantera, Sagrado
3) Mascara Purpura b Stuka Jr. [lightning]
4) Averno, Mephisto, Misterioso II b Felino, La Mascara, Volador Jr.
5) Blue Panther, Mr. Niebla, Silver King b Kenzo Suzuki, Ohara, Okumura
All the Toryumon Mexico guys showed up as backup here: Kanjyuro Matsyuma, Hiromi Horiguchi, Toshiya Matsuzaki, Daisuke Hamoka, Katzuchika Okada and Passion Hasegawa. It was pointed out that, in his previous ID as the Black Tiger III, Silver King would’ve been on the Japanese side. I guess he proved himself Mexican here?
6) Dos Caras Jr., Hijo de Lizmark, Rey Bucanero DQ Atlantis, Marco Corleone, Ultimo Guerrero
Straight falls, Ultimo caught low blowing Rey in the second.

No news coming out from the show.

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  1. Next weeks card up – Torneo Cibernetico~ full of good guys :D

    Bad news – the following week they’re in a cage match with their masks on the line. And i’d say the only two guys who could possibly be dropping the hood from this match are Nitro…or Neutron :(

    – if it is Jimmy N, i don’t know how i’d feel. On the one hand, if he was to lose his mask i’d rather see it as result of an epic singles match V someone like Sangre Azteca, as opposed to losing it by not climbing out a cage.

    On the other hand, could it maybe be because they’re repackaging him for a push? Possible, but wishful thinking maybe – after all, we hoped that would be the case for La Flecha and we haven’t heard of him (or any new gimmick) since.

    Nah, i think i’ll just stick to hoping it’s Nitro, although due to his sudden reappearance out of nowhere, i’m fearing it might be Neutron :(

  2. As Leobardo Magadan would say “CALMATE DOCTOR! CALM DOWN DOCTOOOOOOOOOOR”!

    I don’t think Neutron is losing his mask on a big show b/c it would feel like a ripoff to the sellout crowd.

    Me thinks Mascara Purpura is in the next match just to do a dive off the top of the cage so he is keeping his mask. A bunch of the extra bodies like Averno, Mephisto, Nitro, Neutron and Sangre Azteca are just there to help with the catch so that eliminates them.

    I suggested a week ago after watching CMLL TV that Felino is dropping his hood soon to Misterioso II so I’m sticking with that based on what happens on today’s show in a couple of hours. I could totally see Felino/Misterioso II left and Misterioso II nails La Rosa from the top rope to make Felino submit.

    The only other way I could see this going is Sagrado losing and getting a new-found push as Genetico which I would love to see.

    A total and complete longshot is Volador Jr. dropping the hood.


  3. First update of the day… scheduled to air on CMLL TV this week:

    – The revancha with Volador Jr.’s team.
    – The main event



    MINIS OPENER ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my god… AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME action. CMLL mini’s proving once again why they are the most talented underexposed guys in the world. ***1/2 at LEAST. Full 14 minute match aired, no edits. Pequeno Halloween took a SICK SICK SICK bump in the third fall. About as far away from lucha by numbers as you will see these days.

    And now… Neutron!:D


  6. Oh man, after months of shit from CMLL, this looks great! :D

    Like the women, the minis do nothing for me, but Neutron/Pantera/Sagrado/Sangre is a match i was really hoping would air but knew it was a long shot.

    Now please tell me Neutron’s stretcher job was at the end of the third caida, and not the first. In his first match on the main show for over a year, that would just be typical :(

    Lightning match would’ve been nice too, but i’d rather have the segunda airing.

    Are they getting 3hrs today?

  7. Neutron tripped on the way to the ring and got stretchered immediatly.:(

    Just kidding.:P

    He blew a SIMPLE third fall dive and got stretchered. Segunda was quite good with TONS of heat for the mask ripping and Sagrado bled a bit I think. Everyone looked fantastic for such a short match and the DQ finish did not feel like a ripoff at all.

    LIGHTNING MATCH is up next. THEN Volador Jr.’s trios match.

    Best episode ever? Perhaps.:)

    Can’t believe the mini’s do nothing for you. I’ll be shocked if you don’t enjoy this match as they were going all out to impress.

    And no, it’s not 3 hours. It was scheduled for 2 hours but started late. So with 1 hour left they are still promising to air the Lightning Match, the Volador Jr. match and the main event. No Silver King match for sure and possibly no Momentos.


  8. Well, i’ve nothing against the actual action of the minis, i would just rather they stuck to AAA and let the normal guys get on with it in CMLL :)

    Besides, what a shitty new gimmick for someone who already had such a cool look (and tongue) and could have moved up to full size and been an ideal tag team partner for Virus ……. TROLL~

    Holy shit, lightning match shown as well!
    I suppose that’s only logical as they only need to give it a 10 min. segment to show it all. With the direction CMLL is going, they should really do an undercard singles/tag lightning match every week. They could squeeze it in with very, very little sacrifice.

    I don’t think we’ll ever see a lighning match that tops Virus/Oriental from early 99, although if it aired, i’m sure Ricky/Sombra V Sangre/Fugaz from a bit later in the year might’ve. and Neutron/sangre from Sin Limite was pretty cool. But still, Purpura/Stuka should be fun for what it is!

    This is the freshest CMLL TV lineup since the one at the turn of the year with Danger/Sensei V Polvoro/Vaquero!

    I hope they’re turning the corner in putting more emphasis on the undercard, and on their shockingly stacked but underutilised roster of youngsters

  9. Well it’s official – Ovaciones has a huge bias against Purpura. They described the Lightning Match as – “nothing but highspots”. FAR from the truth. They worked 8 minutes and had two dives… both insane. Stuka Jr. landed ON THE FIRST ROW with his. The match had a really nice couple of minutes early on with good exchanges and they did a few nearfalls at the end which was good to see. Stuka Jr. played rudo the entire match which helped a lot. Great effort by both.

    Next up the Volador Jr. match, Momentos(!!!) and the main(will there be enough time?).


  10. “Next up the Volador Jr. match, Momentos(!!!) and the main(will there be enough time?)”

    Man, the way things are going today, Momentos will be full of spots from Neutron/Tigre Metalico V Arkangel/Nitro and the Coliseo openers last week :D

  11. BTW, the music for the show rules as well. Stuka Jr. had an awesome entrance with classic rock music and now they are playing what sounds like Van Halen over the Mephisto/Averno/Misterioso skit.

    Azteca/Loco Max/HSN even got a skit!


  12. I TOLD YOU last week that Volador Jr./Averno would do the Spanish Fly again this week and they did. Barely managed to keep it in the ring again.:)


  13. Sorry Henrik, nothing from the opener last week on Momentos.

    I can’t believe the show is almsot over and so far they’ve shown the FIRST FOUR MATCHES from Arena Mexico.

    Revancha had the usual throwaway first two falls but the third fall was in super-speed and came off great. Volador Jr. looked INCREDIBLE. To continue the trend of the night, guys were killing themselves at the end with sick bumps. This is the night of taking unprotected bumps from the ring to the floor for sure.:)

    Main event should be up now so I guess they’re doing an over-run.


  14. Boy the fans shit all over that awful main event. Bucanero’s turn continues to flop. Doesn’t seem like he’s even a tecnico, just that he hates Ultimo Guerrero. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame stuff to end an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing episode.


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