05/28: Accion highlights

CMLL: Main event trios. Warrior takes the monkey flip to the floor with a hard bounce off the apron. Mistico had La Mistica on Black Warrior, Ultimo broke it up and they ripped his mask.

AAA: Vampiro, Zorro, Intocable vs “X-Pac”, Chessman, Muerte Cibernetica in a cage from Toluca. Chessman tried a moonsault from the top and came up empty. Espiritu ended up in the cage despite not being in the match, but Zorro ditched him and Chessman to win.

Ovaciones previewed the GA tournament today, higlighting Maximo, Misterioso, and Texano Jr.

One thought to “05/28: Accion highlights”

  1. I think it was like this:
    Atlantis eliminated Lizmark Hijo, then Wagner countered a huracanrana to beat Atlantis, Mistico had la mistica on Warrior, but Atlantis got back in and teared off Mistico’s mask, DQing beyond DQ.

    I think the cage match will have tecnicos vs Guerreros, this looked to set a feud for a double masks match, but I think the cage will work that out.

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