Satuday: If they don’t skip an episode (and they have been) it’s Part 1 of the Rey de Reyes episode. If not, it’s part 2. Both episodes have short match lists, and they stretched it two weeks with lots of footage from previous RdRs.

FWIW, it’d take us 12 weeks to catch up if they were to keep skipping every other week. I’d rather they just skip everything and go to TripleMania, but no one listens to me.

Sunday: AAA does the introduction for Magnate following the one match he will ever have. This is how AAA rolls.

FWIW, Galavision’s online lineup says they’re reruning Vuelta Monday morning 3-6a, same as they do the Saturday show. That’s not on my TiVo listings at the moment.

GdR: the main event sounds good…in theory