CMLL #213, #215, #218; AAA 04/08

Yes, I know these were a million years ago for you. I’m workin’ at it.

CMLL #213: 03/04 US (10/07/05 MEX)

This is the one with the quite good Mexican National Trios title match. I think I would’ve put it on my ballot, had I seen it time. Well worked and well laid out. Expected more out of the main event.

CMLL #215: 03/18 US (10/21/05 MEX)

Whoever is getting paid to run the shows backstage should probably be fining themselves after shows like this. For the love of god, please start at least one of four matches without a rudo beatdown. It’s completely lost it’s impact.

AAA: 04/08 US (??/??/05 MEX)

This was the best of ’05 show. I think I would’ve have been interested in the Shocker/Sangre Chicana match but after seeing how the third fall ended up, I probably would’ve been angry at the time wasted. So it’s all good in the end. Shocker not going over Sangre Chicana mystifies me. I think a “Who’s been the more disappointing high profile promotion jump: Shocker or Christian?” debate would be lively. I guess Shocker is better off – it’s slightly better to be underwhelming with the glimmer that you might still be good if given a chance, then to be exposed like Christian.

After seeing the tournament, and then seeing the match that started them, I’m starting to think the National Middleweight stuff from ’05->’06 might have been an angle from the beginning. Or at least partially so; maybe the commission groused about it and they just decided to storyline it from there. Someone was watching Savage/Crush from WM10 before the match, I think.

Getting to hear the Latin Lover reactions for myself was cool. I would say he’s was ‘over’.

CMLL #218: 04/15 US (11/11/05 MEX)

The Rey/Averno/Mep vs Mascara/Mistico/Wagner match really well. One of those annoying times they tease a fun match and don’t follow up, but Averno & Mephisto work well with La Mascara & Mistico.

I’d be totally behind La Mascara as a wrestler, regardless of any other mitigating reason, if he just had a different name. Kid can go when put with people who can go, and that’s all I ask for. Well, that a decent name. But I really have no problem with his push at this point.

Now that I’m thinking about – who should’ve won the Reyes de Aire? (Sangre Azteca, Misterioso, Mistico, or Volador – but they weren’t there so. So besides them.)

Tony Rivera – time has past
Oro II – good god no
Neutron – this would been fine, but he’s on the old side and not a regular; I was happy with him being runner up.
Leono – not at that level yet
Danger – too opening card
Valiente – see above
Mascara Purpura – too out of control
Loco Max – not unless he’s lightweight champion again.

That just leaves Stuka Jr. I think Stuka’s good – he looked that way versus Flecha – and they should use him more. Is Stuka Jr. significantly better than La Mascara at this time? I don’t know that we have proof. It could go either way, and I’m fine with it going La Mascara’s way.

(Of course, my inner booker – I’m desperately trying to kill him off, he’s no help to anyone – thinks Stuka still should’ve one, so they could’ve done a rematch this week instead of Purprua/Stuka or even a title match. But of course that’s wouldn’t happen.)

I think you could make the case that La Mascara should’ve won it over even Volador Jr., but that didn’t happen so who cares.

What’s Left

04/22 #219 (11/18/05)
04/29 #221 (12/02/05)
05/06 #222 (12/09/05)
05/13 #223 (12/16/05)

My TiVo has no freaking idea what to do with the room. And it’s summer and there’s nothing going on anyway. Maybe I’ll start to record stuff in decent quality for once!

I may start #219 tonight; I’m kinda fatigued of recapping right now.

2 thoughts to “CMLL #213, #215, #218; AAA 04/08”

  1. Who’s this JJ guy who keeps coming up? You mention JJ and a guitar, and I fear it’s Jarrett…but it’s not…right?

  2. JJ ( J.J. de la Borbolla Jr.) is a Mexican Eminem clone; thin guy with bleached blond hair and (quasi) hip hop gear. He doesn’t have the body or look of a wrestler (same thing for his sometimes partner Gerado), so I assume he’s really is a Meixcan rap artist. He seems Dennis Rodman-level trained and has no business being in the ring.

    I think he a guitar because that’s just the spot they do with musicians. What was great is in all the vignettes, he had about about 20 person posse, and they were even with him on the stage, but they let him die alone in the ring (well, with Super Calo.)

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