Nothing? Nothing.

CMLL (FRI) 06/30 Arena Mexico
1) Mini Olimpico, Ultimo Dragoncito vs Mini Damian 666, Mini Halloween
2) Neutron, Pantera, Sagrado vs Hombre Sin Nombre, Loco Max, Sangre Azteca
?) Mascara Purpura vs Stuka Jr. [lightning]
3) Felino, La Mascara, Volador Jr. vs Averno, Mephisto, Misterioso II
4) Blue Panther, Mr. Niebla, Silver King vs Kenzo Suzuki, Ohara, Okumura
This is Silver King’s return to Arena Mexico. Did he ever return after WCW? I think I recall reading about an angle bit where he was announced for a match, but walked out before it because he was too Big Time International Star for it, and didn’t return till he became Black Tiger III. I think they booked Kenzo without actually having anything for him to do.
5) Dos Caras Jr., Hijo de Lizmark, Rey Bucanero vs Atlantis, Marco Corleone, Ultimo Guerrero
Of the FBI guys, who would you have ranked last? Who’s here? Exactly.

FWIW, LA Park is known to be working Auditorio Municipal Teoloyucan tonight, but opposite Dr. Wagner Jr. (who wasn’t mentioned as being pulled due to a double booking; why isn’t he booked?) Atlantis and Silver King are both working that show as well, so you’d think it’d be possible for Park to work both. Perhaps there’s a third show?

Ovaciones has been hard on Mascara Purpura all week; I’m hoping whatever trainwreck happened on Sunday makes it on to GdR, just because they’ve built that diaster up better than anything else this week. I don’t disagree with Ovaciones’ general sentiment; Purpura’s seemed like a guy focused on trying impressive spots and could care less about the logic/reasoning behind doing the spots, and his saftey and the saftey of those he’s working with. If he was living in Monterrey, we’d lump him in negatively with the Crazy Boys and Joe Liders. But those guys would be the ones taking the heat, and he’d just be another one of ‘em. His main disadvantage is doing it the promotion the Ovaciones lucha beat guy writes; I’m sure he’d say the same if not worse about the stuff the new NGX guys are doing there, but he doesn’t do much AAA stuff.

Obviously, CMLL doesn’t have the same problems with Purpura and must not think he screwed up so badly, or they wouldn’t have given him this match. Maybe it’s not a big deal.

Getting back to AAA – they’ve go their first post-Triplemania TV taping tonight as well.

AAA TV (FRI) 06/30 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla
1) La Parkita, Mascarita Sagrada, Mini Path Finder vs Jerrito Estrada, Mini Psicosis, Rocky Marvin
2) Billy Boy, Fabi Apche vs Gran Apache, Tiffany [AAA MIXED, #1]
These two were the surviving teams at TripleMania. You’d think Billy would get a win here for revenge over the hair loss, unless they’re breaking up the couple.
3) Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera vs Antifaz, Corazon de Barrio, Hator
4) ???, Intocable, Zorro vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
Again, we’re guessing Extreme Tiger here.
5) ??, La Parka, Octagon vs Chessman, Konnan, Muerte Cibernetica
And Porky here. Though, if Gronda really was back with AAA, you think he’d return on TV first.